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Machiel Hulsman Redefines “Bespoke” – Meet the First Entirely Handmade Dutch Wristwatch

Machiel Hulsman Redefines “Bespoke” – Meet the First Entirely Handmade Dutch Wristwatch


I’m excited to declare this news. Machiel Hulsman, previous IT specialist turned watchmaker, has made the absolute first altogether carefully assembled wristwatch from the Netherlands. We have the tradition of Christiaan Huygens, the innovator of the pendulum clock, Christiaan van der Klaauw, a watch and clockmaker who made the littlest planetarium (in a wristwatch), and the horological brothers Bart and Tim Grönefeld, who have won renowned GPHG prizes on two events. Furthermore, presently, at last, a watch completely made in the Netherlands. Five years prior Hulsman quit his place of employment and began making his first wristwatch. Without any preparation! No current development, no outsider parts, everything is made in his own little atelier by hand. In these five years, he has mastered everything about watchmaking and completed the main completely Dutch carefully assembled wristwatch, the Marie-Elise.

When I began MONOCHROME, over ten years prior, the Netherlands felt like a watchmaking desert. Very good quality watchmaking was not something you connected with the ‘low lands’. Around then, Christiaan van der Klaauw, individual from the AHCI, was likely the lone Dutch watchmaker who made his own complications and assembled his own watches, however consistently dependent on norm (ETA) developments. In 2009, Bart and Tim Grönefeld made their first wristwatch, the GTM-06, comprising a tourbillon and moment repeater. Today, after ten years, they have no under five self-created watches, and they won two lofty prizes at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. We see an ever increasing number of watchmakers making their own wristwatches or watch devotees making their own watch image. Also, that’s all beautiful cool, as it says a lot about the expanded enthusiasm for mechanical watches! However, presently, in 2019, the absolute first hand tailored wristwatch that is completely made in the Netherlands is a reality. Also, that’s more than cool!

Introducing Machiel Hulsman

Machiel Hulsman works in a little atelier, in the Dutch town of Hilversum. Five years prior he chose to make his own watch without any preparation. He took a few courses at a Dutch watchmaking and gems school, which was useful for procuring some essential information. However, the information and abilities of how to make a wristwatch with your own hands, and a few (generally) straightforward instruments, can’t be gained from a book. Most things must be learned by experimentation; specialized plan, 3D planning, information about the materials and of the machines he needed to utilize. It was a lengthy, difficult experience, however the outcome is absolutely spectacular.

The first watch completely made (by hand) in the Netherlands

The point was never about making the main watch altogether made in the Netherlands, however during his five-year work on the Marie-Elise, he found that there had never been another Dutch-made wristwatch. Indeed, numerous parts like the galactic modules from Christiaan van der Klaauw are made in his own atelier, and a few brands do the straightforward get together in-house, which means really the encasing. Or on the other hand like Grönefeld, the development parts are made by an outside company, yet the (tremendous) hand-completing and get together of the whole development (every one of the few many pieces for each type) is done in-house.

The ‘odyssey’ attempted by Hulsman in the course of recent years has been extraordinary! Experimentation, often not understanding how to begin making a particular part. Attempting to discover data on the web, however discovering that the lone great information is accessible in old watchmaking books. Or then again for example, the craft of hand-made guilloché dials… Machiel had the chance to figure out how to make a guilloché dial in the atelier of got to know watchmaker Kalle Slaap ( click here for his site ) and after many long stretches of preparing, he began planning and eventually making the guilloché dial for his own watch. When Machiel completed the dial, he sent it for a rhodium treatment, and they figured out how to destroy the dial, so many long stretches of work down the channel and he needed to start from the very beginning again.

Cutting gems, machining wheels, cutting teeth, cleaning wheels, making the smallest screws and cleaning the screw head and the opening for the screwdriver, machining complex parts like the sliding pinion of the keyless works, and obviously beautifications like dark cleaning, round graining, and Geneva stripes… all done in-house. I can unmistakably recollect Roger Smith talking about making a watch without any preparation and doing practically everything in-house, by hand and with the assistance of (often) old hardware. I was in complete amazement after Roger’s introduction ( at a collector’s supper, many, numerous years prior .) This is just about as great as it gets.

The whole plan of the watch, so the development, yet in addition the case, dial, hour markers, hands, and so forth is additionally crafted by Machiel.

100% bespoke watches

Machiel needs to continue making watches, yet now likewise for customers. His first watch took him five years, however this incorporated a unimaginably steep (and strong great) expectation to absorb information. The following watch won’t take that much time, yet a reasonable ‘gestimate’ is one year. Contingent obviously upon the quantity of complications the customer needs to find in his future irregular, 100% bespoke timepiece.

By making his own watch, Machiel currently realizes how to make a watch without any preparation. Not just how to make all the parts in-house, to complete all the parts, brighten them and gather them to become a working watch. He additionally figured out how to plan the parts, to ascertain the cog wheels, the teeth of each stuff, the specific state of the teeth (to enhance execution) and well… everything.

His next point is to discover a customer who needs to set out on an excursion with Machiel to make a genuinely bespoke watch. The customer can go for a ‘simple’ three-hander with a hand-wound development, or perhaps he favors a tourbillon? Or then again a moon stage sign, perhaps a 3D moon, or a ceaseless schedule work? Indeed, even the plan of the case, dial, hands, hour markers is all up to the customer and it doesn’t need to look like Machiel’s first wristwatch. You need something lively, or exceptionally exemplary, or more present day? It’s altogether up to you.

There are just no restrictions to the choices that the customer has in co-making his own watch. Truly, you can’t discover much else bespoke than what Machiel offers. It’s a cycle that can undoubtedly require a year, and the customer will be engaged with all means from the start as far as possible. I can’t consider numerous others offering this degree of altered watchmaking, with the exception of perhaps Les Cabinotiers from Vacheron Constantin, albeit these watches will consistently resemble a Vacheron. With Machiel, you choose the cutoff points! In the event that you’re intrigued by a 100% bespoke watch, you can contact Machiel through his website’s contact form.

Take a gander at Machiel Hulsman’s site for more information.