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Omega Raises its Warranty to 5 Years on all Watches

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Following the pattern for additional administrations, greater lucidity and greater security, Omega just reported it will currently offer a 5-year guarantee on all recently bought watches – with quick impact. As of recently, the Omega guarantee was diverse relying upon the kind of items – as long as 4 years on Master Chronometer watches, compared to a customary 2-year guarantee in the business (which was the guarantee offered, as of now, on the Speedmaster Moonwatch, for instance).

In 2015, Omega increased industry expectations with the presentation of the Master Chronometer accreditation. On account of this new interaction, each watch is tried suffering severe tests affirmed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). These recreate genuine conditions and specifically, watches should show protection from attractive fields of 15,000 Gauss (to discover more, you can watch our top to bottom video about the Master Chronometer certificate measure here ). The brand introduced its new assembling in Biel only one year prior. Today, Omega is so sure of the nature of its watches that it offers a 5-year warranty.

This new guarantee is offered as of November 2nd, 2018 – and on all watches, paying little mind to the development inside the watch. It implies that even the Speedmaster, with its exemplary hand-wound type 1861, or a straightforward De Ville Automatic, with ETA-changed type 2500, will be covered. Uplifting news too for current clients:┬áif you have as of late bought an Omega, the 5-year guarantee will likewise be applied retroactively (for any new Omega watch bought on or after July 1st, 2018).

The greater part of extravagance watchmakers will in general adhere to an industry standard 2-year guarantee (which is mostly determined by EU laws that require 2 years as a base guarantee period). Rolex drove the path in strengthening guarantees. The “Crown” has been offering a 5-year guarantee since 2015. A couple of other brands went with the same pattern. For example, Audemars Piguet and Ulysse Nardin offer a guarantee augmentation to 5 (endless supply of their website).

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