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Laurent Ferrier Enters the “Luxury Sports Watch” Category with the Tourbillon Grand Sport (Live Pics)

Laurent Ferrier Enters the “Luxury Sports Watch” Category with the Tourbillon Grand Sport (Live Pics)


There’s no rejecting that the “luxury sports watch” portion is, by a significant edge, at present creating the absolute most sizzling watches available. The interest for such pieces essentially outperforms creation. Hence, we see an ever increasing number of brands entering this market (and there will be more), some predictable, some less – Maurice Lacroix on the available side, Urban Jürgensen on the better quality. Also, today it’s time for one of the experts of style to come with his own vision of a luxury sports watch. Meet the Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport.

Luxury Sports Watch…?

We often hear the name “luxury sports watch.” But what precisely does that mean? A luxury sports watch is an idea that traces all the way back to 1972 when Audemars Piguet and planner Gerald Genta definitely changed the business and the thought of very good quality watchmaking with another, remarkable and problematic piece named the Royal Oak. The thought was to offer a similar degree of watchmaking and renown as the remainder of the brand’s assortment, anyway in a steel case with an advanced and intense design… The luxury sports watch was born.

Many of the competitors followed after accordingly: Girard-Perregaux in 1975 (the Laureato), Vacheron Constantin in 1977 (the 222), IWC in 1976 (Ingenieur SL Jumbo) and even Rolex, as it were, with the Oysterquartz. Yet, the “other” heavyweight luxury sports watch, aside from the RO, was the 1976 Patek Philippe Nautilus (and Laurent Ferrier has something to do with that one…)

The thought of a luxury sports watch is an exact definition: a steel case, normally formed (no round watches except for often barrel-or pad molded), an intense bezel that sits over the focal case, a finished dial, an incorporated steel wristband (a coordinated tie works as well), a slight profile, a top of the line development (generally a super slender automatic) yet with good protection from water and shocks.

The Patek background

As some may know as of now, Laurent Ferrier burned through a large portion of his profession working for perhaps the most prestigious watchmakers of the parcel: Patek. Knowing the watch you’re going to see, this has its significance here. Ferrier is the child and grandson of watchmakers. He spent his youth in the family loft over his father’s workshop. In spite of the fact that watches were not promptly an enthusiasm for Laurent, he sought after watchmaking more “as a practice of family values” and began to work at 22, in 1968, at Patek Philippe’s development model department… But just for a very long time, as he would leave to satisfy his actual energy (more on that below).

However, in 1974, Laurent Ferrier got back to Patek and was responsible for the “bureau procedure d’habillage“, an office accountable for the outer pieces of the watches (case, dial, hands, wristbands) – implying that Laurent was no more interesting to the Nautilus… He went through 37 years at Patek Philippe, coming full circle his profession as top of the imaginative department.

From motorsports to his own brand

Even however Ferrier loved watches and working in the watchmaking business, his actual enthusiasm was motorsports – which by chance made the way for the production of his own image. During his break of the business and as yet during his vocation at Patek, Laurent advanced in motorsports, being a semi-professional vehicle racer, driving different models like the Lotus 18, Porsche 934, Porsche 935, and the BMW M1. He competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans multiple times, coming first in the two-liter model class in 1977.

The zenith of this “side-job” was in 1979 when Ferrier dashed the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the N° 40 Porsche Kramer Racing 935/77A, completing the race in 3rd situation, behind Paul Newman (the connections among vehicles and watches are tight…). It was during this period that he met individual driver and industrialist François Servanin. The two men shared an enthusiasm for both speed and mechanics. In 2009, Laurent left Patek Philippe and, together with Servanin, framed the Laurent Ferrier watch brand.

This combined foundation of 1970s sports vehicles and top of the line watchmaking is the raison d’être behind Laurent Ferrier’s most recent creation, the Tourbillon Grand Sport.

The Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport

So here it is, Laurent Ferrier has quite recently dispatched a luxury sports watch. There’s no grammatical error here, dear peruser. It is in reality very surprising… Or is it truly? Indeed, perhaps not excessively much, but rather let’s first glance at this new Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport.

While Laurent was about vintage (or should we even say ‘antique’) looking pieces, roused by pocket watches and early wristwatches as of not long ago, he’s now investigating another piece of his life, as this watch is a genuine offspring of the 1970s – a reference to Laurent’s profession in both watchmaking at Patek and hustling at Le Mans. Unquestionably, it is unique in relation to all his other manifestations however is as yet a Ferrier after all.

The watch you’re looking at is a real individual from the “luxury sports watch” class, a watch section that was, up to this point, pretty much the Holy Trinity’s “preserve” – Nautilus, Royal Oak, Overseas. In any case, non mainstream players are presently beginning to investigate it, with Urban Jurgensen and its “One” assortment . An ever increasing number of competitors are coming available and Ferrier’s offering is a commendable individual from the group.

The Tourbillon Grand Sport is housed in a 44mm treated steel case, for the most part brushed with cleaned highlights. Don’t get excessively terrified by the measurements, the watch really wears less than anticipated. It may come up short on a touch of “finesse” and restriction, however it isn’t the behemoth a particularly number infers. The combination of the tie into the case assists with making a rather compact watch on the wrist. Considering the complex development inside, the case sits higher than a portion of its competitors.

The shape is additionally in accordance with the luxury sports watch class and Laurent Ferrier’s signature style. The case is a soft barrel with bends and adjusted profiles. The case is unbalanced with coordinated crown gatekeepers to ensure the little, round crown – which is most likely not the most ideal decision of crown for this watch. On top of this focal case is a pad molded bezel with a round dial opening. It includes a combination of curved and inward lines, something that is normal in Ferrier’s plans. An elastic ring sits in the middle of the case and the bezel. Altogether, the Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport is an astonishing however lovely blend of the brand’s configuration codes with bolder attributes.

Also in accordance with the “luxury sports watch” classification is the utilization of an incorporated elastic lash, midway mounted into the case. It is gotten by a collapsing fasten in steel. This elastic lash, done in dull beige, is graceful and comfortable. The alternative of a steel wristband would have been pleasant yet thinking about the selectiveness and restricted nature of this watch, growing such an arm band would have been troublesome (arm band fabricating is for sure harder than most can imagine).

To stay predictable with the theme yet without dismissing the brand’s DNA, the Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport presents a “strengthened” variant of LF’s old style dials. The base is a matte, slope dial with nickel opaline in the middle and dim earthy colored on the fringe, secured by a somewhat colored sapphire precious stone. On this dial are bolder adaptations of LF’s ”Assegai-molded” hands and applied lists, all made in cleaned white gold and loaded up with brilliant orange Super-LumiNova – a reference to the Porsche 935T driven by Ferrier and Servanin.

Turning the watch over, you’ll find that the Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport is fueled by a similar top of the line tourbillon development as other watches of the brand. Being the 10th commemoration of the origination of this development and the 40th commemoration of the founder’s platform at Le Mans, the decision was to have a restrictive and top of the line development for this model.

This development is best in class, with a contrary twofold equilibrium spring and an equilibrium at variable calculation, with screws. The exactness of this watch is chronometer-affirmed by the Besançon Observatory. Being a sports watch, the Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport is here executed with straight brushed, dull ruthenium-plated spans. The adornment is, as usual, exceptionally lovely with hand-cleaned slants, calculated spokes on the wheels, cleaned subsets for the screws and the gems, and extraordinary consideration regarding subtleties on the tourbillon bridge.


It would be hard also the Nautilus when looking at the Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport. It has a comparative vibe, a specific similarity, notwithstanding, it additionally has its own character. Indeed, this is one of the significant issues with the “luxury sports watch” class. The definition is thin to such an extent that all watches wind up being compared. This was the situation in 1976 when the Nautilus came out. It was the situation in the mid 2000s when Hublot dispatched the Fusion. It happened again a couple of years prior with the Polo S. Realizing Laurent Ferrier’s foundation at Patek, this Tourbillon Grand Sport is in reality more unique than some will need to concede.

Secondly comes the topic of “legitimacy.” Is it real for Ferrier to make a watch of this nature? Straight answer: yes! At the point when Patek and Audemars dispatched the Nautilus and the Royal Oak, their inventories were brimming with little Calatrava watches and a couple of rich complication pieces. All things considered, they set out to create something other than what’s expected. Today, Ferrier presents a sublimely executed piece, which isn’t amazing in certain respects (orange lists, tallness of the case at around 13mm) yet that the two regards the brand’s and the category’s codes.

Price and availability

The Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport will be a restricted version of just 12 pieces, which will be estimated at CHF 172,000 before charges. What we don’t know yet is if this watch is the debut model for an upcoming assortment of sporty pieces. As far as we might be concerned, it would bode well to have a non-tourbillon rendition, fueled by a similar base development as the Galet Square, with its miniature rotor. Combined with a steel arm band and a cost of around CHF 40,000, that would be a significant winning combo.

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