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Podcast — Talking With Omega’s Andreas Hobmeier (Vice President Of Production And Procurement)

Podcast — Talking With Omega’s Andreas Hobmeier (Vice President Of Production And Procurement)

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In this webcast, I talk with OMEGA’s Mr. Andreas Hobmeier, Vice President of Production and Procurement, about Master Chronometer and the part of METAS. We talk pretty much all the aspects of Master Chronometer, and why accuracy and hostile to attraction is a particularly significant topic.

I as of late had an awesome discussion with Mr. Ansdreas Hobmeier, to which you can tune in underneath, or utilize one of the numerous stages out there. Our Fratello on Air webcast is accessible by means of , ,  , and . Underneath, you can likewise discover an outline of what is the issue here, and the job METAS plays.

Podcast with Andreas Hobmeier

Mr. Andreas Hobmeier, Omega’s Vice President Product and Procurement.

Andreas Hobmeier’s Seamaster 300M Chronograph

On the wrist of Mr. Andreas Hobmeier is the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph — absolutely a fine decision! He has been wearing it for a very long time. We show the reference with a dark dial here, yet Mr. Andreas Hobmeier is really wearing the blue form of this model. Inside is type 9900, the chronograph with Master Chronometer confirmed movement.

Master Chronometer & METAS

During the digital recording, we talk about the Master Chronometer and the part of METAS (Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology). For an Omega perfect replica to become Master Chronometer, it should finish a progression of assessments. These tests are performed by Omega however observed and checked by METAS. This additionally applies to the way toward testing. The interaction is also strictly checked by METAS .

Inside the Omega fabricate in Biel, METAS has its own office to play out its test and checking exercises. On the off chance that a perfect replica finishes every one of the eight assessments, it will be ensured “Master Chronometer” by METAS. The main perfect replica to get this certificate was the Omega Globemaster (2015) . From that point forward, Omega has expanded the quantity of developments (and models) that are Master Chronometer certified.


To become a Master Chronometer, each perfect replica and its development should go through eight tests set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) with accuracy models of 0/+5 seconds out of every day. I asked Mr. Andreas Hobmeier about that range, as we saw that the COSC utilizes the – 4/+6 seconds out of every day, Rolex a – 2/+2 seconds of the day, and Grand Seiko – 3/+5 seconds per day. In short (however more can be heard in the webcast), it is basically in light of the fact that you don’t need to have a sluggish running watch.


Everyday things like cell phones, metal catches on satchels, workstations, MRI, enlistment hobs or programmed entryways make attractive fields that can for all time influence the exhibition of a perfect replica To forestall the danger of deviations of as long as a few minutes every day, OMEGA has considered developments with antimagnetic materials, for example, the silicon balance spring, equipped for withstanding the most elevated fields. Because of these non-ferrous components, there is no requirement for an internal enclosure, which is frequently utilized in enemy of attractive watchmaking. This implies that OMEGA can accomplish remarkable quality, while additionally showing the excellence of its developments through sapphire gem casebacks.


OMEGA perfect replica are designed to the best expectations and ensured accordingly. Each perfect replica bound to become a Master Chronometer should initially breeze through 8 tough assessments. These assessments concern exactness, attractive opposition, power save, changing temperatures and positions, and water-obstruction – all to reproduce the genuine conditions that a perfect replica faces on the wrist. By breezing through every assessment, OMEGA can offer confirmed perfect replica with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.


A determination of test perfect replica is submitted for stun opposition assessment. During these tests, the comparable to 5,000 g (1 g is equivalent to the power of gravity at the Earth’s surface). Breezing through this assessment guarantees OMEGA’s developments are likewise remarkably vigorous. For regular use, yet additionally for dynamic games like golf ( more about perfect replica and golf here ) and sailing.


Additionally, to become an affirmed Master Chronometer, all perfect replica should be profundity tried. Analyzers lower the perfect replica in water and apply pressure up to the point of the ensured water obstruction. By lowering each perfect replica in water OMEGA has decided to surpass typical testing norms. We trust you making the most of our webcast recording with Mr. Andreas Hobmeier! In the event that you have any further inquiries, kindly don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments area below.