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Montblanc 1858 Monopusher Chronograph Limited Edition 100

Montblanc 1858 Monopusher Chronograph Limited Edition 100

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In the previous years, Montblanc has offered us loads of horological desserts. That pleasantness came essentially looking like chronographs fitted with the old Minerva types 16.29 and 13.21, the two features of how amazingly lovely old Minerva chronographs can be. It began (once more) with the appearance of CEO Jerôme Lambert ( presently COO of most Richemont watch brands ) who dispatched the Pulsograph into the Heritage Spirit assortment back in 2014. This magnificence was furnished with the recorded Minerva type 13.21. Before long, different emphasess of the 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter were presented, fueled by the wonderful huge chronograph type 16.29.

First, the 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter showed up in a steel case with a blue dial , later in red gold with a matte dark dial , a bronze adaptation with a champagne shaded dial , and a bronze pièce extraordinary with a vintage green dial for last year’s Only Watch closeout . Presently it shows up in a restricted release of 100 pieces with a similar striking vintage green dial, yet with a more modest steel case to house the more modest chronograph type 13.21, which is likewise initiated by one pusher, subsequently its name, Montblanc 1858 Monopusher Chronograph.

Note: the watch I had the opportunity to photo was a model with (scratched) Plexi gem on the two sides, rather than a sapphire gem that comes on creation models. 

The 40mm tempered steel case makes this an exceptionally adaptable and wearable watch. While the 44mm 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter models of ongoing years highlighted the more alluring single push piece in the crown, the bigger case was not ideal for more modest wrists. Presently with a more modest monopusher chronograph development in a more modest case, the pusher is situated at 2 o’clock and the development, notwithstanding being more modest, looks similarly noteworthy and attractive. What’s more, that’s the special selling suggestion that Montblanc can offer… an unfathomably lovely chronograph type at an appealing price.

In terms of development design and completing these are simply great and high on lists of things to get of watch aficionados around the planet. In recent years, Montblanc has shown us how it is coordinating shocking chronograph types into different assortments, rather than saving them for an uncommon assortment. Watches with either the 13.21 or 16.29 type ticking inside are the apex of the 1858 and TimeWalker collections.

Minerva Caliber 13.21

Today’s calibre 13.21 gets from one of the primary chronograph calibres for a wristwatch, specifically the Minerva type 13.20 that was presented in 1923. Obviously, there have been a few chronograph calibres before, yet typically, these were a lot bigger and intended to be utilized in pocket watches, similar to the bigger type 16.29. Disregarding it being a more modest chronograph type, it really prepared for the accomplishment of mechanical wristwatch chronographs.

Calibre 13.21 is the marginally modernized variant of the exemplary 13.20 type. This 13-ligne development is the 21st type created by Minerva, thus the movement’s name 13.21. The primary plate is embellished with round graining, spans – including the decent V-formed chronograph connect – are enhanced with Geneva stripes (Côtes de Genève), and the steel switches and springs highlight straight graining. All subsets are reflect cleaned and there are a lot of perfect roundish cleaned slopes. All done by hand – of course!

The enormous screw balance keeps the musicality at a 2.5Hz speed. Fabricated in-house, it comes with a hairspring that has additionally been made in-house with a Phillips terminal bend that permits the spring to ‘breathe’ and thusly improve the general isochronism. This is an uncommon property, and just a modest bunch of makers have dominated the creation of their own hairsprings.

To actuate the estimation of a period stretch, you need to press the catch at 2 o’clock, the very catch that is utilized for halting and resetting the chronograph. Pressing this catch makes the working switch turn the segment wheel, and that sets an assortment of capacities right into it. This can be either beginning, halting or resetting the chrono. This segment wheel initiated chronograph highlights flat coupling, which means an even coupling of the stuff train and chronograph wheel. Albeit even coupling is known for a somewhat jerky beginning of the time estimation, and accordingly less accuracy, it looks a lot more pleasant than vertical coupling.

Like all Montblanc’s in-house developments, type 13.21 is tried for 500 hours before it’s fit to be conveyed to a client.

On the wrist

Stainless steel is an extraordinary and adaptable material for wristwatches; it looks great and is less inclined to scratches and gouges than valuable metals. It’s additionally lighter than valuable metal, and you can complete it from various perspectives. For the 1858 Monopusher Chronograph, Montblanc decided to keep the completing in accordance with the style of the whole watch, being an incredible “throw-back” to military chronographs of the 1940’s. The dial has a decent vintage soul, and the beige glowing material on the numerals just adds to that sensation of yesteryear.

The smoked green dial is encircled by a tachymeter and, going above and beyond inwards, we see a rail route track list coordinating the tachymeter, trailed by a ‘minuterie’ with four minuscule mallet markers, for the seconds, set between every moment. This takes into consideration an exact perusing of the recorded time and impeccably coordinates the style of the watch. The two auxiliary counters are for the running seconds (at 9 o’clock) and the 30-minute chronograph counter, set at 3 o’clock.

The focal point of the dial is somewhat lighter, while towards the fringe the green gets a touch hazier, and this adds a beautiful vintage feel to the watch. Combine that with the 40mm case size, and you have a strikingly delightful chronograph that is an advanced translation of a watch that might have been delivered the greater part 10 years prior. What’s more, it comes with a development that generally existed in the occasions that roused this watch.

I never figured I might want a green wristwatch, yet subsequent to wearing this one for certain hours, I should concede that the tone developed on me. The green is understated and looks very limited. Same goes for the coordinating green lash. Is green the new black?  I can envision that once a couple of brands stick to this same pattern, 2018 may will be announced the time of ‘green is the new black’.

The extended cathedral hands ( see here for our outline of hand types ) sit consummately with the 1930’s/1940’s military (avionics) style of the watch. While it’s another watch, it has an authentic retro look. That’s likewise one of the qualities of Montblanc’s Managing Director of Watches, Davide Cerrato, who redid Tudor prior to joining Montblanc and was answerable for the massively well known Black Bay.

Concluding words

While I simply got the opportunity to wear the new Montblanc 1858 Monopusher Chronograph for certain hours, during which I likewise took the photographs for this article, I figured out how to get a decent vibe of how it sits on the wrist. Exquisite. It’s totally beautiful. The green slope dial looks incredible, the white printed tachymeter, the beige Arabic numerals, the cathedral hands, they all work phenomenally together. The brushed steel case, with flawless cleaned inclines on the carries, and the huge crown, all add to the sensation of a vintage-roused watch that looks fabulous.

Now the large treat isn’t only the way that it’s an exquisite vintage-motivated watch. The large additional comes when you turn the watch around to view the dazzling development. As far as I might be concerned, it’s quite possibly the most lovely chronograph types available today, close to chronographs from Lange and Patek. With this development, and the bigger type 16.29, Montblanc has something truly significant in its grasp, something that watch devotees from around the globe will respect and appreciate. More data at