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Louis Moinet SpaceWalker & Skylink – Celebrating Russian Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

Louis Moinet SpaceWalker & Skylink – Celebrating Russian Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

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The names of Neil Armstrong , Buzz Aldrin and Yuri Gagarin are recognizable to us all of us, whose tries in space procured them earthly notoriety as legends – and even roused watch assortments. However, there are other pioneers of room whose names are less known and merit credit for their undertakings, similar to Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. Louis Moinet, the brand whose originator is credited with concocting the chronograph , bring us two watches praising two epic endeavors in Alexei Leonov’s profession: the Louis Moinet SpaceWalker & Skylink.

The last wilderness, the incredible obscure, is a common theme for Louis Moinet and watches with dials produced using shooting star shrapnel, or enhanced with planets, imaginative cloud and other extra-earthbound themes are standard passage at this brand. It is fitting since Louis Moinet, the originator, was a loved cosmologist in his own right. Seeking to honor Alexei Leonov, Louis Moinet has made two exceptionally uncommon watches to commemorate two of Alexei’s most important adventures. This Russian cosmonaut was the primary man to really “stroll” in space, back in 1965. A long time before the Americans even set foot on the Moon, this unassuming Russian was the absolute first man to wander outside the bounds of his space module for 12 minutes and 9 seconds during the Voskhod 2 Mission.

Following his noteworthy spacewalk, Alexei Leonov was chosen for an uncommon mission during the 1970s, during the tallness of the Cold War. The US and USSR space programs met up, in a real sense, when the Apollo and Soyuz space modules docked in space, isolating the two adversary superpowers by just a steel incubate. On 17 July 1975, the two specialty docked and Alexei Leonov was welcomed by American space explorer Thomas P. Stafford for the principal global handshake in space.

Louis Moinet SpaceWalker

Louis Moinet has made two unique watches to commemorate these two incredible crossroads in space history. The first is the Louis Moinet SpaceWalker, which comes in a huge 47.4mm wide 18k white or rose gold case. Louis Moinet has never been about nuance and the watches stray on the extreme, more resplendent side of the equator. The case is brightened with hand-engraved subtleties all through and houses the LM48 hand-wound development. This development includes a huge tourbillon escapement at 12 o’clock, with a precious stone satellite to portray Alexei Leonov’s spacewalk outside the space module. The decision of a precious stone is a sensible one as the Russian word for jewel is “almaz”, which was additionally utilized as a codename for the two cosmonauts (Almaz-1 and Almaz-2). The tourbillon is set over an aventurine foundation, which becomes clear when it comes in contact with light.

The case utilized for the SpaceWalker and the Skylink is done in common Louis Moinet style, with luxurious itemizing all through – in any event, for the non-engraved pieces. The LM48 development is created with Tec-Ebauches.  Exclusive to Louis Moinet, the manual-twisting type with a 72-hour power save for the hours and minutes can be respected through the sapphire gem caseback. It is covered (incompletely, because of the cut-out for the tourbillon and the time sign at 6 o’clock) by an imaginative dial. It portrays a cloud, an assortment of interstellar residue and gases, and a creative translation of the brilliant sky Alexei Leonov saw on his spacewalk.

Obviously a watch like this is restricted, and for this situation, the engraved white and rose gold Louis Moinet SpaceWalker is restricted to 12 pieces in each metal, while the non-engraved variant will be made in a run of 18 pieces.


  • Case: 47.4mm breadth – 18k white or rose gold case – discretionary hand-engraved enrichment – sapphire precious stone front and back – 50m water-resistance
  • Dial: openworked dial – tourbillon cut-out at 12 o’clock – off-focused hours and minutes – cut-out hour markers–dewdrop delivers blue – aventurine scenery for tourbillon – heavenly cloud adornment – Alexei Leonov signature at 9 o’clock
  • Movement: Calibre LM48 – exclusive development – manual-winding – outsize satellite tourbillon escapement – 3Hz recurrence – 72h force hold – hours, minutes
  • Strap: leather gator lash – 24mm haul width – collapsing fasten in 18k white or rose gold
  • Limitation: 12 pieces dressed in white or rose gold with engraved cases – 18 pieces dressed in white or rose gold with non-engraved cases
  • Price: USD 189,960

Louis Moinet Skylink

The second watch committed to the Russian cosmonaut is the Louis Moinet Skylink. A marginally less complicated, however not really less sensational and engaging watch compared to the SpaceWalker, it is executed in ordinary Louis Moinet style and comes in either a 18k white or rose gold case just as a steel case estimating 43.2mm in width. The case is comparable in style to the Louis Moinet Metropolis we highlighted about a year ago.

The Louis Moinet Skylink honors the second when the Apollo and the Soyuz modules met in space. To underscore this great event, a miniature container is situated at 3 o’clock. This miniature case contains material from the Kapton foil of the Apollo module and filaments of the Sokol-K spacesuit worn by Alexei Leonov on the Soyuz missions. It is done with his mark on the container and a minuscule interpretation of the Apollo and Soyuz modules just next to it, associated by the name of the watch – Skylink.

The Louis Moinet Skylink is furnished with the programmed type LM45 type. Twisted by a Louis Moinet brightened rotor, it can save to 48 hours of force hold. The development is similar one that controls the Louis Moinet Metropolis , created by Concepto yet select to the brand. Estimating 30.4mm in width, the movement’s measurements fit consummately into the enormous Skylink case and can be seen through the sapphire caseback.

The docking of the two modules in space was an earth shattering event and was viewed as a defining moment between the two superpowers during the Cold War. Urgently seeking an approach to end the political pressure created by the Cold War, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project was an image of the strategy of détente sought after by the two superpowers and denoted the finish of the Space Race that had started with the dispatch of the Sputnik in 1957. To commemorate this notable second, Louis Moinet will deliver this watch in 19 pieces for the white and rose gold adaptations and 75 for the steel.


  • Case: 43.2mm width – sapphire precious stone front and back – 18k white or rose gold or steel
  • Dial: halfway openworked dial – miniature container containing Kapton foil material & Sokol-K spacesuit strands – divine cloud embellishment – prolonged hour markers with Roman numerals at 12 and 6–dewdrop hands – hour long section ring
  • Movement: Calibre LM45 – exclusive development – programmed winding – 4Hz recurrence – 48h force hold – focal hour, minutes, little seconds at 9 o’clock
  • Strap: dim blue or dark gator lash – 22mm drag width – collapsing catch in coordinating metal
  • Limitation: 19 pieces dressed in white or rose gold – 75 pieces in steel
  • Price: USD 16,000 (in steel)

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