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Live from SIHH 2019 – Gregory Dourde of HYT

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In our last live video section from the SIHH 2019, we converse with Gregory Dourde, CEO of HYT, the brand that demonstrated that water could be acquainted inside a watch with terrific impact. Gregory Dourde chooses two models for the video – the H0 Time is Precious and the H1.0 – and uncovers how philosophical insights of life and passing enlivened the dynamite dial of the H0 Time is Precious watch.

H0 Time is Precious is a daring blend of HYT’s liquid portrayal of time with a contemporary understanding of a métiers d’art methods, for this situation, silicon marquetry. Rather than utilizing more conventional components like wood or nacre, HYT picked silicon which was laser-cut into 63 more modest pieces and organized like shards of glass on the dial. The pieces of silicon plates have a mirror complete and mirror the environmental factors and the proprietor’s face. “It’s an advanced interpretation of the marvel of memento mori, without the skull,” clarifies Dourde. A lasting suggestion to the proprietor that time is a definitive extravagance on the grounds that, as he adds, “you can purchase pretty much anything, yet you can’t accepting time.” Fitted with a controller type dial and red liquid to show the progressing time, this model carries an imaginative measurement to HYT’s line-up of hyper-specialized watches.

The second watch Dourde presents is the improved H1.0, a recognition for the more mechanical and logical climate we partner with HYT. The fundamental updates of the H1.0 are expanded straightforwardness and water-opposition alongside a marginally more modest case size of 48.8mm. Straightforwardness has been lifted up with a steeply domed sapphire gem for upgraded perspectives on the liquid mechanics, and the water-obstruction has been raised from 30 to 50 meters. The hours can be perused with the propelling liquid or on the situation where patterns uncover the slender fluid. An off-focused moment counter flanked by a force save marker involves the highest point of the dial while the science fiction roars rule the base portion of the dial. Three forms will be accessible; silver case with blue fluid, dark case with green fluid, anthracite case with red fluid. The watch will retail for CHF 49,000.

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