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Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds – Designed By a Woman for Women

Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds – Designed By a Woman for Women

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Tapping into four winning patterns on the watch scene – women’s developing interest in mechanical watches, dynamic dials, exchangeable watch ties and personalisation choices Schwarz Etienne revealed its first women’s watch, the Fiji Floral Seconds, during the Geneva Watch Week this month. Planned by a lady for women, and not a cut back existing men’s model with ladylike themes, the Fiji Floral Seconds is loaded with eccentric subtleties that will interest women who are not looking for a traditional watch from a standard brand.


Independent watch brand Schwarz Etienne is loaded with shocks on both the specialized and inventive fronts. Scarcely a newcomer to the watch scene – the company has been around since 1902 and represented considerable authority in delivering components for the business – the brand has expected gratitude to its significant degree of vertical joining and its little arrangement of innovative, inventive mechanical watches. We’ve a few models as of late, similar to the UFO-propelled Roswell and the restricted version box set  Odes aux Saisons set of three with flying tourbillons, humming honey bees and honeycombs.

A Modular Case

A frontal perspective on the 38mm tempered steel case uncovers a genuinely traditional round dial with slanting carries. Notwithstanding, in the event that you take a gander at the case from the side, the brand’s preference for seclusion can be valued. Composed of three separate parts, the body of the case is delegated with a cleaned bezel and sits in a support framed by the hauls. The support holds the focal case set up with four screws, which can be seen on the caseback. Notwithstanding the variety of shapes and various planes, the sides of the case band are engraved with vertical ribs and the enormous and conspicuous crown is set with a diamond.

With a stature of 10.76mm, the case has a great deal of character and presence and is a long ways from your conventional humble women’s watch case. The measured quality of the case, the way that the focal component can be separated from the drags and the bezel from the case, converts into more noteworthy decision for the client later on. Assume you don’t care for the state of the hauls or lean toward a smooth case without any inscriptions, or maybe you extravagant an etching on the bezel? The particular way to deal with the case configuration opens up a universe of possibilities.

A Rose Window on the Dial

Presented in two tones – dark with silver subtleties or pale salmon with blue subtleties – the dial is marginally recessed from the bezel giving a prompt vibe of profundity. The silver-hued hour markers are molded like raindrops and applied to the dial alongside the enormous Arabic numeral at 12 o’clock. The irregular drop shape is both female and makes some fascinating reflections on the dial. On the external spine, the tips of the drops contact brief track interspersed with dabs to show the hours. Exquisite hour and moment hands, treated with radiant material, float over the dial. The focal piece of the dial is beautified with a tone on tone mathematical floral theme and converged at 6 o’clock by the enlivened floral display.

Like a rose window found in Gothic places of worship, the dial has been removed in a floral plan at 6 o’clock to uncover an auxiliary circle that is in steady movement. The drop hour marker at 6 o’clock is bigger than the rest and bends over as the stem of the blossom (somewhat like a dandelion, in my brain) and the openworked grid on the dial gives a perspective on the differentiating shades of the circle underneath. The impact is brilliant in any case, in opposition to assumptions, the marker is static and the movement simply reminiscent of the passing seconds. It very well may be seen as an idyllic token of the unyielding breathing easy in the event that you like, or a safeguard signal that your watch is working.

100% in-house movement

One of the astonishing things about Schwarz Etienne is its serious level of specialized competence. A specialty brand fit for delivering its own equilibrium haggles is a rara avis. You can watch our video about our visit to Schwarz Etienne and its sister company E20 innovations where the hairsprings are made, here. The Fiji Floral Seconds is fitted with an in-house programmed development – type ASE 200.00 – with a miniature rotor.

Like the measured case development, the brand highly esteems its particular development plan. The design of its developments encourages the variation of a programmed development into a hand-wound type and the other way around. The comfort of a programmed watch, implying that it has a mechanical heart yet shouldn’t be twisted strictly consistently, is a major in addition to and combined with the liberal force hold implies you can remove your Fiji for stretches of as long as 86 hours and not need to stress over the watch stopping.

Another appealing element for women who appreciate mechanical watches is the reasonable perspective on the development on the converse side of the case. Very good quality completions like the sunray beautification spreading over the scaffolds, the offset connect enlivened with a guilloché theme and the perlage on the principle plate add a hint of refinement to the mechanical spectacle.


The Fiji Floral Seconds has taken advantage of the latest thing of compatible watch ties and has a simple sliding framework to change the tie without the requirement for devices. Each model comes with two lashes; the dark model with a dark galuchat-finished tie and a ruby-red tie, and the pale salmon with a light blue and earthy colored tie. Both are fitted with steel collapsing clasps.

Instead of a conventional watch box, the Fiji Floral Seconds is introduced in a dark grained leather satchel made by Noleti, a prestigious Swiss tote producer situated in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The watch retails for CHF 7,100 (excl. expense) or CHF 7,700 (incl. charge). For more data, kindly counsel .