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Seiko Presage “Senbei” Rice Cracker Dial

Seiko Presage “Senbei” Rice Cracker Dial


Japan is a nation of profoundly dug in customs and culture. Seiko, Japan’s principle watchmaker, has since quite a while ago exploited its starting points to make watches that mirror this rich and complex esthetic. The Presage assortment, acquainted with the world in 2016, has since been the outflow of customary Japanese expressions, with dials made by antiquated procedures, for example, Urushi finish or polish. Today, the brand is taking care of us with another model, again honoring Japan’s elegant culture, with the new Seiko Presage “Senbei”. 

Presage is an entrancing assortment of watches, blending rich lines, mechanical developments and handmade dials reflecting Japan’s best practices. It has recently included dials enlivened by conventional Japanese esthetics and craftsmanship, for example, porcelain finish , “Shippo” veneer , and “Urushi” enamel . Presently, Presage is working with a customary Japanese nibble “senbei” or Japanese rice cracker, bringing about a rich, classy and warm shading standing out from the metallic feel of the case and the hands.

Creating such a dial has been a test for the brand. Seiko engineers needed to work connected at the hip with a profoundly gifted “senbei” craftsman. All together to obtain a totally steady yet appetizing dial, an ideal harmony between the rice and the soy sauce must be found, to give the dial a delicious and sumptuous sparkle. The dial is “Grand Feu” cooked prior to being hand-lacquered with premium soy sauce. The primary complexity on this Seiko Presage “Senbei” Dial had been to locate the ideal barbecue temperature, so the dial could be sufficiently steady yet with a cracking design.

Following the craft of Japanese culinary practices, the Roman numerals and the logo on the Seiko Presage “Senbei” Dial are communicated in finely cut “nori,” put by the cautious hands of a craftsman. The ocean growth, likewise utilized in sushi arrangement, is filled in Japan, and impeccably coordinates the soy sauce seasoned “senbei.”

Three distinctive restricted at this point elegant versions will be accessible in stores: Soy Sauce, Sesame Seeds, and Crystal Sugar. In light of a similar “Senbei” base Dial, these three varieties will come with marginally various flavors. The remainder of the watch is indistinguishable from other versions, for example, the Presage Shippo SPB075 , with a 40mm steel case and the programmed type 6R27 inside.

Due to their restricted creation and short termination date, these models will undoubtedly take off the racks, so if your hunger is whetted, act now. More subtleties on .

Happy April 1st! Seiko’s group has done it once more (see here for last year’s post )