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Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC – The No Hassle Travel Companion

Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC – The No Hassle Travel Companion


Travel watches, alongside blue dials and vintage esthetics, are extremely popular these days. With the coming of globalization, GMT/UTC watches are not, at this point the selective space of joyriders and Pan Am pilots. Today, a more extensive crowd of long standing customers – and individuals with business interests or companions dabbed around the planet – are taking an interest in watches that can give them two unmistakable time references at a solitary look. With regards to changing neighborhood and home time on GMT watches, few can beat the reasonableness and effortlessness of the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC. Not at all like so numerous GMT models that need changing at the crown or by means of correctors, the Globetimer offers voyagers a basic, natural approach to set the neighborhood time and wears the smooth, moderate Porsche Design esthetic many have come to cherish. Delivered during Baselworld 2019 out of four unique renditions, we had the chance to invest a few active energy with the titanium model and earthy colored dial.

Taking the problem out of changing the time

Many GMT or double time models are worked straightforwardly from the crown, yet as any explorer having one of these watches knows, when you begin tinkering with the crown, things can get complicated. What number of scores of the crown must be extricated to set the reference time, what number of for the neighborhood time? Did you bring the guidance manual? Will setting nearby time incapacitate the moment and second capacities? Other frameworks, as minuscule correctors on the sides of a case, require a corrector, yet how often do you pack your corrector stick in your grasp baggage? To some degree oversimplified, yet you get the idea.

The Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC sheds these conventional frameworks. Two pushers on the correct side of the case, which are very much like the chronograph pushers on other Porsche Design models, are answerable for making this watch so natural to utilize. The top pusher (+) propels the nearby (current) time in one-hour increases, while the base pusher (- ) causes the hour hand to move in the inverse direction.

The magnificence of this framework is that the time-setting capacity doesn’t stop the moment and seconds hands, which means you don’t lose chronometric precision. What’s the point, all things considered, of having a COSC chronometer-affirmed development if each time you set the watch the moment and seconds hand come to a stop? Designed like the pedals of a vehicle, the catches are ergonomic and work easily and unequivocally. Normally, the date is connected to the nearby time bouncing forward at 12 PM and there is a consoling day/night pointer (white for day, dark for night) at 9 o’clock.

Case, dial and design

You are altogether acquainted with the streamlined life systems of PD cases and their obligation to the esthetics of the Porsche 911. As one of the main watch brands to utilize titanium for its cases (1980), Porsche Design has enriched the 1919 Globetimer UTC with cool dim hued protective layer. The exemplary barrel shaped case has a contemporary distance across of 42mm and a tallness of 14.90mm. Lightweight and remarkably ergonomic gratitude to the mark emptied slanting hauls, the watch embraces the wrist nicely.

The Globetimer, as so numerous Porsche Design watches, is likewise a material encounter. The featherweight titanium case, the somewhat coarse surface of the sandblasted territories and the spiky track on the crown are on the whole enticing surfaces to investigate. Supporting its business as an explorer’s watch, the caseback is engraved with the name of 24 urban areas and their particular time contrasts. A pleasant detail is the incorporation of Zell am See, the central command of Porsche Design’s studio in Austria.

By utilizing the powerful pushers rather than a crown to change the time, the body of evidence is fixed against dust and is water-impervious to 100 meters. The dial is secured by a sapphire precious stone glass with no less than seven coatings of hostile to intelligent treatment and the hour, minute, focal seconds and home time hands include iridescence – as do the hour markers.

The meager cleaned bezel considers a profound set, liberal size dial and I was prevailed upon by the tasty chocolaty shade of the dial and the sharp neatness of the multitude of markings. As should be obvious, the fringe 24-hour ring with white markings for home time is trailed constantly and minutes track for nearby time with applied hour markers. The deepest ring, chosen with its brilliant foundation, is for the date.

Indicated with a white-tipped pointer hand, there were minutes when I needed to check whether I was looking at the date hand or the home time hand. Honestly, the home time hand is longer and thicker, yet I can perceive how this could make some disarray in an otherwise immaculate format. For the record, the model with the dark dial includes a brilliant blue bolt tipped hand for home time, which is a lot simpler to distinguish.

The Globetimer UTC is in a class all its own. On the off chance that you need to find out about the nearly ‘forbidden’ collaboration between Porsche Design watches and the legendary games vehicles, don’t miss Frank’s meeting with Rolf Bergman . You can likewise watch our Baselworld video where Bergman shows us previous Porsche Design travel watches and a live exhibit of how the most recent 1919 Globetimer UTC assortment works

Automatic Movement

Powering the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC is the new type Werk 04.110. In light of the Sellita Caliber SW 200, the development has gone through genuine alterations (for example, a ball-borne, bidirectional winding rotor). On top of the base development is a time-region component uncommonly produced for Porsche Design by Dubois-Depraz. This press button time-region system was not accessible available and must be made (just brands like Patek or Ulysse Nardin have this in their assortment). The development has a recurrence of 4Hz, a force hold of 38 hours and is COSC certified.


Would you concur that this could be quite possibly the most commonsense, easy to use UTC travel watches available today? Working pushers simply is by all accounts more instinctive and normal than tinkering with a crown or chasing for a hairgrip to jab a corrector. The way that neighborhood time can be set without deadening the moment and seconds hands bodes well given the COSC-chronometry status of this watch. You can truly feel that a ton of thought has gone into the design of this watch. It’s additionally a beautiful smooth looking watch with top notch completes and those obvious Porsche Design genes.


This Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC with an earthy colored dial comes with a coordinating certified Porsche vehicle leather tie with a collapsing catch and pusher and is valued at EUR 5,950. More subtleties at .

Note: The Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC is accessible in 4 adaptations, including this titanium case/earthy colored dial/earthy colored leather, yet in addition in titanium case/dark dial/dark leather, titanium case/blue dial/titanium arm band and in 18k rose gold case/dark dial/dark leather.

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