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Ready for Moon Landing 50? The 5 Coolest New Omega Speedmaster You Can Get

Ready for Moon Landing 50? The 5 Coolest New Omega Speedmaster You Can Get


On July sixteenth, 1969 began perhaps the most unbelievable excursions of humankind. Locally available the Apollo 11 shuttle were 3 men – Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. On July 21st, 1969, the Apollo Lunar Module arrived on the Moon. A couple of hours after the fact, 2 of these men will impact the world forever, as venturing onto the lunar surface. What was on the wrists of these space explorers? A dark dial sports chronograph made by Omega: the Speedmaster, a watch destined to be named the “Moonwatch” – see here how the Speedmaster has been chosen by NASA, in the expressions of the person who tried it, James Ragan . The legend was conceived and this watch turned into an icon.

As we’re going to commend the 50th commemoration of the Moon Landing, we’ve chose the 5 coolest Omega Speedmaster watches at present produced… Because you need to wear one on July 21st!

Note 1: we’ve chose 5 NEW (contrary to vintage) watches, which can be requested now at Omega shops. You can, obviously, go for vintage watches as well. Note 2: this choice depends on an agreement among the MONOCHROME group, in light of our inclinations. Don’t hesitate to comment on the off chance that you have other most loved Speedmaster watches.

First and Foremost – The Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”

If you must have just a single Omega Speedmaster, it must be the exemplary Professional Moonwatch 311. – the one with hesalite gem, not the sapphire precious stone model. To put it plainly, this watch is the not-so-changed variant of the Speedmaster worn by Astronauts in 1969 (just insignificant developments on the development and plan). Spotless, utilitarian, adaptable, impeccably proportioned, truly significant, amazing, outfitted with practically a similar development as in 1969, practically a similar dial and case… It is one of these watches that each gatherer ought to have. Most amazing aspect all, it is likewise an extraordinary arrangement and is effectively accessible! The one!

Quick facts: 42mm width tempered steel unbalanced case – hesalite crystal – hand-wound type 1861 with chronograph – 50m water safe – accessible on steel arm band or leather tie (Velcro and NATO lashes remembered for the case) – Reference 311. – EUR 4,700 (EUR 4,600 on leather) – likewise accessible with sapphire gem top and caseback at EUR 5,500

Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Steel Limited Edition

As you would expect, Omega is praising the 50th-commemoration of the Moon Landing and Apollo 11 with committed watches. Some portion of the part is initial a steel Speedy dependent on the Moonwatch… But with in excess of a couple of alterations. Outwardly, we have a Moonshine gold bezel, an extraordinary dial with gold components and fix in the little seconds and a vintage-motivated steel arm band. Inside, it’s a shiny new development, the co-pivotal, Master Chronometer rendition of the hand-wound development, the type 3861. A unique caseback and a cool box with treats complete this Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary, (not really) restricted to 6,969 pieces. More subtleties here .

Quick facts: 42mm breadth treated steel uneven case, Moonshine gold bezel – sapphire precious stone – Caliber Omega 3861, hand-twisted chronograph, in-house, Master Chronometer affirmed, Co-pivotal – 50m water safe – 3-interface steel arm band enlivened by vintage Speedmaster watches – Reference 310. – Limited to 6,969 pieces – EUR 9,100

Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine Gold Limited Edition

In expansion to the steel model above, Omega dispatched a second Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, this time in full gold – and plainly, a shocking cycle. The instance of this watch, which is propelled by the vintage ref. BA145.022, is made of 18k Moonshine gold, a particular composite with paler tint than conventional 18K yellow gold, combined with similarly hued dial. The last touch is given by the burgundy earthenware bezel (another reference to the BA145.022). Behind a designed sapphire caseback is the type 3861 (in-house, Master Chronometer confirmed, Co-hub) with explicit Moonshine gold-plated treatment. The Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine Gold is worn on a full gold wristband. Sparkling and intense, however very delightful. More subtleties here .

Quick facts: 42mm measurement Moonshine gold topsy-turvy case with burgundy ceramic bezel – sapphire gem – Caliber Omega 3861, hand-twisted chronograph, in-house, Master Chronometer affirmed, Co-hub – 50m water safe – 3-connect Moonshine gold arm band – Reference 310. – Limited to 1,014 pieces – EUR 32,000

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8

Another space-related watch, another Apollo-themed model, however this time not for Apollo 11… Still, if you’re looking for an intense, current and diverse Speedmaster, the Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 must be thought of. This adaptation dispatched a year ago is the main Moonwatch in a full ceramic case – the “Dark Side of the Moon” theme. The hand-wound type 1861 has been profoundly opened and finished with Moon surface (front and back), while white and yellow accents give this piece a lively, contemporary look. The boldest of the Speedmaster Moonwatch models presently underway. Yet at the same time Moon-themed! More subtleties here .

Quick facts: 44.25mm width dark ceramic topsy-turvy case – sapphire precious stone – Caliber Omega 1869 hand-wound chronograph – 50m water safe – dark leather with yellow sewing – Reference 311. – non-restricted uncommon release – EUR 9,200

Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Pulsometer Limited Edition

This fifth model is absolutely not the most Moon-related of the parcel (to say the least)… But, it is a Speedmaster, it is hand-wound, it includes a straight haul case and it comes with one hell of a gorgeous Panda dial and earthenware pulsometer bezel … So indeed, this Speedmaster CK2998 Pulsometer is probably the best illustration of the Speedy as of now accessible, with its dashing style and more modest case. What’s more, don’t be concerned, we won’t censure you for wearing this not-so-exact yet enormously planned model on July 21st! More subtleties here .

Quick facts: 39.70mm measurement hardened steel balanced case – sapphire gem – type Omega 1861 hand-wound chronograph – 50m water safe – dark punctured leather tie with white sewing – reference 311. – restricted to 2,998 models – EUR 5,500

Extra – Moonwatch Only

The authoritative manual for the Omega Speedmaster Professional. All the references clarified, all the components investigated (dials, cases, bezels, developments, hands, bracelets…), the set of experiences, the background… With more than 500 pages and in excess of 1,000 representations, “Moonwatch Only” is the book to get in the event that you need to begin gathering the Omega Speedmaster. An absolute necessity have.

Quick facts: ISBN 978-2-940506-03-3 (English Edition) – creators: Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié – 500 Pages – more than 1,000 delineations – Format: 25cm x 30.7cm – Price: USD 200 – CHF 175 – EUR 175