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New Versions of the Ulysse Nardin Executive Free Wheel with Exotic Dials

New Versions of the Ulysse Nardin Executive Free Wheel with Exotic Dials


Ulysse Nardin isn’t famous for its relaxed, customary watches. An antecedent in the utilization of silicium (silicon) and attached to lavish, exceptionally specialized – often modern – shows, Ulysse Nardin stands firm and returns to its marvelous Executive Free Wheel with new dials produced using aventurine, osmium, Carbonium gold and straw marquetry – indeed, you heard accurately, straw marquetry!

Upside Down

The Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel showed up in 2018. Organizing the majority of the development’s components on the dial UN went above and beyond to make the dream of free-coasting components. The irregular game plan gives each little section a featuring job in the display contained under the domed sapphire glass that stretches out to the sides.

The tourbillon and the 7-day power save pointer at 4 o’clock seem to glide in meager air and live in complete independence from the remainder of the components. You can obviously see the utilization of UN’s groundbreaking silicium innovation on the offset with its unmistakable purple and blue parts. The openworked gear grain, the enormous barrel at 12 o’clock and the hands work in a gravity-opposing climate fixed by the unmistakable glass cover. The previous variants of the 44mm Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel accompanied two decisions of case material and dial: in 18ct rose gold with a dark dial produced using record and a 18k white gold model with a circulated air through honeycomb grid.

Dramatic stage settings

Unlike the 2018 versions, the four new Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel models are restricted to 18 pieces each (a plaque on the case demonstrates the restricted release number/18). The 44mm case structure is indistinguishable from a year ago’s watches, as in the course of action of the components on the dial, however oh joy, do these dials add spirit to the show.


The light blue shimmer and coarse surface of osmium, the world’s heaviest metal yet additionally one of the most extraordinary, generally thick and stable components, enriches the dial and barrel front of this 18k white gold model. The jewel like gems of osmium (nuclear number 76 and a minor component found in the platinum gathering) add a divine out-of-space feel to the dial of this specific model.

Straw Marquetry

I realize that Hermès has utilized straw marquetry to finish its dials, however seeing a strategy once rehearsed by nuns in the 17th-century in this modern idea is generally unordinary. The amusing thing however is that it works. Colored dark, smidgens of sparkly straw are creatively organized on the front of the barrel and behind the drifting components on the dial to extraordinary impact. Notwithstanding the hint of characteristic excellence that it bestows to this exceptionally specialized watch, the lightweight characteristics of straw mean there is no issue of tension on the barrel or dial.


The dark blue shimmering surface of aventurine stone, a type of clear quartz, brings out a ritzy night sky. Because of the characteristic wonder of aventurescence, the stone sparkles normally when light hits its metallic inclusions.

Carbonium Gold

The mottled dim, dark and gold dial and barrel front of the Carbonium Gold looks practically like a creature’s stow away. Carbonium Gold is the aftereffect of melding carbon fibers and gold particles with a thermosetting grid. The outcome is a one of a kind gold-veined, marble-like texture.

Calibre UN-176

Conceived and made in-house, Caliber UN-176 flaunts 7 days of force save. It likewise depends on innovation created by UN, including silicium – recollect that UN was the primary brand to commercialize a watch with a silicium escapement, with the 2001 Freak (you can see the most recent cycle of the Freak here , one of the six finalists in the Mechanical Exception classification for the upcoming GPHG 2019 honors ). Here, the equilibrium wheel, the break wheel, the hairspring and the bed fork are made in this inventive material – as you can see from the purple/blue shade of these elements.

Availability and Price

All four restricted release watches come with blue or dark croc leather ties and collapsing catches. Every adaptation is restricted to 18 watches and the costs are as per the following: Osmium EUR 102,000; Straw Marquetry EUR 99,000; Aventurine EUR 99,000; and Carbonium Gold EUR 99,000. More subtleties at .