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Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Automatic – A Woman’s Take on Patek’s Latest Creation

Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Automatic – A Woman’s Take on Patek’s Latest Creation

Perfect Replica

At the London occasion Patek Philippe facilitated toward the finish of October, I had the option to see the most recent understanding of the Twenty~4 face to face and discover what is the issue here. Much has transformed from the first rectangular Twenty~4 assortment, truth be told, the solitary component that has endure the change is the rich explained arm band. With its round case and past due move up to a mechanical automatic development, the Twenty~4 assortment fills the hole in the brand’s collection for what Patek Philippe considers an ordinary watch to “accompany style-cognizant ladies and self-assured ladies day in and day out“.

Women check at Patek Philippe

Thankfully, ladies’ watches have consistently delighted in a conspicuous spot in Patek Philippe’s offerings, beginning with the way that the current head of watch creation is Sandrine Stern (who is additionally the spouse of Patek’s President). Dissimilar to other upmarket watch brands, Patek has start a trend in the field for making ladies’ watch complications – from minute repeaters to double time regions, moon stages, yearly just as never-ending calendars.

Far from being something later, the choice to offer ‘legitimate’ mechanical and flawlessly designed watches for ladies traces all the way back to the 19th century. The primary Swiss-made wristwatch was planned by Patek for the pattern setting Hungarian Countess Koscowicz in 1868. In 1916, Patek created its first rehashing wristwatch (Caliber 10), a five-minute repeater housed in a 27mm platinum case for ladies and, following a break of 80-odd years, continued its creation of ladies’ complications with the ladies’ Travel Time Ref. 4864 of 1997. At last, 2009 was a milestone year for ladies at Patek Philippe with the dispatch of Ref. 7071, the primary chronograph considered only for ladies with a production development, as of late refreshed in an exemplary round 38mm case (Ref. 7150) .

The beginning of the TWENTY~4 Collection

In expansion to its élite line-up of complicated ladies’ watches, Patek Philippe offers cut back and shimmering emphasess of a considerable lot of its famous men’s lines including models from Nautilus, Calatrava, Gondolo and Aquanaut families. However, there is no rejecting that these assortments began life as men’s watches and there was a hole in the brand’s portfolio for a line of watches committed in essence to women.

With the dispatch of the Twenty~4 in 1999, the hole was filled. A rectangular watch with a marginally Art Deco character and a lavish explained and incorporated wristband, the Twenty~4 was situated as a rich, ladylike watch intended for regular day to day existence, 24 hours (subsequently the name) nonstop. Most likely one of Patek’s smash hit assortments throughout the previous 19 years, it never got a great deal of inclusion in specific watch magazines since it was fitted with a quartz development. What’s more, I presume that the Twenty~4 may well have been the sort of gatekeepers purchased for ladies, expecting they didn’t give a throw about mechanical developments and would be allured by the glimmering outside. Albeit this probably won’t have assumed a glaring lack for some ladies, for others, it felt somewhat half-hearted.

Times have changed and as more ladies are purchasing their own watches the thinking behind numerous choices is that in the event that you will put resources into a Patek watch, you definitely should get the full bundle and a quartz development is fine, however not actually on a standard with Patek’s refined and select way to deal with watchmaking.

The returned to shape and redesigned development of the 2018 Twenty~4 Collection

Launched into incredible flourish with an exclusive occasion held by the brand in Milan in October, the new Twenty~4 amazed us all with its extreme takeoff fit as a fiddle. Rather than the exemplary rectangular-molded instance of the first family (which is as yet continuing forward), the new assortment includes a more conventional 36mm round case and, what everyone with a mechanical bowed was holding back to hear, an automatic movement!

Just for the record, the automatic development inside the redid assortment isn’t new. Type 324 SC is additionally utilized in the Nautilus Ref. 5711, and numerous other hour/minute/focal second and date watches. In any case, as the up and coming age of Twenty~4, the watch needed to contact headquarters with the first and the arm band, portrayed by its huge focal rectangular connection flanked by two-level external connections, was respected.

A case for fluid lines

Presented in either treated steel or 18k rose gold cases and four diverse dial tones (blue, dark, earthy colored and silver), the 36mm width of the new Twenty~4 is right on the money for most ladies’ wrists and has an appealing smooth profile of around 10mm. I will in general wear marginally bigger watches and, during the occasion Patek Philippe facilitated in London, was wonderfully astonished by the sure (and in fact stunning) presence this watch has on the wrist.

The case and incorporated wristband are perfectly made and structure a brought together streaming module making it difficult to figure out where one component starts and the other finishes. To accomplish this unpretentious, practically fluid sensation, Patek’s originators haven’t made the bracelet vanish under the case yet have blended it straightforwardly onto the bezel. The focal wristband joins at 12 and 6 o’clock are entirely of the precious stone set bezel. I hadn’t saw this from the outset, yet looking intently you can perceive how the top and base connections of the wristband on the bezel are very raised and isolated from the twofold band of 160 splendid cut precious stones. The arrangement is keen and the general impact is one of liquid and amicable lines.

The wristband, the strong point of the first Twenty~4 assortment is an excellent piece of work. Composed of level rectangular focal connections flanked by layered vertical external connections, the wristband is smooth and sits perfectly on the wrist. All the complex types of the case and arm band are cleaned to a splendid sheen by hand and fitted with a recently licensed foldover clasp.

Manifest legibility

There are four dial choices, two for every case material. The 18k rose gold cases come with either an earthy colored sunburst dial or a shiny glossy silk completed dial while the steel models come with blue or dark sunburst dials. The selection of numerals for the dial is, I assume, in light of the reason that this is a 24-hour companion and ought to be exceptionally legible.

Some of you will have seen that the numerals on the new Twenty~4 dials are equivalent to the noticeable Arabic numerals included on the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 7234R Lady, an in vogue pilot watch for ladies with GMT capacities delivered during Baselworld 2018. The gold numerals are huge and to some degree ‘rudimentary’ for my liking and have been treated with a Super-LumiNova covering. The round-tipped mallet hands are likewise ‘acquired’ from another exemplary Patek family, this time the Nautilus , and treated with glow. With regards to its motivation in life as an all-rounder, ordinary companion, there is even a pleasantly outlined date window at 6 o’clock.

At last, an automatic movement!

An overhaul from quartz to a self-winding development was long late and we observe Patek’s choice. Fitted with the in-house type 324 SC, this development has gained notoriety for exactness and highlights a Spiromax balance spring in Silinvar and showcases the sumptuous manual finishings we have come to connect with Patek’s movements.

Measuring 27mm in width and with a tallness of 3.3mm, the development is composed of 213 sections, beats at 28,800vph (4Hz) and offers a force save between 35-45 hours. The unidirectional rotor is made from 21k gold and the completed watch in its entirety (development, execution, case, wristband, and so forth) is vouched for by the Patek Philippe Seal of value. Not surprisingly, we imagine that the force save is a touch short on this development, despite the fact that self-winding.


Although a great deal of columnists at the Patek occasion in London were fainting over the smooth marginally sportier steel model with a dark dial, I need to concede that my most loved was the rose gold and shimmering dial combination. Considerably more than simply a shiny dial, it reproduces the organic crisscross design weave of wild shantung silk. The principle reason I favored the shantung silk model is the manner in which the larger than usual numerals and lively Nautilus hands don’t leap out at you however much they do on the hazier dials.

They are more repressed and on top of the characteristic style of the Twenty~4 – a watch I would be unable to name ‘sporty’. My primary fixation would expose this watch to my ‘regular’ style of life and wind up scratching those wonderfully cleaned surfaces. I get it relies upon what Patek’s ladies decipher as ‘everday’ life!


Both rose gold models retail for EUR 41,500 and the treated steel for EUR 23,860. There is likewise a high adornments model with jewels on the wristband which retails for EUR 51,870. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, counsel .