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Seiko Prospex Diver’s “King Samurai” SRPE35 & SRPE37

Seiko Prospex Diver’s “King Samurai” SRPE35 & SRPE37

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A few weeks prior, Seiko declared the dispatch of updated renditions of one of its generally significant and open diver’s watches, the new King Turtle – outfitted with more safe materials for upgraded quality. Along these lines, the brand is presently overhauling its other section level Prospex Diver’s watch, the more keen brother of the Turtle , with similar kind of updates looking into the issue and the dial. Meet the new Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver’s 200m SRPE35K1 and SRPE37K1, a.k.a King Samurai.

No astonishes here, the formula is notable yet nevertheless lovely effective. Take perhaps the most acclaimed available plunge watches of the Seiko Prospex assortment, keep what’s cherished – which means the plan, the general exhibition and the sensible value – and overhaul a portion of the parts with superior grade and without wear materials to bring better-saw quality and more protection from outside hostilities. Effectively attempted and tried on the Turtle watch, with the SRPE03, SRPE05 and SRPE07, it is the ideal opportunity for the other, comparable yet extraordinary Prospex diver’s watch to go through the equivalent treatment.

What hasn’t changed is the general plan of the Seiko Samurai. While the Turtle is vintage-enlivened and plays on bends, the Samurai is about sharpness and rakish shapes – subsequently its moniker. Seiko holds the 44mm case in treated steel, with short faceted hauls, cleaned and brushed surfaces, crown situated at 3 with a productive crown watch gadget, screwed caseback and screw-down crown (both ensuring a 200m water-resistance).

In a similar vein, the development of the standard Samurai, the workhorse type 4R35, has likewise been kept in these updated releases offering a similar 40h force save, the 3Hz recurrence, the hand-wound limit and stop-seconds work. The more current 6R35 is saved for watches in a greater cost range. At last, the general dial design is additionally retained.

So, what’s changed on these new King Samurai SRPE35K1 and SRPE37K1? The updates concern the materials utilized for the most uncovered pieces of the watch, to offer better assurance to stuns and scratches. In this occurrence, the unidirectional plunging bezel, with hour long scale, presently includes a gleaming dark ceramic supplement. Additionally, the dial is ensured by a sapphire precious stone (supplanting the mineral gem of the exemplary Samurai), with an amplifying glass on top of the date.

The new King Samurai will be accessible in two variants, separated by their tones and lashes. The first, the SRPE35K1, comes with an exemplary dark dial with yellow accents, white lume and silver hands/lists. It is worn on a 3-connect tempered steel arm band with secure lock, press button delivery and plunging expansion. The subsequent model, the SRPE37K1, comes with a white dial, more obscure hands and markers and a dark “accordion” silicone tie with steel pin clasp. Another curiosity for the King Samurai arrangement is the presence of a finished dial – much the same as the King Turtle – offering a lattice like pattern.

The new Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver’s 200m “King Samurai” will be accessible in August 2020. The Black SRPE35K1 will be estimated at USD 625 and the white SRPE37K1 at USD 595 – which makes then USD 100 in excess of a standard Samurai. More subtleties at .