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MB&F HM7 Aquapod now In Platinum and Red Sapphire

MB&F HM7 Aquapod now In Platinum and Red Sapphire


When introduced back in 2017, the MB&F HM7 Aquapod  was a legitimate amazement… Like a stun, truly. This watch, a jellyfish-inspired watch, with a plunging bezel, a vertical development with tourbillon, a respectable water obstruction and a natural plan, looked like nothing else available. Strong, abnormal, marvelous, imaginative, ugly… I’ve seldom encountered a watch that gathered such countless various descriptive words. Responses were solid, in the two bearings – which I consider an accomplishment for such an idea piece. Today, after the debut beat up adaptations , and the titanium/green model , MB&F dispatches another piece in the HM7 Aquapod arrangement, in red!

John Doe “What is that..?” – Me “MB&F’s most recent watch, a red HM7” – John Doe “sorry, I don’t get it” – Me “normal, that’s an UTO or unidentified timekeeping object“. John Doe “But why…?” Me “Why not, dude!

While the inquiry on the off chance that I for one like or not this watch is superfluous here – every one of you will have his own assessment – the genuine point is extraordinary. Do we need to justify contemporary workmanship and to give a purpose for its creation cycle? Not that I am mindful of. Thought is above and beyond enough to comprehend the raison d’être of craftsmanship. In this example, consider this watch as an imaginative, unclassified, unexplainable piece of watchmaking craftsmanship. Will it please the majority? Surely not (and clearly, shockingly better thusly). Is it questionable, over the top, eccentric? Assuredly. Is it down to earth, practical, reasonable… so, does it bode well? No, yet who cares!

Following this supposition, which works for the majority of MB&F’s Horological Machines, the brand’s most recent piece makes no exemption for the standard. It is luxurious, conspicuous, huge, complex, practically ludicrous yet appropriately exceptional – and that makes it cool. In view of the HM7 idea, Max’ vision of a sea-going watch – don’t think of it as a jump observe either, yet a watch that can without much of a stretch take a dip – MB&F brings here a splendid, striking variant in platinum and red. Much more select, considerably more fragmenting than past models…

After a few space-inspired watches (HM2, HM3 and HM6), after a few vehicle inspired pieces (HM5, HMX and HM8) and even a plane-inspired creation (HM4), the MB&F HM7 Aquapod ventures out into the water with its more natural, less mechanical motivation. The plan has been made around the state of a jellyfish – see the round focal body and the lash, connected to the case like limbs. This new motivation was combined with old style MB&F components, for example, a strange presentation of the time or a vertically mounted development set under an enormous glass bubble.

The watch is developed around concentric rings, beginning from the focal tourbillon – heart and cerebrum of the watch… Just like a jellyfish has a ring of neurons as a mind. Around it are two pivoting rings that are utilized to show the time, with hours and minutes. At last, around the inward shell of this watch is set a unidirectional bezel, which can be utilized to time a jumping meeting – or cooking pasta, up to you. Not at all like most other jump watches available, the MB&F HM7 Aquapod’s bezel isn’t appended to the situation, yet glides separated, as though it was unattached to the case.

The watch is monstrous – 53.8mm in breadth, 21.3mm in tallness – smooth and bended for what it’s worth and sits on the wrist like nothing else you might have attempted previously. It’s both a visual and material article. The development, created and manufactured in-house by MB&F, has a balanced origination, with the managing organ (a one-minute tourbillon) set on top, directly in the focal point of the watch, uncovered under a profoundly domed sapphire air pocket. At long last, power is brought to the development by a winding rotor, put on the other side of this type, as a stabilizer to the tourbillon on top. The “arms” of this rotor are created from strong titanium in a complex three-dimensional way.

For its fourth release, the MB&F HM7 Aquapod embraces the most extraordinary and generally extravagant of the metals, just as one amazingly striking tone for its bezel. The combination of a 950 platinum case with a red addition for the bezel is differentiated, brilliant, strange and obviously, many will be stunned. In any case, it is actually this surprising demeanor that gatherers of such watches are looking for. Much the same as the green form, the clay bezel of the beat up models has been supplanted by a sapphire precious stone ring where numbers and markers are laser-engraved and loaded up with brilliant material, alongside a layer of splendid red lacquer.

Some other oddities have been executed on this new MB&F HM7 Platinum Red. Notwithstanding the new material and tones, the brand additionally adds a sapphire gem connect on top of the tourbillon’s balance. At long last, the hours and minutes rings includes another plan, with three-dimensional numerals etched in titanium – a material picked for its daintiness, to have as little weight on these ring, not to harm the development. They are whatever amount of more complex to machine than the aluminum rings utilized on other variants. The numerals are loaded up with untinted Super-LumiNova. An AGT Ultra innovation (Ambiant Glow Technology) iridescent ring encompasses the flying tourbillon.

The MB&F HM7 Platinum Red is delivered with 3 elastic tie (red, dark, white) formed in airplane grade Fluorocarbon FKM 70 Shore An elastomer – exceptionally soft to the touch – with collapsing lock in platinum. It will be restricted to 25 pieces and evaluated at CHF 155,000 (Excl. taxes).

Another amazingly bizarre, questionable piece by Max Büsser and Friends… adequately funny, I can recollect Max saying that the very first moment of his manifestations would be collectively perceived as great (simply great, no more), it would imply that his imagination is dead. No concerns Max, this one will again incite many restricting opinions!

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