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Re-Examining the Underestimated Tudor North Flag

Re-Examining the Underestimated Tudor North Flag

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When it comes to Tudor Watch, everyone knows and discusses the Black Bay – and altogether reasonableness, as it should be, as most BB releases have the right to be adored, particularly the most recent GMT or Fifty Eight forms. However, Tudor has other assortments and there is a watch, which we accept merits returning to. One that is a higher priority than you may might suspect from the outset. Its name is the  Tudor North Flag and today we investigate this thought little of, misjudged watch.

The Tudor North Flag isn’t a curiosity – it was introduced at Baselworld 2015 – and this is by and large why it is fascinating to investigate this watch now that we’ve had the opportunity to comprehend how it affected the brand and where it comes from. We’ve had the opportunity to process this new watch and to take a gander at it all the more dispassionately, not affected by the responses of our early introductions. In all honesty, the North Flag is a significant watch in Tudor’s history – much the same as the Black Bay was back in 2012. The North Flag is the watch that denoted the change for Tudor but, it is as yet a rather disregarded model, one that doesn’t come into view when looking at what Tudor needs to offer.

Where does the Tudor North Flag come from?

The 1970s-propelled plan – that is common of the Tudor North Flag – didn’t appear all of a sudden. It has, as often with Tudor, a connection with the brand’s legacy and is enlivened by a model from an earlier time. This watch, which can appear to be present day from the start sight, receives a portion of its plan signals from the Ranger II. As we clarified toward the finish of this article comparing the 1967 Tudor Ranger 7995/0 with its advanced rendition, the Tudor Heritage Ranger 79910 ,, harking back to the 1970s Tudor made a development of the Explorer-like Ranger, directly in the center of the incipient pattern for extravagance sports watches.

The Ranger II didn’t leave a mark on the world and this watch is honestly not Tudor’s most noteworthy achievement – outwardly and commercially. However, the reference 9111/0 is fascinating as it includes a few notorious components of the time – a tonneau-formed case, an unmistakable bezel, an incorporated metallic wristband with huge connections, a more precise plan for what it’s worth, dial notwithstanding. These highlights characterize the style of the cutting edge North Flag, which as it were, make this watch Tudor’s take on the extravagance sports watch.

When it comes to the connection between the Ranger II and the North Flag, Tudor decided to zero in just on the components of style. Hence, the North Flag is a strong steel watch that is fitted on an incorporated metal arm band, brandishing similar sort of hands (bolt hours and yellow needle seconds) and numerals/lists of the Ranger II.

Side note: when Tudor dispatched the North Flag, there was practically no reference to this vintage motivation, which may halfway clarify the trouble we had in arrangement and deciphering the setting of this advanced presentation. Presently things have become more evident to us, and we expect you too.

An significant dispatch and Tudor’s first Manufacture calibre

The North Flag is a significant watch, whether you like it or not. Its presentation back in 2015 situated it as the main genuine oddity of the brand following quite a while of plunge watches (Pelagos and Black Bay) and vintage-motivated chronographs. Despite the fact that the fact of the matter is marginally extraordinary, as Tudor had dispatched different other watches in the middle of 2012 and 2015 (Ranger or Fast Rider), we had the impression of seeing something completely new (without making the connect to the Ranger II) and this made the North Flag more significant in our eyes and furthermore rather upsetting. However, initial introductions are typically off-base and now we can be more objective.

The North Flag plays on the pattern of extravagance sports watches (whose most meaningful agents are the Royal Oak and the Nautilus). It unquestionably plays in a completely unique alliance as far as execution, glory and slimness, however it bears a considerable lot of the ascribes that characterize an extravagance sports watch. This is something that turned out to be more evident after we got the opportunity to wear this watch.

What likewise makes the North Flag significant is that this watch was the principle vehicle for the presentation of Tudor’s first production development. As a matter of fact, the Pelagos likewise got this development in 2015, however the North Flag gladly presented it on account of a transparent caseback – something that you infrequently see with watches from the Rolex Group. In the event that there was a watch to advance Tudor’s new watchmaking mastery, it was the North Flag. Period!

Before this foundation 2015 assortment, Tudor had consistently depended on out-sourced developments. It was one of the vital components in the brand’s strategy of reasonable watches. While Rolex has been utilizing restrictive or in-house developments for quite a long time, Tudor depended intensely on ETA, in any event, for the original of Black Bay and Pelagos watches. Moving from outside sourcing to inner creation was a tremendous advance forward and the North Flag was intended to show it – much seriously thinking about that it was one of only a handful few watches of the brand to incorporate a complication (a force hold pointer in this case).

What ticks inside the North Flag is a rather amazing development on the off chance that you consider the retail cost of Tudor’s watches and the moderately low cost increment compared to ETA-controlled watches. Compared to these out-sourced movements, improvements are perceptible. In the first place, it comes with a strong force hold of 70 hours (just about 3 days, enough to leave the watch on an end table for an end of the week and set it back on Monday morning actually running). Besides, it includes an enemy of attractive twisting, made of silicon, and has an offset wheel with variable inactivity screws (that vibrates at 28,800vph). At long last, it is chronometer, certified by COSC. Similarities with present day Rolex developments from the 32xx arrangement are very self-evident: same force save, same cross-over rooster connect, same in general format for the bridges… No hard sentiments here as having Rolex overlooking the improvement of a development ought to be reassuring.

Visible through the caseback, this development shows restricted beautification and feels as utilitarian as the watches made by Tudor. This apparatus ish look likewise minimizes expenses, with no effect on the details themselves. The extensions and plates are matte completed (sand-impacted) with also brightened slants (non-cleaned). Just the rotor shows a sunray-brushed example to give a touch of life to this otherwise easy looking calibre MT5621. Consistently, be that as it may, Tudor’s development is an incredible companion: simple to work, with stop-seconds work and prompt date, charming to wind, exact and evidently worked to oppose the extreme life these watches are made to withstand. Basically – a reason constructed engine.

Living with the Tudor North Flag

Let’s return to the plan of the Tudor North Flag and the insistence we made that the North Flag could be Tudor’s vision of an extravagance sports watch… Outspoken, perhaps? All things considered, yes and no. Indeed, the North Flag is nearer to the idea than you may might suspect. It probably won’t have the determinations to enter the class – too thick, too utilitarian, too modest maybe – yet on the off chance that you look carefully, the North Flag 1. is a 1970s-propelled watch 2. has an incorporated steel wristband with huge connections that tighten to the clasp 3. has a formed case with coordinated drags 4. has a raised bezel with an unexpected shape in comparison to the case and, 5. is lively and robust.

So what’s going on here? It is a more current and sportier methodology of the idea, much the same as the Genta-propelled IWC Ingenieur. It wasn’t truly clear to us when the watch was dispatched, however after significant conversations at the MONOCHROME publication gatherings, we understood this reality – and that changed our impression of the watch in a positive manner. This was much more genuine on the adaptation we had for this review, despite the fact that the leather tie form likewise develops that 1970s feel. On the off chance that the Black Bay models are straightforward – with their natural, cool, vintage Submariner motivation – the North Flag needs more investigation to be totally perceived. It is more complex however no less pleasant.

Back to the actual watch, the instance of the North Flag ought to be viewed as diversely once the watch is lashed on the wrist. On paper, the measurements are sensible – 40mm in width x 13.4mm stature – be that as it may, they improve when worn. The utilization of an incorporated case/wristband engineering takes into consideration a more compact watch, with practically no carries that jut from the wrist – consider that Frank played wrist model here and he has a 19cm wrist. On my 17.5cm wrist, comfort was incredible too.

Even however it can’t be named a “ultra-thin”, the North Flag feels more slender, all things considered, than on paper, because of the combination of a rather flimsy focal holder and a raised bezel – and the matte dark fired supplement assists with making the profile outwardly more slender (and as it were, helps us to remember certain striking extravagance sport watches, for example, the ROO – we’ve seen more regrettable references). The last touch is the slanted state of the drag module, which follows the shape of the wristband perfectly… This is another visual stunt to make this watch more compact than it is on paper.

What the North Flag needs terms of extravagance is compensated by its toughness – 100m water-obstruction, strong arm band, all around ensured case/bezel. As consistently with Tudor, the execution is amazing thinking about the cost. The gathering is exact and the surfaces are totally wrapped up. We had a vastly improved involvement in this commercial model than when taking care of the pre-creation models at Baselworld 2015 – most points of the case were super sharp and not actually charming to contact, something that has since been solved.

As for the dial, this is the place where the North Flag can get troublesome. It is striking, with brilliant accents, exceptionally lively and a long way from what the brand did long prior to dispatching this watch. However, it fits the general 1970s sports watch idea. The matte dark dial has extraordinary differentiation and decipherability is awesome. The dial of the North Flag is considerably more itemized when noticed intently. The profoundly raised numerals and lists are especially fulfilling and impeccably coordinate the hands. The yellow accents on the force hold and the seconds hand add a decent “funky” contact to the bundle. Finally… The date! Normally not a major devotee of the date, I should say that here its essence bodes well and doesn’t disturb.


I need to admit that I wasn’t the greatest enthusiast of the Tudor North Flag when it was presented – I realize Frank had indistinguishable emotions about this watch. Early introductions can not be right and it was the situation for this watch. This drawn out review on the wrist allowed us the chance to see this watch with an alternate eye, from another point and to more readily comprehend how Tudor needed to manage it. This watch is substantially more fulfilling on the wrist than I suspected it would be.

Now, I additionally comprehend that this watch has less the “love from the start sight” factor than a Black Bay can have. It is considerably more dividing and doesn’t have that super recognizable (and in this manner super consoling) look of these vintage-enlivened jump watches. However, the brand can’t just live on the BB and the North Flag is diverse yet comparable to what you can anticipate from a Tudor. What shocks me is that no advancements have been introduced at this point, for example with an alternate dial or an alternate presentation – a Dual-Time rendition would be very relevant.

The Tudor North Flag reference M91210N is accessible in two versions:

  • Ref. M91210N-0001 – steel wristband – EUR 3,460
  • Ref. M91210N-0002 – leather tie – EUR 3,360

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