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Seiko’s New Sports Collection, the Prospex LX Line

Seiko’s New Sports Collection, the Prospex LX Line


Since the presentation in 1965 of its first professional diver’s watch, the 62MAS, Seiko’s notoriety in the field of sports/apparatus watches can’t be questioned. The brand is among the best makers with regards to delivering tough, effective, reason assembled watches made for activity. Today, the soul of this exemplary games watch is communicated in another line of watches for sport ashore, in the ocean and in the sky. Meet the Seiko Prospex LX Line, outfitted with Spring Drive developments and offering jumping, compass and GMT options. 

The 62MAS and the ensuing watches in Seiko’s professional line made the idea of dependable devices as well as presented a plan language, an extraordinary shape that will be utilized for the a long time to come to make sports watches. The plan of the Prospex LX line is both known and new. From one viewpoint, it is consistent with its legacy and its general appearance uncovers its solid connection with the 1968 professional Diver – which was re-given a year ago with the SLA025 . Then again, it is completely current in its execution. The focal point of gravity of the case is lower so the watch sits comfortably on any wrist. The upper side of the case is set at a more articulated point to permit the Zaratsu-cleaned surfaces to sparkle more brightly.

The Seiko Prospex LX line was created in a joint effort with Ken Okuyama Design – renowned for having planned various Ferrari vehicles, including the Ferrari Enzo, or the original of Honda NSX. He was likewise associated with the plan of Japan’s rapid train, the Shinkansen. Okuyama brought his imagination and his cutting edge components of configuration to make this new assortment of watches, which “take the exceptional legacy and respectability that Seiko has inherent games watches throughout the long term and to bring them alive in a plan that has straightforwardness, concordance, power and presence“.

The new Seiko Prospex LX Line is explained around three models, each accessible in two adaptations. The thought was to offer a solitary plan watches that was appropriate for three unique conditions: land, ocean, and sky. A solitary base, an exceptional case plan, an equivalent type base, various dials and complications for various purposes.

The land adaptations (reference SNR033 and SNR035) have a GMT hand and a compass bezel for bearing finding. The dial is focussed on high intelligibility with differentiating hands and a GMT sign plainly obvious in yellow – the entirety of that to assist computations with the compass bezel, which is bi-directional and produced using engraved titanium.

The sky variants (SNR025 and SNR027) likewise have a GMT hand and a bi-directional bezel for showing time in a third time region. Its dial is marginally more exquisite yet focussed on intelligibility. The subsequent time region is traditionally shown on the focal hub with a huge bolt hand. On the titanium model, the bezel has a beat up clay addition to separate evening from daytime.

Finally, the ocean forms (reference SNR029 and SNR031) have a uni-directional bezel to show the length of the plunge. The dial additionally includes ordinary plunging lists and hands – in the mark Seiko style. The ceramic bezel is outfitted with an hour long scale and the dial doesn’t include a subsequent time-region sign. Being a plunge watch, the water-obstruction has been expanded here to 300m.

All of these watches are made of titanium with a super-hard covering or titanium with a dark super-hard covering. All variants come with huge 44.8mm cases and the diver’s models are somewhat thicker, because of the expanded water-obstruction (15.7mm versus 14.7mm). All the non-covered variants (SNR025, 029, 033) are worn on a titanium arm band with a three-overlap catch. The dark covered adaptations (SNR027, 031, 035) are worn on either a calf tie, a silicone tie or a crocodile tie (as indicated by their particular purpose).

Inside the instance of these Seiko Prospex LX watches is Spring Drive innovation, which combines a mechanical base, programmed winding, and a super exact quartz oscillator. Every one of them have a 72-hour power save, a precision of ±1 second out of each day and show hours, minutes, seconds, date and force save. The primary distinction being the presence of a GMT complication on the 5R66, as the type 5R65 is dedicated to the diver’s model.

All six watches of the Seiko Prospex LX Line will be accessible at chosen Seiko Boutiques and retailers around the globe in July 2019. Costs will be EUR 5,100 (SNR025, 027 – compass), EUR 6,100 (SNR029, 031 – jumpers) and EUR 5,600 (SNR033, 035 – GMT). More at .