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Rolf Bergmann of Porsche Design Timepieces Reveals How Sports Car Engineering was Implemented in a Watch Manufacture

Rolf Bergmann of Porsche Design Timepieces Reveals How Sports Car Engineering was Implemented in a Watch Manufacture


Porsche Design isn’t your normal watch brand. It gets things done in an alternate manner, or possibly, not in the conventional “Swiss way”. This goes, obviously, for the design of the watches, which are about moderation and the “structure follows work” school, something dear to Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Yet, this likewise goes for the assembling measures – in light of the fact that indeed, Porsche Design is a genuine watch make. Tight connections exist between Porsche (the vehicle producer) and Porsche Design Timepieces. Indeed, so profound that PD Watches are fabricated much the same as a 911 and made in the Zuffenhausen-based factory.

To comprehend what makes Porsche Design a contextual analysis in watch creation, we’ll converse with Rolf Bergmann, Chief Technology Officer at Porsche Design Timepieces. You’ll see, the cooperative energy among vehicles and watches runs further than you ever imagined!

Frank Geelen, MONOCHROME – What is your first horological memory?

Rolf Bergmann, Porsche Design Timepieces – It was an exceptionally quite a while past. Nevertheless, my absolute first experience was with an accuracy instrument made out of a development pack when I was a youngster. It worked exactly… more or less!

Where had your vocation taken you before you showed up at Porsche Design Watches?

First, I was educated as an operator for metal cutting machines. A while later, I effectively completed my high level examinations underway designing with an emphasis on advancing the creation cycles of pass up the plastics business. I began with Porsche as a worker in the Logistics and Process Engineering Department in Zuffenhausen. At this time, Porsche executed synchronous designing, and I had the great chance to be an individual from a truly fascinating games vehicle project, explicitly the 996 Turbo project. During this time, I took in the intricate details of the advancement interaction for a games car.

As an outcome, I was answerable for the designing division of the 911 sequential construction system in Zuffenhausen during the next years. In 2007, I joined the Porsche Design Group, to fabricate the Operations Department with respect to buying, quality administration coordinations, and information technology. In 2013, we began the assignment of establishing Porsche Design Timepieces AG in Switzerland.

How is the relationship between Porsche vehicles and Porsche Design Timepieces? 

Very great! Both have similar remarkable roots: the Design DNA of Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who created the 911 out of 1963 and established the Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See in 1972. Both convey similar qualities as far as designing, and both represent superb quality in both item substance and manufacturing.

When we began with Porsche Design Timepieces AG in Solothurn, we previously took the advancement cycle of the games vehicle and adjusted this to the designing interaction for our watches. These cycles are our spine and depict all necessities required to bring a Porsche Design Timepiece to the market.

What have been the features of the last not many years?

There have been a few features over the most recent couple of years. The presentation of our Monobloc Actuator at the 2017 Baselworld Fair, which got great press inclusion and a positive reaction from the market, was certainly among the main features. I never figured a change to the actuation of the chronograph would start such intrigue. In spite of the reality, I had consistently been persuaded the thought was fabulous, the development is great and the watch is amazingly precise.

Another feature was the dispatch of the Chronotimer Turbo S Exclusive Series at Goodwood. The watch featured Porsche Design’s first in-house created development: Werk01.200. The winding rotor was designed looking like a unique Porsche Turbo edge. Further subtleties linking it to the vehicle included unique Porsche vehicle leather, just as dial colourations made with and matching the first Porsche veneer in a similar body tone as the car.

What is it like for a watch producer to be connected to a particularly famous vehicle brand? 

It’s ideal, we are all “Porscheaner”! In any case, it’s something other than a connection. It resembles being an individual from a similar family, having similar roots and qualities. The Porsche workers are for the most part partners, and we uphold each other on the whole undertakings. We approach the innovative work division and to exceptional expertise for example in material examination or motorsport engineering.

On the other hand, it is incredible to have a place with a great brand with such pulling force and validity as Porsche. That makes it simpler to clarify what our identity is and what we represent with Porsche Design Timepieces.

How did you shape the creation interaction of watches, and are there likenesses with the vehicle industry? 

To produce the best items accessible to our clients, we actualized a creation territory dependent on the Porsche Production Principle. What does this mean? We orchestrated a lean creation stream where each watch is a separate gathering request. We pick the material for each request, collect each and every watch independently and check and pack it. Therefore, it is critical the material streams and the components are wonderful quality.

In short, we produce watches in the very way that we produce sports vehicles. The distinctions are just the size of the parts utilized and that no uncommon gadgets are needed to deal with our timepieces.

What are your needs to build up the brand?

We have an unmistakable comprehension of what our image and our items represent: Porsche Design DNA. This involves combining sports vehicle qualities with Porsche quality, utilitarian design, and remarkable material. We actualize this in our timepieces by utilizing titanium for the metal parts in the packaging and wristbands. Also, we shape the structure for ideal usefulness and design the dials with an exceptionally undeniable degree of intelligibility. Our timepieces are designed to match with their specialized roots at the racetrack.

The Porsche Design client knows and inclines toward the brand Porsche, yet doesn’t really need to be a Porsche driver.

Are the computerized transformation and the development of dispersion changing your business models?

The computerized openings offer communication that is substantially more progressed. In addition, the client is better educated and ready to utilize various kinds of media to get information or exploit computerized administrations. Be that as it may, as I would see it, the computerized transformation isn’t changing plans of action. Either individuals use it, or they don’t. It relies upon whether you’re ready to offer an inspirational encounter or a great item with an unbelievable story. Getting from sports vehicle fabricating measures, we have been building up a dedicated secluded framework empowering the creation of individual watches as indicated by our customers’ desires, called Porsche Design for Porsche. It has been all around acknowledged by clients of sports-vehicle related chronographs matching the scope of best in class Porsche 911’s, similar to the Turbo S Exclusive Series, GT2RS, or the latest GT3RS.

How does it sway your activity?

For us, it’s critical to persuade the client of the value of a Porsche Design Timepiece. Today, we use an assortment of instruments to persuade clients regarding the estimation of our timepieces.

Which Porsche Design watch have you been wearing lately?

The Monobloc Actuator! (Monobloc Actuator 24h-Chronotimer all black)