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Kudoke HANDwerk 1, a typical handmade German watch

Kudoke HANDwerk 1, a typical handmade German watch


German watches are normally liberated from any superfluous subtleties. No nonsense, simple, simply perfect, rich watches. Whether you see brands like A. Lange & Söhne , Glashütte Original ,  Moritz Grossmann or at more modest autonomous brands, the greater part of them offer richly, in vogue watches. One of these free movers is Stefan Kudoke, originator and watchmaker of Kudoke Watches. Other than his complicatedly definite skeletonised and engraved pieces, his HANDwerk assortment uncovers regular German attributes. We go involved with the Kudoke HANDwerk 1.

Who is Stefan Kudoke?

Stefan Kudoke is new here on MONOCHROME Watches, yet has been dynamic for more than ten years now, with his image Kudoke Watches. Generally, this sort of storyline keeps portraying the genealogy somebody has in watchmaking, through either a father or grandfather or whatnot, however Stefan’s story is somewhat extraordinary. With no family foundation in watchmaking, Stefan began his schooling without any preparation. Under the direction of his educators, he took in the craftsmanship expected to become a watchmaker himself.

After graduating with distinction at 22 years old, Stefan worked for Glashütte Original, Breguet, Blancpain and Omega, in both the complications and administration offices. This drove him to in the end seek after the fantasy about making his own watches, and along these lines Kudoke Watches was conceived. He will likely add to the conservation of customary watchmaking abilities, something I can just hail. Under his own image, he offers three sorts of watches. The HANDwerk assortment covers conventional hand tailored watches, for example, the Kudoke 1 we are auditing here. The KUNSTwerk assortment is about engraved or skeletonised watches in extremely restricted numbers. Third, the YOURwerk assortment is committed to one of a kind, bespoke watches.

The Kudoke HANDwerk 1 is a watch that doesn’t uncover every one of its mysteries from the beginning. From the vibes of things, it is exceptionally controlled in plan. Right around a piece, might I venture to say it, excessively straightforward. However, have confidence, this is a German watch so everything about the best subtleties. German watchmaking is basically a moderate way to deal with usefulness. Structure follows work, where all that is pointless is dispensed with. The accentuation is put on clearness, straightforwardness, balance, as Xavier clarified in his article ” Germans improve “.

Kudoke Kaliber 1

The objective for Stefan Kudoke has been to make his own development, rather than depending on outsiders. After over ten years of skeletonising and etching watches, he was at last ready to introduce his own type during Baselworld 2018. After a year, he grandstands his Kudoke HANDwerk 1 and 2 (which has a day/night marker rather than a little seconds) as an AHCI-candidate.

The plan and development of Kaliber 1, as it is called, is enlivened by verifiable English pocket watch developments. The hand-wound development is obvious through the sapphire caseback. The plan is basic and rich yet striking to the eye because of its balance: the equilibrium wheel toward one side, a solitary huge and hand-engraved extension holding it set up, and an iced completing on the whole surface of the full bridge.


This iced impact is accomplished by a strategy called reaming, similar as a grenage wrapping up. The extension is put in a blend of oil and grating material (generally glass crush or fine sand) and fastidiously ground around and around. The whole extension and the equilibrium cockerel are additionally gotten done with a hand-cleaned, curved edge, something that is very difficult to accomplish. This is a painstaking and exceptionally fragile completing procedure that very few can master.

Kudoke HANDwerk 1

The dial of the Kudoke HANDwerk 1 is silver with an exceptionally fine graining on a superficial level. The midway mounted hour and moment hand are made in steel and blued by hand by Stefan. The hour hand has a tip molded like an endlessness image. The part ring for the hour and moment markings, very restricted coincidentally, makes a feeling of profundity. The section ring is enlivened with Roman numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, spots in the middle for the excess hours and more modest dabs for 1-minute augmentations. A coordinating little seconds ring, with another tempered blue hand at 9 o’clock completes the time sign. Inverse the little seconds pointer is a Kudoke nameplate, giving a touch of visual equilibrium. At the base edge of the dial, you can discover a trace of the root of the watch.

The 39mm wide by 9.5mm high steel case is totally cleaned, from the ventured bezel to the case band and the screw-in caseback. A decent touch is the slight projection of the bezel and the caseback to add a touch of profile to the side of the case. The onion-style crown is marginally straightened and engraved with a “K” for Kudoke. Winding the development with the crown is exceptionally simple. The hold is excellent and you get a decent feeling of obstruction when dealing with it, not to an extreme but rather not very little. Same goes for setting the time. Obviously, sapphire precious stones are utilized for both the front and back, and the watch is water-impervious to 50m.

The humble components of the watch make this a truly comfortable one to wear, as it will fit 99,9% of people fine and dandy. The state of the hauls is rich and marginally calculated down. It’s combined with a dark croc leather lash and a cleaned steel pin-clasp – a collapsing catch is discretionary. The Kudoke HANDwerk 1 is appealingly valued, considering the measure of handwork included. It will cost you EUR 6.303,- before charges, which is a chunk of change however gets you a hand-completed, in-house development! Generally I was intrigued with the watch during the time I had it. Entirely comfortable, very top notch and exceptionally exquisite on the wrist.

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