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Omega Speedmaster World Cup — Group Stage Results So Far… Part 2

Omega Speedmaster World Cup — Group Stage Results So Far… Part 2

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Hi and hello, avid supporters! Welcome to the Omega Speedmaster World Cup! With all eight gatherings published and the democratic in full swing, it’s time for a snappy gather together of how your favorite Speedies are progressing (or not all that) far…

Over the past four weeks, we’ve launched two four-watch bunches every weekend. Our selected limited edition Omega Speedmasters have been duking it out, like there’s no tomorrow. With the next pair of quarter-finals due to come this weekend, I thought I’d give you a snappy gather together of what’s been happening (check out QF1 and QF2 here). If you don’t like the way the vote is going, you actually have time to change it! Vote yourself! Share these posts with your friends and family! Wave your Speedy flag from the window, yelling at passers-by to get involved. I really would appreciate it, whichever route you choose…

Group E — A horological howitzer for the Hungarian Horntail

I probably ought to have given him Group H with all this unnecessary alliteration flying around… Balazs rolled out an interesting selection for your consideration, however was the result of this one ever in uncertainty? The new Ed White 321 has everything making it work. It has a story. It has flashy looks. Beating away inside its (blessedly) steel case is the reborn 321 movement (with beautiful Sedna gold plating on the bridges and mainplate as opposed to the copper it replaced).

Were there contenders in this gathering? Sure. Yet, beyond the Italy-just Albino, no other perfect replica had a real shot of diving deep into the comp. Of course, if you disagree with that assessment and feel like you have the influence to mobilize downtown Tokyo to turn protesting in the streets for the Japan Racing Edition, feel free to prove me wrong. You’ve got a mountain to ascend yet there’s still time…

Group F — Old Father Time steps into the future

This is a weird old gathering. Honestly, we assembled these gatherings by committee, in a sort of draft process. How G2 ended up with such a series of oddballs is somewhat beyond me, yet here we are. I had a sneaking doubt the “Moon to Mars” would take this one, yet it is currently languishing in third place, nestled only 10 votes behind the “Gene Cernan”…

Way out in front, with 40% of the vote as it stands, is the Apollo XI 45th anniversary model . An unusual Speedmaster from multiple points of view, its expected presence in the last eight is an aid for diversity. I don’t think anyone really rates this one’s chances of taking care of business in the Speedmaster World Cup, yet it is simply so different you can never tell. It could cause a match-up nightmare for some pieces. The question is, is its likely opponent — the powerful Ed White 321 — one of them?

Group G — Berti’s beauties

Group G is a fine-looking gathering with potential winners all over the park. An all gold Speedy? Check. An Apollo XIII limited? check. One of the coolest Speedmaster dial layouts ever? We’ve got you covered (thanks, Soyuz). Yet, the Fratello-designed Speedy Tuesday 1 (a tribute to the Alaska project) was in imperious form. It snaked its way through the competition like a well-greased Lionel Messi. There was no halting it. The real concern for the rest of is, can it be stopped?

I’ve been waking up in fits every night this week. I can’t shake the image of the ST1 approaching over me. With its large, white, eyes shining fiercely in the dark, its exquisitely brushed case embracing the darkness, it is the very picture of menace. I’m carrying the serious weapons to this fight, however attempting to out-firearm Berti is never a smart thought. The ST1 looks likely to make it all the way to the final as I would see it, unless…

Group H — Bobsled Bobby, tanked on recency bias

So I’m alcoholic. The same old thing there. It’s such a lot of a part of my character, I put it on LinkedIn. For once, however, I’m alcoholic on a heady cocktail of circumstance. Somehow — and I’m really not sure how — the latest Snoopy edition landed in my gathering. It’s a sexy perfect replica In fact, it is the just one of the perfect replica featured in the entire Speedmaster World Cup that is destined for my collection (my order is in and it’s on the way… At some point).

Did I beg for my newest acquisition? No, sir. I felt sort of liable about taking it. Be that as it may, have I become glad of its presence in my gathering? More than, that, I currently believe it to be a necessity. I believe there are very few perfect replica that can take-on the ST1 with the chance of winning. On any given Tuesday, the Speedmaster Snoopy 50th Anniversary Edition stands a chance. I’m glad he’s likely to be my champion, however I should say goodbye to a fond to the sexiest Gemini I ever met — the Gemini IV. Ah well, at least we’ll always have Paris…

Take part in the Group stages by casting a ballot here . And if you want to add the Gemini IV that broke my heart to YOUR collection, you can find one and one alone .