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Seiko “Save The Ocean” Special Edition – Take Three

Seiko “Save The Ocean” Special Edition – Take Three


I’m not certain if it’s sheer occurrence or a promoting technique embraced by Seiko. In 2018, Brice covered the Turtle rendition of the primary “Save The Ocean” Special Edition. In February 2019, Seiko introduced a dark adaptation , which was fundamentally a similar watch with a dark PVD covering and blue and dim bezels. It is just June and here is one more Seiko “Save The Ocean” Special Edition; does this mean we may be getting another emphasis in another tone before the year’s end? Let’s view the Turtle SRPD21K1, the Samurai SRPD23K1 and the Solar Chrono SSC741P1 Seiko “Save the Ocean”.

The idea of this assortment has been the equivalent all through the three portions: a Turtle, a Samurai (both programmed) and a solar-controlled chrono. The variety dwells in the tie (no elastic on this edition) and the dial improvement. In the past editions, the inclination blue dial was brightened with thick wavy lines to bring out the ocean. In this 2019 Seiko “Save The Ocean” Special Edition arrangement, the dial is likewise blue yet doesn’t have the light-to-dull slope impact. Additionally, it seems like the dial is experiencing a fix of awful weather and the waves are more unpleasant, choppier, shaping intense points. At 8 o’clock (7h30 on the chrono) you’ll additionally detect the dorsal blade of a shark (chipped, as it is often the situation with grown-up Selachii) while the stabilizer of the seconds hand embraces the state of the caudal balance of this heavenly predator.

Of course, in the chrono variant, every one of these subtleties are to some degree clouded on the grounds that there’s a great deal of activity on the dial. The caudal balance moves with the little seconds hand at 9 hours, so it is a lot more modest. What we can obviously appreciate is the straightforward material of the three registers, important to let light through to take care of the V175 quartz development. At the point when completely energized, the development can cruise happily for a half year without expecting to recharge.

The shark motivation (with the initial 15-min of the commencement bezel selected in a shark-dim tone) comes from the cooperation of Seiko with Fabien Cousteau’s Ocean Learning Center, specialized in the investigation of sharks. Truth be told, some portion of the advantages acquired through this arrangement will be given to the Centre.

LumiBrite is viewed as a standout amongst other radiant materials available, and Seiko utilizes it all through its diverse watch families, from the least expensive to the most costly. Its brilliance is quick, exceptional and enduring, and the utilization of it in this Seiko “Save The Ocean” Special Edition 2019 is flawless.

The three watches are guaranteed jumpers, with a common water-obstruction of 200 meters. They contrast in size: The Turtle (SRPD21K1) is 45mm in width and 13.4mm in tallness. The Samurai (SRPD23K1) is 43.8mm by 12.8mm, and the Solar Chrono (SSC741P1) is 43.5mm by 13.8mm. As consistently with Seiko jumpers, rather huge watches on paper, nonetheless, because of short carries and comprehensive plans, every one of them are more charming on the wrist than one would anticipate. Passage level obliges, no sapphire on these watches; it’s Hardlex (Seiko’s solidified mineral glass).

One detail I truly loved that was absent in past editions is that the bezel on the Samurai is certifiably not a full ring, but instead little areas of the bezel set on top. May not seem like a lot, yet it gives the watch an additional profundity and feeling of quality.

Of course, none of the developments are obvious. The programmed variants incorporate the 4R35 date just for the Samurai SRPD23K1 and the 4R36 day-date for the Turtle SRPD21K1. They tick at 21,600 vibrations each hour, with a force save of 40 hours. The 4R is one of the replacements of the 7 arrangement and was imagined to withstand anything and keep going forever, not to be the most exact of the lot… On paper! Indeed, Seiko says that the exactness is in the field of – 35/+45, which appears to be fantastic when you hear (from proprietors) about the striking accuracy these watches offer (editor’s note: a portion of our colleagues own Turtles and Samurais and all accomplished around – 10/+10 accuracy).

All three watches are worn on tempered steel arm bands, known to be strong and comfortable. Once more, passage level obliges, the collapsing fastens are straightforward stepped metal. All things considered, they do the job.

Availability and Price

The Seiko “Save The Ocean” Special Edition 2019 Collection is now accessible, and the costs are EUR 450 for the Solar Chrono SSC741P1, EUR 490 for the Turtle SRPD21K1 and EUR 520 for the Samurai SRPD23K1. Unparalleled, obviously. More data on .