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Lewis Hamilton talks Formula 1, (IWC) Watches and what may be next

Lewis Hamilton talks Formula 1, (IWC) Watches and what may be next

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So, outside the vehicle, what if you needed to make your own watch… what might it look like?

LEWIS – I’d love that! I’d love to plan my own watch! I never truly considered it yet rose gold is my top pick. Blended in with carbon fiber possibly. I love the Big Pilot’s watch, I love heavier watches. I like to feel the load on my arm. Doubtlessly it would be a perpetual schedule and a tourbillon. A watch as mechanical as possible.

Below, only for entertainment only, what Hamilton’s watch could resemble…

Racing… a few words about hustling and the momentum season

LEWIS – It’s often simpler to get up to speed than to remain ahead as far as improvement. A year ago, we had a decent beginning and everybody drew nearer before the finish of the period. Furthermore, we’re coming to this season and this remaining parts as before. Really, extremely close. We have 21 races and the vehicles can’t be wonderful on 21 tracks. There will be one that suits one vehicle and the inverse, contingent upon the vehicles’ characteristics.

This year we’ve seen two successes by one driver, then two successes by another driver and it will proceed till the year’s end. It will be incredible for onlookers. Effectively a year ago with Ferrari it was super-close. Furthermore, it’s likewise more diversion for me as well. More pressing factor, more competition. It’s more amusing to battle against another group. You don’t have the foggiest idea what they have in the engine or what they will do the next end of the week. We need to continually challenge ourselves.

You need to zero in additional on collaboration. At the point when you’re in the group and battling against the other driver, you’re not actually doing cooperation. You’re attempting to take your vehicle ahead. Presently, it’s all in all attempting to push the group in front of the others. Thus, I work all the more intimately with Valtteri (Bottas) than I worked with Nico (Rosberg). It’s a different battle.

What could be the future for you? Another class – MotoGP, 24h of the le mans?

LEWIS – I’m not actually keen on the other classes. I’ll no doubt complete my vocation in Formula 1. I appreciate and regard other classes and the drivers from them, however it doesn’t do anything for me. I watch Formula 1 and it’s “amazing”, that is what I generally needed to do. I don’t watch Le Mans or Touring Cars. Aside from MotoGP… That I love! MotoGP, I would do. (MotoGP is what might be compared to F1 for motorbikes).

It wouldn’t be a choice, nonetheless, after Formula 1. Professionally in any event. I just need to accomplish something and be the awesome it. I do accept if I had begun before, possibly at a youthful age. In any case, if you think at the present time, if I go to MotoGP, the experience the drivers have, I would never make up for lost time. What’s more, attempting to make up for lost time, probably I’ll break something and get harmed! Furthermore, in my thirties, I’d be an old driver (laughs).

Tomorrow, we will have the second piece of this interview, this time with Valtteri Bottas (Lewis’ partner), with the equivalent questions… And you’ll see that these two people are truly different. Stay tuned!