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Ressence Type 1 ZZ – A Furtive Collaboration with Chronopassion

Ressence Type 1 ZZ – A Furtive Collaboration with Chronopassion


The Ressence Type 1 was presented in 2014 and has never stopped to advance. Numerous tones, various materials, even a square form of the crownless case, however consistently a similar exceptional presentation situating itself as the ‘Air-Filled’ assortment (standing out from the oil-filled watches). Recently, the brand presented a significant update with the new Type 1 Slim . Today, the brand, in relationship with Laurent Picciotto of Chronopassion, presents the Ressence Type 1 ZZ – a full-dark release, which is not really amazing given Laurent’s taste in music!

The base: the Type 1 Slim

Modern, cutting edge or advanced are catchphrases at Ressence. So does the exemplary “less is more” proverb. While the Type 1 is still to date the most open and the best model in the brand’s portfolio, the group at Ressence isn’t actually disposed to take a gander at the past. At the SIHH 2019, another adaptation of this watch appeared, with a recently formed case, a more slender profile yet a similar exceptional showcase – the mark component of all Ressence watches.

The shape has been essentially refreshed, with a steadfastly more current, ovoid-formed case with what has all the earmarks of being an incorporated lash. The carries and case are processed in one activity from a similar square of evaluation 5 titanium. In that point of view, it is roused by the new Type 2 . This new shape doesn’t change the idea however gives the watch more consistency with the remainder of the assortment. Likewise, from a case estimating 42mm in distance across and 13mm thick, the new 42mm Ressence Type 1 Slim has trimmed down its waistline to 11mm.

How did Ressence figure out how to shed 2mm? To begin with, gratitude to the new caseback and winding/setting framework. Rather than the turning sapphire precious stone ( see here ), Ressence has now introduced a similar gadget found on the Type 1 Squared , implying that the watch has no crown and the winding and setting system are the caseback itself. Second, the base development has been transformed from an ETA 2824/2 to an ETA 2892/A, which is marginally slimmer as well (3.60mm versus 4.60mm). Altogether, Ressence Type 1 has lost 2mm.

The show and mark dial composed of a progression of satellites turning on 360 degrees didn’t change. The first design of an enormous moment plate (initiated with the moment hub of the ETA development) and three satellites for the hours, the seconds and the day of the week has been regarded. This framework named ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System) creates an always changing dial as the satellites circle each other. Data is shown on a solitary surface with no hands. Composed of 107 sections, the cog wheels in the ROCS ascertain the seconds, hours and day, taking just the moment as a source of perspective from the movement.

At the SIHH 2019, Ressence presented four variants of this Slim model: Type 1B (dark dial), Type 1W (white dial), Type 1N (night-blue dial) and Type 1RS (silver dial). Today, there’s another one coming.

The Ressence x Chronopassion Type 1 ZZ

Chronopassion is unquestionably perhaps the most unique watch retailers around, with a solid spotlight on everything free and capricious. Situated in Paris, in the mid 2010s, it was one of Ressence’s first accomplices is still today one of the significant retailers of these watches. The new Type 1 ZZ is accordingly a characteristic collaboration piece for both parties.

The Ressence Type 1 ZZ takes its name from two motivations. In this occurrence, it gives recognition to ZZ Top, the renowned Texan musical crew which Laurent Picciotto is a flat out fanatic of. ZZ for the rockers, yet additionally for “zwart zwart” which implies “black black” in Flemish. Ressence is a Belgian brand with a studio is situated in Flanders, in Antwerp more precisely.

For this explanation, the new Type 1 ZZ is a full-dark model. Each and every detail is dark. From the matte dark DLC-covered evaluation 5 titanium case, to the matte dim PVD dial, right through to the signs and engravings on the dial. In fact, the signs are a shiny dark to make more appear differently in relation to the base of the dial. Obviously, to proceed with the dull theme, the lash is dark Barenia leather. Altogether, the Ressence Type 1 ZZ is one incredible subtle looking piece.

The Type 1 ZZ will be restricted to 20 (non-numbered) pieces with an etching “1 of 20” on the caseback. Retail cost is set at EUR 18,500 (incl. charges). More subtleties at and .