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Reservoir Hydrosphere “Air Gauge” – A Very Unique Dive Watch

Reservoir Hydrosphere “Air Gauge” – A Very Unique Dive Watch


I realize numerous individuals complain about dive watches . Not in view of what they are inherently, but since a significant number of them appear to be identical (the Submariner-like market is huge…) Yet, there’s an awesome explanation behind this: a standard, the ISO 6425 norm , manages the idea of a dive watch. Notwithstanding, a few watchmakers have chosen to consider some fresh possibilities and to offer cool, unique and exceptional watches to divers (and infrequent athletes). Like for example the De Bethune DB28GS we informed you regarding today. Another one, which is positively quite possibly the most striking instances of thinking outside the Sub-look-a-like-box comes from France. Let’s investigate the Reservoir Hydrosphere “Air Gauge”, a watch that combines plunging limits, mechanical magnificence and cool design.


Reservoir (the French word for “fuel tank”) is a youthful brand. As proposed by its name, the primary plan was conceived from the founder’s energy for estimation instruments (for the presentation) and old jerrycans (for a portion of the case components). As far as watchmaking, this converted into a gauge-like showcase dependent on an exclusive module to demonstrate the time with bouncing hours and retrograde minutes.

The first Reservoir watches were exemplary vehicle motivated models. The assortment likewise comprises avionics themed watches, with this equivalent unique showcase. As the brand develops, the group at Reservoir has chosen to make a special dive watch – which is cunning thinking about the showcase, where the moment hand possesses the all important focal point (and we realize that the fundamental sign when plunging are minutes).

As a jumping instrument, the new Reservoir Hydrosphere assortment couldn’t depend on car gauges any longer. However, divers additionally use estimating instruments while plunging, including a manometer (like the one appeared previously). This instrument, a urgent piece of hardware when jumping (demonstrating the pressing factor of the gas in the container), additionally depends on a “gauge-like” show and was the ideal beginning stage to make a Reservoir dive watch. One next to the other, the likeness between the manometer (above) and the dial of the Hydrosphere is evident (particularly in the white dial model we had for this review).

Case and design

The instance of the Reservoir Hydrosphere is a fascinating blend between exemplary dive watch highlights and Reservoir’s DNA. The watch is a strong piece of hardware with a hardened steel holder and decent measurements – 45mm breadth, which as we’ll clarify later isn’t that important.

The Reservoir Hydrosphere is worked around a round holder molded out of 316L treated steel, altogether brushed for a more hearty look. On top is a domed sapphire precious stone (which has a powerful enemy of intelligent covering) encompassed by a profoundly indented steel bezel, which is not difficult to work with gloves. The bezel includes a dark ceramic addition, again completely brushed, with clear engravings that are radiant in the dark.

At 3 o’clock, the crown, which is in a bad way for water-obstruction, is covered with elastic – once more, for simple control with gloves or when the watch is wet. At 9 o’clock, coordinated into the caseband is an attentive helium get away from valve. The caseback is plain steel and gotten by four sinks coming about a comfortable water-opposition of 250 meters/25 bars. By and large the watch is pleasantly planned and first rate, with flawless changes of the parts and lovely surface finishing.

As we referenced, the measurement is 45mm, which is in fact huge. In any case, the state of the case and the manner in which the wristband or the elastic lash are appended to it is rather unique. As you’ve saw, the Reservoir Hydrosphere has no carries and the arm band is joined straightforwardly to the caseback. This implies that the haul to-carry estimation is likewise 45mm, undeniably not exactly the vast majority of the 42mm watches available. Subsequently, the watch is compact and completely adjusted on the wrist. Absolutely, it isn’t a little watch however one that feels a lot more modest than you’d anticipate. Perceive what it looks like on my little 16.5cm wrist.

Dial and display

Most of the innovation of the Reservoir Hydrosphere comes from its dial. Three renditions are accessible: a blue dial with the “Blue Hole” model; a dark dial with the “Blackfin” model; lastly, there’s this white dial form, named “Air Gauge”, which the most engaging of the part – both in daytime and evening time (more on that in a few).

The central matter of interest with watches made by Reservoir is their presentation. On the in opposition to the majority of the dive watches that depend on three focal hands, the Hydrosphere profits by the brand’s exclusive module to offer a showcase that is both unique, precisely intriguing and very pertinent in a diver’s setting. As we referenced, with regards to plunging estimations, the moment hand is key.

This is the way the Reservoir Hydrosphere parts its four indications:

  • The huge retrograde moment hand, which runs from 00 to 60 on a 240-degree curve, is halfway mounted. Flighty without a doubt, this moment hand needs a (brief) time of variation yet once you become accustomed to it, it becomes both instinctive and incredibly legible
  • The bouncing hour is in a window at 6 o’clock, absolutely changing sign when the moment hand hops back to the 00 position. To build neatness, the hour window has here been put under a magnifier
  • Just underneath the bouncing hours is the force save pointer, a token of the underlying motivation behind the brand
  • New to this model is a midway mounted running sign (essentially a little circle running the seconds), something vital in dive watches to be certain the watch is still running.

As for the plan of the actual dial, the likeness with old manometers is rather self-evident, with the utilization of a striped red zone from 00 to 10 and a particular style for the moment track. Enormous applied numerals and an exceptionally differentiating dark moment hand consider a speedy discussion of the time. Same goes for evening time legibility… Which is likewise when the Reservoir Hydrosphere “Air Gauge” is at its coolest.

The primary explicitness of this white variant, as contradicted

How to work the bezel?

Now comes the interesting part… Having a retrograde hand for the minutes working on a 240-degree curve and a pivoting bezel on a 360-degree scale is clearly not advantageous – if not absolutely superfluous. Therefore, the brand needed to build up another bezel for its Reservoir Hydrosphere, which highlights two scales.

From 00 to 45, this interesting engineering isn’t hazardous. Essentially position the triangle before the moment hand and read the scale on the bezel, much the same as some other dive watch. Notwithstanding, when the moment hand is situated somewhere in the range of 45 and 60, this implies that it will hop back to the 00 situation before your 15-minute scale is finished. The thought Reservoir concocted is straightforward however proficient, as clarified below:

Step 1, position the triangle before the moment hand, this way (here at 55):

Then, when the moment hand hops back to nothing, a subsequent track (stamped “use after 45 minutes” on the bezel) dominates and follows up the checking meeting. See beneath, when the moment hand has returned to 05, with the correct planning signs on the bezel.

This stunt, a need thinking about the particular showcase of the Reservoir Hydrosphere “Air Gauge”, is positively less natural than an exemplary dive watch. In any case, once you’re used to working the bezel it becomes more natural.


Powering the showcase of the Reservoir Hydrosphere is a two layer development. The timekeeping part – which means stockpiling of energy, the transmission of energy and control of the development’s rate – is constrained by a dependable, verified type ETA-2824. Its capacity is for the most part to give energy and precision to the showcase. As usual, it runs at 4Hz and accumulates to 37 hours of energy (the showcase utilized here requires more energy than conventional hands).

On top of the development is an exclusive module, created by Télôs, a development plan/creation company, worked in complications and one of a kind presentations. This 124-section module is responsible for the presentation. A progression of pinion wheels and springs let the hour plate bounce accurately at regular intervals. A spring is step by step charged during an hour and delivered decisively when the hour hand arrives at the hour long position. This module is just about as complex as the actual development and comprises nearly however many parts as the base development. It addresses the greater part of the additional estimation of this watch.


As referenced, the Reservoir Hydrosphere includes a particular development with regards to the wristband connections. The connections are in a bad way straightforwardly on the caseback (see photograph above), taking into account a compact design and a more modest watch on the wrist.

The watch is conveyed with two choices. First is an exemplary 3-interface, completely brushed treated steel wristband with collapsing clasp and simple plunging expansion – which can fill in as miniature change as well. The steel wristband is professional and comfortable.

Also remembered for the bundle is an elastic lash with a steel pin clasp. It very well may be handily connected with a little screwdriver. The principle preferred position of this elastic tie is to make the watch significantly more compact and lighter. It is soft and made of great material.


I’ve been charmingly amazed by the Reservoir Hydrosphere “Air Gauge”. Absolutely, it won’t converse with the majority and is a specialty item. All things considered, it is an extraordinary and precisely progressed show, the first plan (without being excessively outrageous), the astuteness of the bezel (despite the fact that eccentric), the cool highlights (the manometer motivation, the full radiant dial) and the general nature of the execution have persuaded me.

Price and availability

The white-dial Reservoir Hydrosphere “Air Gauge” and its beat up kin are currently accessible at retailers and on the brand’s webshop . It is estimated at EUR 4,250 or USD 4,300. More subtleties at .