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Meet Ketelaars Watches, a Young Dutch Brand with Big Potential

Meet Ketelaars Watches, a Young Dutch Brand with Big Potential


Hacking away in your home studio, skeletonizing basic hand-wound developments, finding your first client and drawing in customer base by listening in on others’ conversations, building up your own brand, designing your own personal complications, and fanning out into a completely prepared atelier entirely set in the mood for watchmaking is a difficult task for any fledgeling watchmaker. Meet Stefan Ketelaars, originator of the Dutch brand, Ketelaars Watches. 

As I plunge further into the universe of watchmaking on offer in our little country that is the Netherlands (both Frank Geelen and I are Dutch) I am increasingly more dazzled by what I reveal. The Dutch watchmaking community is a minuscule yet yearning gathering. There truly is just a single official organization offering watchmaking courses (both full-time and low maintenance) and a couple of people who offer experiences into the business through masterclasses, for instance.

What I additionally scholarly is that this gathering of Dutch watchmakers is very close. They all know and backing each other, whether it is with the improvement of a thought, the sharing of creation limit or acquiring or sharpening a specific expertise. The community pays special mind to one another. Fledgeling watchmakers need assistance and guidance prior to setting up their own completely useful atelier. Cutting cog wheels, for example, requires high-accuracy machines, often many years old and kept up flawlessly. Not something that one can undoubtedly come by, not to mention the space it needs to house these machines.

One of the brands in this gathering of Dutch watchmakers is Ketelaars Watches, established in 2017 by Stefan Ketelaars. This young person, only 26 years of age, has been associated with watchmaking for about 10 years! What is significantly more entrancing is the way that he purchased his first mechanical wristwatch at the age of 9, an age when most children are playing videogames. In the wake of beginning his own brand, things moved rapidly. Just two years in as a watchmaker with his own brand, and only one year full-time, he is building up his own complications, planning, assembling and completing his own development parts and doing the last get together. What’s essential to note is that Stefan is for the most part a self-trained watchmaker, with the previously mentioned help from associates in the Netherlands.

Stefan’s motivation comes from time itself. In his eyes, time is unbelievable, it can’t be gotten a handle on, contained or controlled. It very well may be estimated, indeed, and worn on the wrist, however the movement of time is impacted by none of us. It is that thought that drives Stefan Ketelaars. His atelier, arranged in an office building, is perfect and flawlessly kept up. A bunch of CNC machines, a couple of old yet unblemished lathes, a magnifying lens, a watchmaker’s seat, electroplating machines, parts cleaning establishment. Basically all you require to produce a watch yourself is there. Whether it is 3D plans, or hand painting a small globe under a magnifying instrument, Stefan does everything by himself.

And that in-house fabricating is by and large what Stefan Ketelaars makes progress toward. With each model he creates – and we’re talking little numbers here – he pushes his designing, his wrapping up. From his initial skeletonized watches to his most recent manifestations, the Time in Motion and the Terra Luna/Luna Terra, you can truly see the headways in his watchmaking. As of late he began embracing developments and making his own ¾ scaffolds to overhaul the base developments he employments. For developments, he actually utilizes the hand-wound ETA 6497/6498 ébauches, attempted and-tried, rough types with a huge diameter.

So what makes this person extraordinary? Indeed, “uncommon” is difficult to assign, however in the event that you consider a lead season of just 17 days to build up a brand-new complication, that is rather amazing! From an essential plan to the principal portrayals to building model parts and in the end gathering a working model in less than three weeks is no mean accomplishment. Furthermore, is truly fascinating that he utilizes a public Dutch watch discussion to grandstand his watches, skip around thoughts, gather criticism and change little addresses his watches. A genuine model is the position of his brand name on the ring of the equilibrium wheel in the Time in Motion watch. That detail is done with direct contribution from the forum.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t adhere to his own convictions, however he is sufficiently liberal to tune in to criticism and not short of changing things on the off chance that he feels it in the end benefits his watches. His methodology has acquired him a solid after, paying little mind to what he posts and offers, and there are even a couple of authorities who have since requested a watch from him. A vital component in the watches by Stefan Ketelaars is the uncovered equilibrium wheel on top of the dial, in the style of MB&F’s Legacy Machines. The two watches include tremendous measures of in-house made and hand-completed parts, done by Stefan himself. The current lead time for one of his current models is around a few months.

There’s no lack of desire either. Stefan is planning to build up his own development parts and at last build up his own personal movement.  Stefan sets his objectives high; just the absolute best is sufficient. We’ll go further into his watches in a subsequent article where we’ll inspect both the Time in Motion and the Terra Luna/Luna Terra watch, this last model offering a world-first in watchmaking.

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