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Patek Philippe 6300A, the Unique Steel Grandmaster Chime

Patek Philippe 6300A, the Unique Steel Grandmaster Chime


Here it is… The multi-million watch, potential record-breaker as the most costly watch to be unloaded by Only Watch – recollect the 5208T from 2017 (sold for CHF 6,200,000) and the 5016A from 2015 (sold for CHF 7,300,000)? What you’re looking at here is a one of a kind illustration of an incredibly uncommon piece, Patek’s most complicated wristwatch ever, the Ref. 6300, direct relative of the Grandmaster Chime , however with a tempered steel case and a salmon dial… All the elements for a furious sale! Meet the Patek Philippe 6300A for Only Watch 2019. 

We all realize that Patek Philippe ALWAYS gives noteworthy pieces to Only Watch… Watches with Grande Complication height like the tourbillon minute repeater ceaseless schedule in steel , or the moment repeater chronograph interminable schedule in titanium . For Only Watch 2019, Patek goes considerably further in eliteness, by taking its most complex watch (ref. 6300G) in the assortment – only a small bunch of these watches are delivered a year and evaluated around USD 2.2 million in white gold – and making an exceptional salmon dial/steel case model. With this psyche, you can truly anticipate that collectors should go crazy… And altogether decency, the higher the value, the better it will be for the cause behind Only Watch.

The Patek Philippe 6300A is the immediate relative of the Grandmaster Chime introduced for the brand’s 175th commemoration , yet with a somewhat less extravagant case. Capacities and development are, nonetheless, the equivalent. The most complicated wristwatch at any point made, it compiles no less than 20 complications, including a Grande Sonnerie, a Petite Sonnerie, brief repeater, a caution with time strike, a remarkable date repeater, numerous time regions, various schedule signs and a few markers (crown, sonnerie, power reserve…) Needless to say, this is quite a complex watch.

The development – named Caliber 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM (sorry for that…) – is, as you can envision, incredibly complex, based on four distinct layers and comprised of 1,366 sections. Regardless of packing complications and parts, it’s only 37mm in distance across and 10.7mm in stature – which is, trust us, an authentic contextual analysis in miniaturization.

Considering the enormous number of signs, the Patek Philippe 6300A exploits the reversible case presented on the Grandmaster Chime, permitting to see the two essences of the watch. The case is very enormous, at 47.7mm in measurement, and its shape is very ornate. Nevertheless, it is quite possibly the most great present day watches we’ve seen.

So what’s new about this Only Watch 2019 adaptation? The Patek Philippe 6300A, as the “A” in the reference demonstrates, is made of treated steel and combined with extraordinary dials. The principle face – where the time is shown – is an opaline salmon tone with a guilloché hobnail design in the middle. The hands, just as the applied Breguet numerals, are darkened gold. The second side of the watch – committed to the interminable schedule – is opaline dark with gold hands.

The watch is worn on a dark crocodile tie with a steel crease over fasten. Being a special adaptation of Patek’s generally collectable and most complex current watch, almost certainly it will get a multi-million price…

Only Watch is a biennial pledge drive for research on strong dystrophy –   Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies (AMM). Coordinated under the support of HSH Albert II de Monaco, the watches of the eighth version will be sold by Christie’s on Saturday 9 November 2019. More subtleties at .