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Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech PAM00616 – Camouflaged for Action

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech PAM00616 – Camouflaged for Action

Perfect Replica

Carbon fiber – altogether its composite pretenses – has become the material existing apart from everything else and has been utilized in all cases, from Bvlgari’s tolling wonder to faux carbon dials on TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer … Whether or not a Haute Horlogerie model like the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater Carbon glances great in its cutting edge dark suit is easily proven wrong, however one thing is sure, carbon cases function admirably for a brand like Panerai. A top military mystery until 1993, Officine Panerai made cutting edge instruments for the Italian Navy’s its incognito submerged tasks before it surfaced and did something amazing for dry land. Panerai was the principal brand to utilize Carbotech – a composite material dependent on carbon fiber – and revealed its 47mm Luminor Submersible 1950 ref. PAM00616 model in a striking, dark mottled case. Albeit this was back in 2015, we as of late had the watch in our grasp and thought a reappraisal was in order.

Laboratorio di Idee: the Alchemy of Materials

From the brand that professes to be a “laboratory of ideas” (or in a more latin way: Laboratorio di Idee), it isn’t astonishing that Panerai appreciates fiddling with innovative materials from other businesses. All things considered, since 1900 Officine Panerai combined its standing delivering innovative, water-safe profundity checks, sights, torpedo launchers, lights, wrist compasses, and in the end watches for the Italian Navy and licensed its incredible iridescent glues (Radiomir and Luminor) to give these devices their front line. Given its exceptionally specialized, highly confidential nature, Officine Panerai was a characteristic chief in the materials science department.

Once the brand surfaced in the regular citizen circle in the mid 1990s, the recipe of useful military execution combined with unadulterated Italian plan prevailed upon armies of admirers and generated a fan base of Paneristi. With a realm supported on two columns – Luminor and Radiomir – the brand utilizes the most recent materials on the scene to invigorate its assortments. The Luminor Submersible 1950 has just showed up in earthenware , titanium , bronze , and even a Bulk Metallic Glass (BMG) case. Notwithstanding, the genuine feature for Panerai’s dive into bleeding edge specialized materials is the LAB-ID PAM00700 with a carbon case and a without lube development on account of the most recent age, low contact composites inside.

The forebear of the Luminor 1950

In 1936, specialists of the Royal Italian Navy provided their frogmen commandos with ten models of the principal 47mm Radiomir, the main professional military submerged watch equipped for illuminating the haziest, murkiest profundities. Named after the brilliant radium-based paint that Panerai had protected before, the Radiomir enlightened the dangerous submerged missions of Italy’s commandos. Improved in the last part of the 1940s by a much more iridescent glue dependent on tritium, the Luminor model flaunted the exceptional crown-ensuring switch that made the watch significantly more water-safe and furnished Panerai with one of its key personality characteristics. The radiance was incredible to the point that on night missions, frogmen needed to cover the dial with mud or ocean growth to try not to blow their cover.

One model specifically, the 1956 L’Egiziano intended for Egypt’s Navy, merits referencing with regards to the Luminor Submersible 1950 family for a few reasons. With its incredible 60mm steel case, noticeable crown scaffold and switch, the watch included an enormous pivoting bezel with four studs bearing reference numbers to check the term of the plunge. The crown defender and switch and the four studs on the bezel have been acquired by the Luminor Submersible 1950 family. L’Egiziano likewise included an auxiliary dial at 9 o’clock for the little seconds to guarantee the watch was working, another particular element that has gives the Luminor Submersible its personality.

Camo wetsuit for secrecy commandos

Many brands have gotten on board with the materials temporary fad casting off the customary steel, gold and platinum case equation for more strange materials to bring a more contemporary, innovative flavor to their pieces; earthenware, titanium, sapphire gem, graphene and carbon strands are a lot of the plat du jour.

The appeal of Carbotech is that no two cases can at any point be the equivalent. It is lighter than ceramic or titanium, not expose to consumption and hypoallergenic. A composite carbon fiber, Carbotech shows a lopsided matte dark appearance with the trademark Damascene-steel or marbled impact. The case, the bezel and the scaffold are completely produced using Carbotech which is delivered with flimsy sheets of carbon strands compressed at high pressing factor with a very good quality polymer (PEEK), which ties the composite material making it more grounded and more durable.

Although Carbotech or carbon fiber cases are not every some tea, for this situation the material works impeccably adding a cool, cover measurement to the watch with regards to its verifiable military capacity. Given its rather monstrous measurements (47mm width x 16.8mm thick) and distending crown connect, the dark shading plan goes far in treating its mass and the utilization of Carbotech and a titanium embed and caseback hold the load under wraps. Tipping the scales at a little more than 135 grams with the elastic lash, it is anything but a featherweight observe yet positively, significantly lighter on the wrist than its measurements would suggest.

The other thing about carbon cases is their engaging visual inconsistencies (read one of a kind) and material experience. On the wrist, the watch is, as you would expect, enormous however wears comfortably on account of the comfortable elastic lash. Like its archetype L’Egiziano, the scored Carbotech bezel pivots only one way (counterclockwise, as a good plunge watch ought to) and highlights a graduated scale to time submersions with a brilliant spot at 12 o’clock and markings from zero to 15 and the studs marking each five minutes.


Unequivocally Panerai, the matte dark dial shows two curiously large Arabic numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock and a liberal covering of ‘matured’ lume in a beige tone. The spots marking the hours, the two numerals, the tips of the hands and the four implement on the little seconds include the beige lume that shines green in obscurity. A dash of ‘Panerai blue’ adds energy to the dial and signifies the little seconds counter on the left at 9 o’clock.

Unlike L’Egiziano, with its ‘8 Giorni Brevettato’ markings on the correct side, the Luminor shows a date window with the numerals (fortunately!) in a similar tone as the matured lume. One issue we experienced with perusing the dial – almost certainly exacerbated by our weak vision – was an intermittent trouble in distinctive the lume of great importance markers from the lume on the tips of the dark hands that get assimilated into the dark dial.

In-House Caliber P.9000

Developed and produced completely by Officine Panerai in Neuchâtel, automatic type P 9.000 is fitted with two spring barrels, taken care of thusly by a wavering weight that pivots in the two ways, for a bulky force hold of 3 days (72 hours). Offering time, date and little seconds, the equilibrium wheel wavers at 4 Hz (28,800vph). Shrouded by a fastened and darkened titanium caseback, two Italian frogmen commandos are portrayed riding a Siluro Corsa Lenta (SLC) a lethargic speed torpedo utilized during Italy’s submerged maritime missions in WWII.


Is this what the Panerai’s professional military jump watches may have looked like on the off chance that carbon fiber had been accessible back? I have a solid notion that Officine Panerai’s chemists would have warmed to this material gratitude to its disguise/covertness allure, softness and flexibility. For the present jumpers, be they Navy Seals or tub loungers, this watch is prepared for water activity and pressed to the gills with history. There is no getting away from the way that it is enormous, however a great many people who like jump watches ordinarily appreciate the ballast.

The Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech PAM00616 comes on a truly comfortable dark elastic lash with the OP logo in Panerai blue – to coordinate the shading complements on the dial. The watch retails for EUR 16,600 or USD 17,100. More subtleties on .