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MB&F LM FlyingT Red Gold and Platinum, now Without Diamonds

MB&F LM FlyingT Red Gold and Platinum, now Without Diamonds

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When it was presented back in March 2019, the MB&F LM FlyingT was situated by the brand as a women’s watch – indeed, the principal observe totally committed to ladies by MB&F. Since the debut versions were totally cleared with jewels, it some way or another made sense… But, as Rebecca said in her survey of this watch, “the roll set model could chip away at a man’s wrist“, something that I just somewhat second. The general idea conversed with me, so did the limited measurements and the vertical development with flying tourbillon. Yet, not the precious stones. Indeed, issue addressed, as today MB&F is presenting the LM FlyingT Red Gold and Platinum releases, without jewels, making it the ideal unisex alternative for the brand.

The way this MB&F LM FlyingT was gotten was genuinely excited, by both ladylike and manly crowds. Ladies called attention to the non-comprising look, genuinely devoted to the soul of Max Büsser and his companions, and the way that it wasn’t simply a reduced manly model cleared with jewels, yet a watch planned without any preparation, its development notwithstanding. The manly crowd some way or another delighted in the look, the extents and the entrancing three-dimensional vertical design of the flying tourbillon development (a first for MB&F), however less the stones on the dial and/or the bezel. I was important for that gathering, by one way or another envisioning what this watch could resemble without the jewels. (See underneath the debut release with diamonds.)

I love MB&F watches, whether the LM or HM assortments. They are intense, extraordinary, absolutely insane as far as plan yet additionally considerably more develop than their spaceship or steampunk look would recommend. In any case, the vast majority of them are enormous – or extremely huge on account of some HM watches. I know it’s part of the idea, yet a 44mm piece is possibly a lot for my 16.5cm wrist – which is the reason I’ve consistently cherished the LM101 and its 40mm case . And looking at the MB&F LM FlyingT made me – and likely different watch fans – consider having a “de-diamonded” variant. The plan of this watch, a development originally utilized in this unique situation and later used by the LM Thunderdome , was likewise charming. It appears to be that we were by all account not the only ones to want for a less ladylike form, as MB&F presents today the LM FlyingT Red Gold and Platinum, presently without jewels (almost).

These new forms in the LM FlyingT assortment stay aware of the novel plan presented on the women’s models. The case denoted a development compared to the LM1 or LM Perpetual watches, with less points, more bends, drags streaming into the caseband and a lot more slender bezel. This new plan language felt rather ladylike from the outset however demonstrated very apropos with regards to a bigger watch, with the Thunderdome . Compared to the debut cleared model, no advancement here, with as yet unchanged lines and extents, which means a sensible yet not little 38.5mm measurement – reasonable for most wrists, whatever the sexual orientation. The case is accessible in 18k red gold (Night version) or 950 platinum (Day edition).

Faithful to all the watches in the LM assortment, the FlyingT highlights a profoundly domed sapphire gem over the dial – much more momentous here due to the more modest width. With its 20mm tallness, don’t anticipate that the case should cover up under a sleeve – however that’s not the purpose of this watch in any case. This precious stone is a defensive arch over the sculptural active expressive dance, because of a three-dimensional vertical development and a sub-dial that shows the time on a 50° vertically shifted pivot. As should be obvious, just one sparkling association with their jewel armored predecessors stays: at the highest point of the flying tourbillon sits a solitary 0.035-carat stone that pivots in time with the fundamental component. The dial – indeed, the movement’s principle plate – is guilloché and accessible in dark (combined with red gold) or in blue (combined with platinum).

The exceptional development. which was considered and created in-house by MB&F,  shows the typical 3D impact of the brand. The level part of the development is devoted to the stockpile and capacity of energy. The LM FlyingT is in fact a programmed watch, twisted by a rotor looking like a three-dimensional red-gold sun with etched beams. This watch is additionally ground-breaking, with 100h of force hold. Then comes the vertical piece of the development, which incorporates the stuff train and the managing organ – all stacked on a vertical pivot, with the flying tourbillon on top of the development, turning once consistently. As an accolade for other individuals from the LM assortment, the confine of the tourbillon emulates the curves that normally hold the equilibrium wheel.


Now comes the subject of the situating of this watch? Is it still a women’s watch? Would it be able to become an option for men? The appropriate response is indeed, in the two cases. To start with, not all ladies love jewels on their watches – truth be told, I know numerous more youthful ladies who lean toward manly watches over outdated, flower/precious stone watches. Here, MB&F proposes a restrained adaptation that is more tactful and less “girly”.

Then, and particularly valid for the platinum variant with its virus shading plan, I figure this watch will satisfy a manly crowd who lean toward more modest watches, without compromising on the typical MB&F plan and specialized franticness. It is a watch that actually makes an effect and, regardless of whether it feels a smidgen more rich than a LM1 for example, actually holds all the desired Büsser codes.

Price and availability

These new versions of the MB&F LM FlyingT are each restricted to 18 pieces, presently accessible at retailers. They will be valued at CHF 98,000USD 105,000EUR 91,000 (all excl. charges) for the red gold version and CHF 108,000USD 116,000EUR 100,000 (all excl. charges) for the platinum version. More subtleties at .