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MB&F and L’Épée Unleash the Mighty T-Rex Table Clock

MB&F and L’Épée Unleash the Mighty T-Rex Table Clock


T-Rex is back around. You might remember him after his first apparition as MB&F’s contribution to the upcoming Only Watch 2019 charity auction with a little kid sitting astride the clock. An unconventional table clock by any standards (except for MB&F’s), the T-Rex is a clock with dinosaur legs. Not a walking clock, but a clock, made by L’épée 1839, suspended between the hard legs of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Like so many of Max Büsser’s uncontrollably imaginative pieces, the T-Rex was hatched as a co-creation with originator Maximilian Maertens and counts on the participation – the 11th to date – of Swiss clockmaker L’épée. 

Weighing near 2kg and standing tall at almost 30cm, MB&F T-Rex is made of stainless steel and palladium-plated metal and bronze. The most striking feature is his realistic legs and sharp, deathly talons. The legs were made utilizing 3D sweeps of genuine, fossilized T-Rex bones and are sandblasted in contrast to the cleaned biomechanical structure linking them to the suspended clock.

Described as a “time capsule”, MB&F T-Rex’ clock face is made of Murano glass and suspended in an openworked metallic structure. The dial – accessible in blue, green and red glass – has a huge crater in its center. Originator Maximilian Maertens  clarifies that the submerged “black hole” effect on the dial implies an essential part of the fantasy behind this clock: “…we have a pilot in his starship… he got so out of sight space the simply route back to Earth was through a dark opening, but it time-twisted him back to the time of dinosaurs and the starship was intertwined with a hatching dinosaur egg.” Mind-blowing stuff.

The hand-blown Murano glass features another pleasant detail and the hour and minute hands are bent to follow the contours of the indented center. Perfectly obvious from the back and sides, the entire movement of T-Rex was planned and delivered in-house by L’épée. An extraordinary key is given to wind the clock, which has a robust 8-day power save, and to set the time: the clock is twisted on the barrel hub on the back and the time is set directly on the dial.

The T-Rex comes in three limited editions of 100 pieces each, with Murano glass dials in green, dark blue and red. The retail cost is CHF 22,500 ( More details at .