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MeisterSinger Lunascope “Golden Moon” Edition

MeisterSinger Lunascope “Golden Moon” Edition


Back in 2018, during the Basel observe reasonable, MeisterSinger dispatched its first “astronomical” watch, the Lunascope . On top of the mark single-hand show, the brand carefully added a moon stage complication, profiting by the accessible space left on the dial by this moderate showcase to oversize the moon. After two debut models, the MeisterSinger Lunascope comes back in another, rather sentimental “Golden Moon” Edition.

Famed for spearheading the single-hand watch pattern since 2001, and remaining consistent with this saying on the whole scope of watches that this brand offers (that’s legitimate consistency), MeisterSinger nevertheless comprehended that this “mono-aiguille” show was an open way to actualize energetic complications. Think hopping hours , concentric day-date , and all the more as of late, a moon stage. And keeping in mind that this could be viewed as an immediate logical inconsistency to the brand’s standard moderate esthetic, the execution of a cosmic complication in this setting felt more than appropriate.

The magnificence of these single-hand watches by MeisterSinger lies in the “slow approach” of the time. Time is perused to the nearest 5-minute, without a seconds hand beating at a high recurrence, without necessarily showing the time in the most precise manner. The development may be exact, the time showed becomes anyway less critical, less essential. Considering this, the relationship with a moon stage indication becomes considerably more self-evident, knowing the sentimental, graceful sensation of this display.

The MeisterSinger Lunascope depends on its moderate dial to play with volumes. With much space accessible on the dial, the brand decided to have one larger than usual moon stage put in the upper portion of the watch. The moon additionally looks nearly as reasonable as it does in a planetarium. Two sluggish indications for a rich, quiet watch.

For this Lunascope, MeisterSinger, nonetheless, needed to build up its own moon module to be set on top of a vigorous programmed ETA development. The capably developed module permits the moon to be exceptionally exact, as it just requires a minor adjustment following 128 years (and not 3 years, as the vast majority of the “entry level” moon watches). The development is obvious through a sapphire precious stone, with exemplary yet clean decoration.

This year, the brand presents another form, named “Golden Moon”. In light of the blue model presented in 2018, the MeisterSinger Lunascope gets a marginally more extravagant touch with a moon shaded in gold, with coordinating gold-plated applied hour markers. The date is likewise surrounded by a golden metallic ring. This gives a pleasant differentiation over the dim blue, sunburst dial.

The MeisterSinger Lunascope “Golden Moon” comes in a cleaned tempered steel case that estimates 40mm in breadth and is water impervious to 50 meters. It is worn on a cognac-hued calfskin tie with steel pin clasp – different other lashes can be requested from the brand.

This new “Golden Moon” version of the Lunascope is now accessible at retailers (June 2019) and will be estimated at EUR 2,990 (incl. Tank). More subtleties at .