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Minase Divido – An Original Design From Japan

Minase Divido – An Original Design From Japan


If the Swiss watch industry overwhelms the top of the line mechanical watch market, the Land of the Rising Sun fabricates some genuinely great and intriguing mechanical watches as well. Among the Japanese producers is Minase, a specialty brand standing apart for the creativity of its watches – read our Minase basic article here . Situated in the area of Akita, in the North of Japan, Minase delivers approximately 500 watches each year. It was established in 2005 as a feature of Kyowa and Co., a Japanese expert instrument producer. From its aptitude in assembling apparatuses and metal work, Kyowa created watch parts and afterward watches.

Among the Minase collections, the Divido stands apart similar to the only round watch. Yet, similar to any remaining Minase models, it includes a really unique plan theory. Amplified by careful completing procedures, its detailed engineering depends on an uncommonly high number of parts and unmistakable specialized solutions.

Minase’s leader model, the Divido is a 40.5mm steel three-hander. A 8-piece construction, the complex case highlights 4 carries screwed from the rear of the watch – which holds all the parts together. The profile of the case is especially striking with the separation between the upper and lower sections, partitioning the case in two (the name of the watch, Divido, is gotten from that disposition). The completing of the rakish case and its parts is rather fabulous, finishing with the dark cleaning strategy known as Sallaz.

Under the domed sapphire box precious stone, the dial in a real sense is by all accounts gliding. Minase watches are constructed around a unique concept of case on the off chance that engineering. The development is housed in a container, with no dial in the traditional feeling of the word.  It is sandwiched in the middle of an “list ring” and the packaging ring. This makes the impression of a suspended design inside the case, bringing a striking feeling of profundity, supported by the three-dimensional records and the bowed hands.

The lacquered dial is pounded copper with evolving reflections, as though was mother-of-pearl. A huge cut-out presentations the date at 3 o’clock. Three distinct tones are accessible: white, dark or blue.

Powering the Minase Divido is a programmed type dependent on the attempted and-tried ETA 2824. As such it will be a dependable partner, running at 4Hz and offering 38 hours of force hold when completely twisted. In any case, if the completing of by far most of ETA 2824 developments is rather moderate, Minase modifies it with hand-cleaning and perlage on the plate and the bridges.

The Minase Divido is worn on a designed leather lash or a steel wristband shut by a collapsing clasp. Much the same as the case, the engineering and the completing of the steel wristband are shockingly detailed. There are no pinholes on the side of the wristband yet screws noticeable under. Each section is in a bad way separately (and can be dismantled). It is surprisingly expressed, subsequently adaptable and comfortable on the wrist.

With its unique construction and expound case completing, the Minase Divido is a watch like no other. I can completely recommend that you go hands-on with it, if only to look at it in person. Price is set at CHF 3,300 in steel on elastic, CHF 3,580 in dark PVD-steel on elastic and CHF 4,680 in steel on a steel wristband. For more information, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .