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Patek Philippe To Showcase the 2018 Rare Handcrafts Timepieces at its Geneva Salons (April 19 to 21)

Patek Philippe To Showcase the 2018 Rare Handcrafts Timepieces at its Geneva Salons (April 19 to 21)

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If Patek Philippe is prestigious for its super-complicated watches and its notorious extravagance sports timepieces, we often fail to remember that there is something different, something basically perfect that the brand aces: métiers d’art or rare handcrafts. Plating, miniature composition, miniature marquetry, hand-guilloché… Few produces can compete with Patek as far as the type of its creative work. From April 19 to April 21, the whole 2018 Rare Handcrafts assortment, something that you don’t have the chance to see elsewhere than at Baselworld, will be exhibited to the public in the Salons on Rue du Rhône, Geneva.

From April 19 to April 21, 2018, Patek Philippe will exhibit its whole 2018 Rare Handcrafts Timepieces assortment in its shop (the alleged Salons) on Rue du Rhône, Geneva. Enamelled desk timekeepers, engraved pocket watches or wood marquetry wristwatches will be appeared to the public just a single time, prior to being shipped off their future proprietors around the world.

Around 50 bits of this new assortment will be shown, exhibiting the absolute most great imaginative abilities of the production. A common subject of these rare handcrafts timepieces is, obviously, plating. For 2018, a wide scope of methods is to be found, including cloisonné, paillonné, fantastic feu lacquer, bas-help plating lastly, a Geneva claim to fame, miniature work of art on polish. Another spotlight will be done on miniature marquetry, a rare and complex strategy presented by Patek a couple of years prior, which is currently utilized, combined with other handcrafts, on the dials of wristwatches and the case back of pocket watches.

Exhibition details:

  • Where: Salons Patek Philippe, Rue du Rhône 41, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland
  • Exhibition: April 19 to April 21 – open to the general population from 10am to 6pm