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Ophion OPH 786 – Affordable but Truly Refined

Ophion OPH 786 – Affordable but Truly Refined

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For its first undertaking, the fledgeling brand Ophion shocked us with a pleasantly planned watch furnished with a fascinating hand-wound development. This first model, the OPH 960 , was most likely lacking a touch of character and personalisation – standard looking development, plain dial… With its new watch, the OPH 786, Ophion sets the bar a whole lot higher.  With a persuading plan, an incredible looking development and numerous subtleties that you generally find in an alternate value range, Ophion has depended on a few thoroughly examined stunts to keep the watch at a moderate cost. Let’s take a gander at this eighteenth century propelled watch in detail.

The story of Ophion watches begins in a country where watchmaking is definitely not an eminent strength: Spain. Positively, watches are not created there (they are gathered in Germany) yet this is the place where Miguel Morales Ribas, the author, comes from. Driven by his energy for watchmaking, he chose to make his own image with reasonableness and a quality/value proportion at the top of the priority list. This sounds natural since different beginning up brands utilize a similar adage, in any case, in contrast to many, Miguel succeeded. His thought was to actualize certain highlights of his fantasy watches (Voutilainen, Journe or Ferrier – clearly unavailable pieces) in recently planned watches with a sensible sticker price. Rather plain and spotless, the main watch of the brand was, notwithstanding, charmingly completed and amassed, just as showing a pleasantly beautified development – and not an ETA or a clone for once, but rather a 5-day, hand-wound type dependent on a Technotime ébauche.

While the main assortment demonstrated effective, Miguel chose to dispatch a subsequent watch, this time with substantially more character and significantly more meticulousness – and once more, considering moderateness and incentive for cash. This Ophion OPH 786 is unmistakably a tribute to old pocket watches and exemplary top of the line Swiss codes – we won’t shroud it, there’s a solid Breguet and Voutilainen impact. Exemplary styling, guilloché dial, blued hands and an exceptionally improved and profoundly adjusted development are key components that make the OPH 786 extraordinary – and by and large, a significant value for the money, as this watch retails for roughly EUR 2,000. This is plainly Longines’ domain (both in style and cost), yet you’ll see that the quality and highlights play in a completely extraordinary league.

Case and feel on the wrist

The instance of the Ophion OPH 786 is rather basic. No striking plan includes, no initially molded carries or caseband. Simply a basic, proportional round tempered steel case, totally cleaned with straight hauls. This isn’t an issue here in light of the fact that the occupation of the watch is unmistakably to direct on the customary side of watchmaking. The case is composed of three sections: a curved (domed) bezel, a focal holder with a domed caseband (the sides of the case aren’t level yet adjusted) and a screwed sapphire caseback. Basic from the outset sight, the case is marginally more complex than you’d might suspect, because of the combination of different domed surfaces. It plays with the surrounding light, it is softly molded yet not very basic either.

Proportions are likewise exceptionally charming, as the case estimates 39mm in breadth (38.5mm for the bezel) and 10.35mm in tallness. While not actually a genuine dress watch, it qualifies as a rich watch with sensible yet contemporary dimensions. It wears well, not minuscule and has some presence because of its extended drags. The knurled onion crown complements this exemplary plan. As far as quality, unmistakably Ophion has put forth an attempt. This is something that photographs can scarcely hand-off however, as we had the opportunity to wear the watches broadly, we can confirm that Ophion isn’t playing in similar class as watches from Baume et Mercier or Longines. Gathering, cleaning, weight and generally feel are considerably more wonderful. It’s slick, spotless, strong and well assembled.

The Ophion OPH 786 are conveyed on leather ties just (calf leather as standard, gator leather on solicitation) which are comparable to the general nature of the watch, despite the fact that the standard clasp feels somewhat less expensive than the rest. In any case, this combination of pleasant extents, exemplary looks and a leather lash makes the Ophion a decent alternative for a day by day watch, despite the fact that an extra end of the week piece would be preferable if you need something more casual.

Dial: guilloché or grained

While the case is pleasantly executed and planned, the genuine magnificence of the new Ophion OPH 786 can be valued on the dials. Three alternatives are accessible: a dull dim with granular (grained) finish and a guilloché dial in silver or dim blue. Diverse in surface, they additionally carry an alternate look to the watch.

While fairly old fashioned, the grained/granular example feels more present day than the guilloché variant. Somewhat more straightforward, less on the brightening side, it is additionally more adaptable and more easygoing – which is likewise the consequence of the dim dark tone. Expected to have the “hammered” look of antique pocket watches, it is pleasantly executed and refined, with a fine surface – it isn’t too evident either and just uncovers its granularity once took a gander at closely.

The subsequent choice, which is the one we’d recommend here, at MONOCHROME, is the guilloché design. Genuine guillochage, as we as of late clarified with Breguet , is a tedious and complex cycle, requiring explicit instruments and prepared hands. This, obviously, brings about a costly dial. With regards to sub-5K watches that highlight a (artificial) guilloché design, the surface is gotten by a basic stepping measure (an instrument presses a lattice on a metallic plate and applies an example). Such stepped dials are not at all like true guillochage. It doesn’t have similar degree of subtleties, you don’t get the feeling that material has been taken out from the dial, there is no profundity effect.

What Ophion has done is to make a middle interaction that could come near obvious guillochage, without the expenses of such a cycle. Rather than eliminating some material by utilizing a motor turning machine constrained by very gifted hands, Ophion decided to have the example made by a CNC machine. Thusly, the dial actually is appropriately engraved – implying that it has some profound cuts and the splendor and reflections coming about because of these examples – without the need to utilize an exorbitant method. The outcome is incredibly itemized, exact (and obviously exceptionally normal, on the in opposition to a hand-made dial) and truly adds to the apparent estimation of this watch. This is the thing that we implied by ” thoroughly examined stunts to keep the watch at a reasonable price”.

Apart from this finished primary plate, the dial likewise includes a few other layers. Adding to the feeling of profundity and making a decent differentiation are the two brushed rings for the hours and the minutes. The records, numerals and spots are sliced through the metal, uncovering the guilloché design under. Taking all things together reasonableness, we can’t think about another watch estimated at around EUR 2,000 with a particularly level of detail on its dial. The last touch is the hands, again with a really traditional plan. They are finely executed and are either nickel-plated or thermally blued, contingent upon the dial.

The development – re-appropriated yet exceptionally modified

Just like its first watch, Ophion depends on a re-appropriated hand-twisted development for the OPH 786. This 5-day power save type, with a 4Hz recurrence and twin-barrels, is now acceptable in its essential setup – the one utilized on the OPH 960 . This development was created by Technotime, which is currently essential for the Festina Group.

However, compared to the main model of the brand, Ophion has radically overhauled the plan and the beautification of the development to offer something genuinely extraordinary in this value range. Most sub-2K watches depend on machine-improved ETA developments – if at any time they are designed – yet Ophion utilizes both a ground-breaking motor and one that is interesting in its styling.

First, all the extensions have been reshaped to bring to the table something reliable with the pocketwatch soul. For example, the barrels are held set up by two long finger spans – something found in antique Breguet or Arnold watches. The rooster connect is likewise formed in eighteenth century style. Additionally, the pleasant balance of this development has been kept.

What is truly interesting is the improvement applied to the dull dark covered scaffolds. They are hand-pounded on the level surfaces and highlight (machine-executed) cleaned chamfers on the sides. This style consummately echoes the guilloché dials. Making decent differentiations, the chicken scaffold is straight brushed and the fundamental plate sandblasted. Such tender loving care is typically held for considerably more costly pieces.


The Ophion OPH 786 isn’t fundamentally a modest watch and retails for EUR 1,890 (before charges and delivery costs) for the granular dark dial and EUR 2,190 (before duties and transportation costs) for the silver or blue guilloché dial. What it is, be that as it may, is extraordinary compared to other quality/value proportions we’ve found in quite a while. A value that would relate to a Longines or Baume & Mercier watch, however neither brand can offer a similar tender loving care or a similar degree of decoration.

The Ophion OPH 786 is enlivened plan shrewd, precisely fascinating and fulfilling for genuine watch lovers with a lower spending plan. More subtleties and orders on .