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Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain Dial SPB093

Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain Dial SPB093


Regular guests to MONOCHROME definitely realize that we’re enormous enthusiasts of the mind blowing work that comes out of Seiko. Barely any, brands can coordinate the Japanese company’s remarkable mix of master craftsmanship, specialized ability and incentive for cash. A perfect representation of this comes as the Presage brand, which made its global debut in 2016 . Displaying various types of Japanese craftsmanship, we have seen dials expertly created in enamel , Urushi lacquer , and guilloché with clear enamel (Shippo), just for unbelievable costs. At Baselworld 2019, Seiko proceeded with this pattern, with the presentation of two new models with dials produced using Arita Porcelain. Today, we are getting active with one of them, the Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain Dial SPB093. 

What Is Arita Porcelain?

Before we get to the actual watch, it’s beneficial agreement what Arita Porcelain really is and why Seiko has decided to utilize it. Arita is a modest community situated on the Japanese island of Kyushu. Towards the finish of the 16th century, porcelain mud was found nearby, changing the region into a center point for Japanese porcelain. As indicated by Wikipedia, early products utilized underglaze blue beautification, yet by the mid-17th century, Arita was at the front line as Japan created overglaze “enamelled” embellishment in a scope of brilliant colours.

It wasn’t well before the porcelain items made in Arita got valued all over Japan for the great of their masterfulness. By the 19th century, it was being traded all around the planet, dispatched via ocean from Arita’s port of Imari.

Today, Arita porcelain actually has worldwide allure. Regardless of just having a populace of 20,000 individuals, numerous porcelain creators flourish in the town, delivering an assortment of items and carrying on its long custom of craftsmanship. Despite the fact that porcelain is likewise made somewhere else, porcelain made in Arita is extraordinarily Japanese, thus it appears to be fitting that Seiko has decided to utilize this material for the dials of its new Presage watches.

So, since we’ve covered a portion of the set of experiences, we should investigate the dial itself.

The Arita Porcelain Dial

At MONOCHROME, we’re accustomed to seeing veneer dials, whether they’re Swiss made, Japanese made, or come from some place more unforeseen, similar to Scotland . Porcelain dials, nonetheless, are a touch even more an oddity. That doesn’t mean they are any less alluring, obviously. All things considered, this specific dial offers more profundity and more gloss than a large number of the comparable polish ones we’ve seen (counting the past Presage Enamel watches ), yet it is extremely soft in appearance. I think the most ideal approach to depict the look is “milky”, with simply a hint of blue. The nature of the completion is a lot higher than the cost would show, yet then again that is the calling card of the Presage collection.

Making alluring ceramics is a certain something; making a dial that requires a significant degree of exactness and resistance is very another. Seiko is incredible for its quality control principles thus normally you would expect the company would utilize simply the best materials accessible for the dial. Which is by and large what it did. The dial is made from another kind of Arita porcelain, that was grown only three years prior. It’s multiple occasions harder than standard porcelain and has both the strength and adaptability required.

Understandably Seiko didn’t have the vital mastery needed to make the dials solely in-house. All things considered, it decided to work with ace specialist Hiroyuki Hashiguchi. He, alongside his associates, structure part of an accomplished producer in Arita that has been making porcelain since 1830. Together, they built up a multi-stage creation process.

First, the base material is placed into an exceptional form, which gives the dial profundity. This is particularly recognizable on the SPB093 because of the recessed force hold marker at 9 o’clock and the schedule sub-dial at 6 o’clock. The dials are dried and afterward terminated interestingly at 1,300 degrees to solidify and brighten the material. An extraordinary coating is then applied by hand by Hashiguchi and his group, after which the dials are terminated again to bond the coating on to the dial. It’s this progression that yields the profound, rich completion and the inconspicuous blue hint, an immediate tribute to the early instances of Arita porcelain. Then, the openings for the date window and hands are cut by laser. At last, the dials are then terminated again to smooth the surfaces that have been cut.

The result is discernibly not the same as that of a veneer dial. Not really better or more awful, simply unique. I very like how, at specific points, the blue hint becomes entirely perceptible. It gives this dial an additional component and ties in pleasantly with the blued-steel hands. Roman numerals are utilized for the hour markers, with the “XII” at 12 o’clock in red. This is predictable with other comparable models in the Presage line-up.

Functionally, the Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain Dial SPB093 is a variety of the Presage Multi-Hand Automatic, a few instances of which we’ve seen before here on MONOCHROME. This implies an exemplary three-hander with a schedule sub-dial at 6 o’clock and a force save pointer somewhere in the range of 8 and 10 o’clock. The 40.60mm steel case is fitted with an in-house programmed development – type 6R27 – and the recurrence is a cutting edge 4Hz with a 45-hour power save. It’s obvious through a sapphire caseback and showcases a pleasant, if straightforward, level of finishing.

The genuine kicker, as ever with Seiko, obviously, is the cost. Recommended retail is EUR 1,950 and dissimilar to a portion of the other Presage models we have seen with extravagant dials, creation isn’t restricted. The watches will be accessible from September 2019 at Seiko Boutiques and chose Seiko retail accomplices around the world. More subtleties at .