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Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “PADI Samurai” SRPB99J1

Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “PADI Samurai” SRPB99J1

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Back in 2017, Seiko offered us a decent amazement by once again introducing one of its most notorious watches: the Samurai . Lauded by numerous lovers, tried and affirmed as a dependable plunge watch, refreshed for 2017 with slight advancements and new tones, there was very little to complain about… Except perhaps for the absence of a PADI version. All things considered, the brand has come through for fans and the “warrior” would now be able to be requested in the super-cool blue and red combination dear to PADI versions. Meet the Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “PADI Samurai” SRPB99J1.

The Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver’s Samurai

As an update, the Seiko “Samurai (you can see an old model underneath) was dispatched in 2004 and was delivered for a couple of years, until it was eliminated from the list. It was a reasonable, dependable and all around planned present day plunge watch, with an automatic development and 200m water-obstruction. Its plan got famous. What’s more, its combination of an enormous round bezel with a sharp, precise case turned out to be notable among authorities.

The Samurai existed in different releases, incorporating forms with a titanium case (ceased in 2008, and held for the Japanese market) and a steel case with a “Clou de Paris” finished dial. The arrival of this notable plunge watch was announced with the 6,000-piece Lagoon restricted version, introduced toward the finish of 2016. For Baselworld 2017, a whole Samurai assortment was presented, marking a genuine comeback for the model. The 2017 Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver’s Samurai is a slight update compared to the past model and comes with a similar case, a revised bezel, distinctive files and hands, and a mechanical redesign, as the 7S development was supplanted by the more present day type 4R35.

The new Samurai was introduced in different releases (see photographs above), including a blue/dim bezel with blue dial, a dark/dim bezel with dark dial and a blue/red bezel with blue dial – all being non-restricted forms accessible in the standard assortment, everywhere on the world (not JDM any longer). Nonetheless, there was something missing, which can be summarized in four letters: PADI…

The Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “Padi Samurai” SRPB99J1

A few weeks prior, Seiko declared the presentation of a few PADI versions, including this Samurai SRPB99J1. Before we take a gander at the watch, a couple of words about PADI and what it implies at Seiko. In the course of recent years, PADI has become the world’s most believed scuba jumping preparing organisation. PADI has given a stunning 25 million plunge confirmations and has accomplished more than some other association to acquaint jumping with the world. In 2015, Seiko collaborated with PADI to make unique version watches – the previously was the incomparable Turtle PADI watch, ref. SRPA21 .

All PADI x Seiko watches are effectively conspicuous gratitude to a combination of blue and red tones. Bezels, just as dials, are generally blue improved with a couple of red accents. Which began as an erratic watch – the Turtle – has now become such a custom, as the majority of the watches in the Prospex “Sea” assortment currently get a PADI variant. The most recent to do so was the Samurai.

Some things change, some don’t. What doesn’t change with the Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “PADI Samurai” SRPB99J1 is that we are, doubtlessly, before a Samurai watch. We locate a similar case and development, nonetheless, the bezel, hands and dial have been revamped to fit with the PADI configuration codes – negligible changes, you’ll see, however exceptionally lovely ones.

The instance of this new “PADI Samurai” is actually equivalent to the 2017 versions, which means a huge and precise 43.8mm case. Facetted, brushed and vigorous, it befits the device/jump watch reason for this watch impeccably. It highlights sharp hauls and three-sided crown security pieces. Generally, the sharp, strong, current, manly instance of the Samurai praises its champion name. It includes the mark knurled bezel and crown, and haul openings – again two highlights to advise us that this watch is a genuine submerged instrument, not an extravagant work area diver piece. Both the crown and caseback are in a bad way, ensuring water-protection from 200m.

On the wrist, the 43.8mm width of the case can be completely excused. Indeed, the Samurai is a strong watch however it wears a lot more modest than anticipated – even on my 16.5cm wrist. It is a powerful watch yet not a beast. It is conveyed on a tempered steel arm band with strong connections. I decided to wear it on a NATO tie to make it lighter and more comfortable. Another explanation is that Seiko’s passage level wristbands are acceptable yet not outstanding – which is justifiable for a watch estimated under EUR 500. The wristband is completely brushed and includes a plunging extension.

Let’s presently move to the components that make this Samurai SRPB99J1 a genuine PADI release. First let’s investigate the bezel, which includes a blue addition with an hour long jumping scale. The initial 15 minutes, essential for estimations, are introduced in red – a mark component of the PADI versions. However, this bezel can likewise be found on one of the standard releases, combined with a blue dial. What truly stands apart however on this SRPB99J1 is its dial.

As you can see, the Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “PADI Samurai” SRPB99J1 highlights a dark dial, rather than the blue dial recently seen on other PADI releases. Obviously, the PADI logo is printed at 6 o’clock. The files and hands are only equivalent to the other Samurai watches. The fundamental distinction comes from the “wave” design that has been stepped across the dial. Finely executed, enthusiastic, practically like a guilloché design, it vitalizes the SRPB99J1 and gives it a fascinating surface and look. While scarcely noticeable at a specific distance, you begin finding the example once you investigate. The matte dark dial gives incredible difference and neatness, notwithstanding, this wave design plays with the light and offers extraordinary depth.

Surprisingly, this example is absolutely executed and refined. Another distinction compared to the typical Samurai are the hands. The moment and seconds hands are covered in dark with red accents, while the hour hand holds its bolt shape and has a brushed steel finish. The brilliant paint applied to the records and hands discharges a splendid blue shine, while the moment hand transmits a green sparkle (which assists with separating it from the rest).

Inside the instance of the Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “PADI Samurai” SRPB99J1 is the Caliber 4R35 – a development presented in 2011 as a swap for the 7S family, which fueled the past Samurai and other models. This development is imparted to the Turtle assortment , yet with a sole date show (and not the day-date sign). The 4R35 family brought a few updates, including a hacking capacity and a manual winding limit. This type 4R35 beats at 21,600vph, highlights 24 gems and flaunts a force save of roughly 41 hours. Seiko shows a precision of – 35/+45 seconds out of every day, which is amazingly pessimistic.


With objectivity at the top of the priority list, the Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “PADI Samurai” SRPB99J1 is an incredible watch. It is an all around constructed, very much controlled and all around planned watch offering remarkable incentive for the cash. It looks great on the wrist and wears less than you’d anticipate. The new dial is shockingly professional and carries a ton of profundity to this watch.

On a more close to home note, I need to admit a soft spot for Seiko x PADI versions. I effectively own a Turtle SRPA21 and I could see myself adding a couple of more PADI releases to my assortment. I own few extravagance or top of the line watches from set up Swiss brands I’m actually astonished by the mind blowing nature of these Seiko watches. The solitary defect I can see concerns the catch, which I feel is clumsy. Perhaps I’m too used to Rolex or Omega arm bands, which come with watches evaluated multiple times higher… I favor wearing my Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver “PADI Samurai” SRPB99J1 on a NATO tie. Be that as it may, equitably, there’s a great deal to cherish about this new PADI release. Value: EUR 479 or USD 550. .