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Seiko Prospex ‘Captain Willard’ Reissues SPB151 and SPB153

Seiko Prospex ‘Captain Willard’ Reissues SPB151 and SPB153

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There is more than one symbol at Seiko … Far additional. Of course, the vast majority of them are important for the Prospex assortment and identify with the universe of divers. Think 62Mas, Hi-Beat 300m and Tuna Professional ( every one of them as of late re-made ). Also, there’s the ‘Turtle’, the watch known under the reference 6105, a watch that has characterized Seiko’s present day and available jump watch… and the watch that was worn in amazing 1979 film Apocalypse Now. Also, today, the ‘Captain Willard’ could be yours, with the new SPB151 and SPB153.

It isn’t the first occasion when we see a re-version of the 1970s Seiko ‘Turtle’ 6105. Indeed, it is generally accessible in a cutting edge understanding with the Prospex Automatic Diver SRP arrangement . Significantly more exact was the watch dispatched at Baselworld 2019, the Seiko 1970 Diver’s Re-Creation SLA033 . Brilliantly executed, produced nearly to Grand Seiko guidelines – case with Zaratsu cleaning, hands and files à la GS, top-level 8L35 development – and valued likewise. To put it plainly, a restrictive collector’s piece. This year however, Seiko returns to more comfortable regions with a generally available however cool re-release of the 6105, much the same as Sheen in Apocalypse Now ( while Brando was wearing his bezel-less GMT ). In any case, there’s more to the 1970s Turtle than its appearance on the silver screen.


Produced from 1968 onwards, the Seiko 6105 was a strong plunge watch with a water-opposition of 150 meters. What grabbed everyone’s attention was the crown situated at 4 o’clock (which was, truth be told, utilized without precedent for the 1961 Seiko Silver Wave) and the huge, lower crown defender. Furthermore, this made the watch a genuine instrument for the wrist.

Naomi Uemura was an extremely famous Japanese explorer, all around regarded for having accomplished independent accomplishments that up to that second had just been accomplished by enormous groups. For example, he attempted a one-man canine sledge run from Greenland to Alaska, an excursion of 12,000 km that required 18 months. He was the first to arrive at the North Pole alone. He was additionally the first to drop the Amazon stream in a boat, and the first to climb the North American Denali Mountain in winter – the third generally unmistakable and lone pinnacle of the world. It was there where he vanished when he was just 43 years old.

“In all the quality of isolation, it is a trial of myself, and one thing I loathe is to need to test myself before other people,” said Uemura. That was the motivation behind why he attempted everything alone, an explanation that lamentably additionally denied him of the assistance he required at his most urgent second. The explanation I have been talking about Naomi Uemura’s abuses is that he was wearing a 6105. Not as a component of a promoting effort organized by Seiko. It was only a watch that was vigorous, dependable and strong enough to accompany Uemura on his travels.


Despite Uemura’s courageous deeds, and in any event, having an exhibition hall in Tokyo committed to him, the acclaim of the 6105 comes from fiction: it was the watch Captain Willard wore in the work of art Apocalypse Now. Not simply an extravagant prop, the watch really depicted a genuine wartime circumstance; the 6105 was sold in Asia during the Vietnam strife and American troopers would do well to – and less expensive – admittance to it than local people since they paid in dollars.

The watch acquired a strong standing among the positions for being a durable piece of gear, to the point of becoming a top pick among the troopers. At the point when the troopers got back to non military personnel life, so did the watch. Showing up all through the film on Captain Willard’s (Martin Sheen) wrist, the watch turned into a symbol. The incongruity is that 6105 had left creation in 1977, two years before the film hit films around the globe. The sob for a re-version expanded strikingly with the re-arrival of the film in 2001 (known as Apocalypse Now Redux). Furthermore, Seiko has taken as much time as is needed to satisfy its fans, first with the SLA033 and today with the SPB151 and SPB153.

The current Prospex ‘Captain Willard’

While the SLA033 was a genuinely loyal re-release of the first Turtle observe however not actually achievable by the vast majority of the lovers, the new Seiko Prospex ‘Captain Willard’ (not their official name but rather the conspicuous epithet given by the gathering community) are similarly genuine as well as undeniably more cordial with regards to cost and specs. What’s more, still, these are watches that are intended for more experienced authorities and not for an expansive crowd. Shrewd move from Seiko.

So what do we have here? Fundamentally, the cutting edge adaptation of the first 6105, with an indistinguishable plan as well as a similar soul of unwavering quality, power and (relative) reasonableness. Recollect that the 1970s Turtle watches were a long way from being extravagance things. They were open watches made for activity and demonstrated that in the field. Also, however much I appreciate the excellence of the SLA033, the new SPB151 and SPB153 are undeniably more precise with regards to restoring the first idea of the 6105.

Case-wise, the Seiko Prospex ‘Captain Willard’ is worked around a pad formed focal holder with the crown situated at 4 o’clock and ensured by an awry gatekeeper – the state of the watch acquired its ‘turtle’ moniker. Roundabout brushed on the upper surface and cleaned on the sides, the case is executed in the customary Prospex way, perfect and vigorous. Uplifting news concerning the measurements, as these two models are rather compact on the wrist, at 42.8mm in width when a SRP-arrangement Turtle is about 45mm.

Being an appropriate jump watches, the Captain Willard SPB151 and SPB153 are topped by a unidirectional bezel in steel, with 120 firm snaps and an hour long scale. The supplement is executed in anodized aluminum, and not in fired as found in the as of late dispatched King Turtle . An extraordinary decision considering the vintage motivation of these watches, aluminum being more steadfast and less current looking.

Two renditions of the watch are accessible. First is the SPB151, which is worn on a steel wristband. This is the exemplary execution and the nearest to the first model, with its matte dark dial and bezel. Second is the SPB153, which is worn on a dark silicone tie. This form is outfitted with an olive green sunburst dial and green bezel. While not truly exact, this military clothing impeccably suits this re-release of the 6105 and is very (truly) attractive in the metal, with pleasant reflections and a shading that changes relying upon the encompassing light.

Other than that, the Seiko Prospex ‘Captain Willard’ stay consistent with the 6105 with applied files and hands, just as the scale on the bezel. All are designed according to this 1970s watch and loaded up with the super brilliant restrictive LumiBrite material. Additionally recognizable is the sapphire gem on top, which includes a huge slant on its fringe. Indeed this is devoted to the mineral gem found on the first version.

Under the screwed caseback, ensuring a 200m water-opposition together with the screw-down crown, is a notable programmed development. The type 6R35 is Seiko’s mid-range development, found in both Presage and Prospex models. It beats at 3Hz and offers a comfortable force save of 70 hours when completely wound.

As said, the Black SPB151 is furnished with a 3-interface tempered steel arm band, shut by a collapsing fasten with jumping expansion. The Olive Green SPB153 comes on a recently planned silicone tie, with a decent example and soft surface. It is shut by a steel pin buckle.


I normally make an effort not to be excessively eager while investigating a watch, or if nothing else I attempt to remain objective… Sadly, here it isn’t the case. As hard as I attempt, I can’t discover anything I don’t like about the new Seiko Prospex ‘Captain Willard’. They are devoted to the first, powerful, brilliantly executed at the cost and truly attractive – particularly that Olive Green SPB153 variant. That is to say, it checks all the crates: plan, cool factor, value, history, generally compact; several years prior, just unofficial mods would have looked that great. Yet, here, it will be broadly accessible and delivered by perhaps the biggest brand available. Respect!

Price and availability

The Seiko Prospex ‘Captain Willard’ SPB151 and SPB153 will be accessible soon (later in June 2020) and valued at USD 1,300/EUR 1,350 for the SPB151 and USD 1,100/EUR 1,150 for the SPB153. More subtleties at .