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Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Panerai, about Paneristi, Challenges and the Future

Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Panerai, about Paneristi, Challenges and the Future


Panerai is, doubtlessly, perhaps the most followed brands in the business – think Paneristi – and one of the watch makes with the most clear personality; recollect that the Radiomir and Luminor lines discovered their foundations during the 1930s. Being the CEO of such a company is certainly not a simple assignment and “change” is the principle foe, despite the fact that vital. To see more about the eventual fate of the brand, we plunked down with its as of late selected CEO, Jean-Marc Pontroué ( who can be seen here ) to examine everything Panerai.

Frank Geelen – When did you get keen on watches? Was there a watch in the family that began things or anything like this?

Jean-Marc Pontroué – I have been working for my entire life in the extravagance business, principally in design prior to moving to leather merchandise and extras. Watches came rather late in my vocation way and I had the opportunity to deal with the improvement of the watch office for Montblanc in 2000. Then I moved to Roger Dubuis in 2011 and now I’m at Panerai. Along these lines, I’d say it’s just over the most recent twenty years that I’ve been in contact with the watch industry.

Only twenty years…

(Laughs) Well, indeed, I previously began with watches when I was responsible for a brand, which was named Matra, a French gathering which then incorporated the brands Yema and Cupillard Rième, that was possessed by a notable Japanese company. We had a permit, and I recall the top of the division as the licensor was Mr Richard Mille. There I got my absolute first watch. Unquestionably, something to remember.

Was he a motivation, when you later perceived how he built up his business?

Funny story, my absolute first watch was an exceptionally enormous titanium watch related with a voyager who is likely not known outside of France. At that point, he was the Mike Horn of the 1990s. Along these lines, it’s amusing to see that today I’m doing large watches, the greater part of them in titanium, and I end up doing a couple for Mike Horn. It’s amusing to get back to my absolute first contact with watches from thirty years ago.

Panerai is huge in titanium, particularly since you’re associated with swashbucklers and others with less normal positions.

Titanium has consistently been essential for the item and material arrangement of Panerai. It has all the qualities to be one of the significant materials utilized by Panerai. This year is particularly about Submersibles, which is one of our lines, obviously, and we utilize a great deal of creative materials, including titanium.

What carried you to Panerai? Obviously, I realize you were with Montblanc and later Roger Dubuis for quite a while, all inside Richemont. What’s more, presently it’s Panerai.

When you join Richemont, there a few exceptionally intriguing and fruitful brands in the gathering spot for you and Panerai is one of them. I had never longed for one day being CEO of that brand, yet it happened that I was drawn closer by the gathering to stand firm on the situation. Obviously, it’s a significant advantage to have the option to have it. However, it’s not something I had applied for on my first day at Richemont, to become the CEO of Panerai (laughs).

Is it a fantasy work?

You know, the excellence of being CEO of a brand is that you are so near the motivation and way of life and brand estimations of the brand. I need to say that Panerai is a brand that represents manliness, strength and character. It’s an item that says something, which you like it or not. I’m enticed to say that I’m particularly in accordance with the brand qualities. It’s a playful watch brand, which is one my life specialities. I’m likewise near the community and address fanatics of the brand from 25 years prior, and to sellers who have examined the brand from its beginning phases. I discover a great deal of motivation and have a proclivity with these people.

How have your initial a year been at the brand?

Well, when you’re in Richemont, you’re acquainted with individuals and measures and have a great deal of similitudes as far as the business approach between the two brands. Obviously, I consider the very surprising brand situating than my past one. That is the thing that sets aside a large portion of the effort, to change yourself to new items, new value focuses, new ventures and to various worlds.

What are the greatest chances and greatest difficulties inside Panerai?

You know, when you assume control over a brand of Panerai’s greatness, it’s the means by which you keep up the high reputability of the brand. There is no enchantment recipe. I see that the entirety of the hot brands have their own formula to get it going. In case you’re a lady, in case you’re a man, in case you’re very good quality or have open value focuses, etc, you have various fixings to consider. Our own has carried Panerai to what it is today. The brand has been one of the greatest examples of overcoming adversity in the last 25 years.

So, on one hand, you could consider it to be a chance and on the other, a gigantic test to do it successfully.

Yeah, in light of the fact that it’s the equivalent. The chance is to keep the brand however famous as it seems to be and the test is that we have a particularly notorious item. Numerous brands guarantee to have that, yet Panerai is one of the brands that is important for a class of brands that have notable cases, notorious dials and even notable ties. That is something we need to keep, so it’s the chance to spread the word about that more by more individuals. The test is the way to keep the brand at this high level, which is today the solitary unadulterated Italian watch major part in the industry.

Panerai is a special case in the watch world. Most watch brands have a couple of bad-to-the-bone authorities. Be that as it may, I can’t envision any brand with a gathering of authorities as devotee, committed and faithful as Paneristi. How is that for you as a CEO? How would you deal with this part of the brand? It is something that could reverse discharge as well?

First of all, when I joined the brand it was presumably the first occasion when I needed to adapt to this amazing marvel, which is to have Panerai’s enormous community in the greater part of the nations we work in. It’s my pleasure to be in contact with numerous in the US, in light of the fact that the community is exceptionally huge in the US, alongside Germany and China and Hong Kong, etc. Also, each time I travel, I attempt to have a gathering with one of them, if not more. At the point when we do a shop opening or occasions, or when they do their reality happening called P-Day some place on the planet. I went last September when they did it. I attempt to be near these individuals since I always remember that our example of overcoming adversity, the absolute first days of the brand’s example of overcoming adversity, is firmly connected with this community. They made Panerai exceptionally hot in an extremely brief time of time.

That should be a lot of valued by that gathering of fans.

Yeah, I believe it’s giving them equity for all the enthusiasm they’ve been giving us for some, numerous years. We need them to know about new items and tasks we have. I love their assessment since they know the brand even somewhat better compared to me. It’s been their obsession from the absolute first day and they are 25 years in front of me.

It would be a test to gain proficiency with the entirety of the reference numbers by heart!

(laughs) Which they do. They realize the dispatch dates and amounts and value focuses. They know all of that.

What are your needs for creating Panerai as a brand from where you got going? You had your first glance around and thought, “Alright, I need to set a few spots not too far off for where I need to sail”.

Well, my main methodology is to ensure that the groups around the globe taking all things together of our nations, including, obviously, Italy where near a large portion of individuals are working, are prepared to keep making the brand a world achievement. Where are the gifts? Where should we increment the quantity of gifts we need to ensure that the entirety of the difficulties in retail, computerized, after-deals administration and dispersion are very much overseen for the coming ten years. Thus, that is number one. Number two is the manner by which to develop the item inventiveness without making new lines of items. We have isolated the sitting arrangement into four key lines, every one of them having a committed objective gathering, devoted bundling as far as development, materials, dials and value focuses. This will possess the following ten years as Panerai works more top to bottom with every one of the families, which are important for the current combination today.

I have not heard you say, “I need to develop creation or develop to an alternate value portion or otherwise advance”. Are you fulfilled in that perspective?

Grow meaning how to make the brand more effective. It will stay an elite brand. We don’t plan to develop creation, just to build the specialized content of the value of the materials we have in a portion of our lines. We additionally expect to decrease the quantity of restricted versions. Thus, there are tones and shapes we are currently taking or will be in the coming months, which go into underlining the selectiveness of the brand.

How do you see the eventual fate of Panerai a long time from now?

Well, the objective in five years is to have the brand remain part of the main 20 administrators in the extravagance watch world. The others are likewise running quick so you need to stay aware of the speed. We’ll keep on having a very even brand as far as customership. The excellence of Panerai is tending to nearby customership in the majority of the nations we work in. While our industry is increasingly more touristic, we’re making a decent attempt to benefit from Americans in America, Europeans in Europe, Asians in Asia, Japanese in Japan, etc. This was likewise done well by my archetype. This is one of the critical qualities of the brand and we’ll keep on building up the neighborhood customership that makes Panerai so incredible. We’ll stay exceptionally adjusted in our appropriation pattern.

My last inquiry. In the event that there’s just a single Panerai for you to wear, which would it be?

(laughs) That is a troublesome one. All things considered, the Sub is quite possibly the most energizing to work with from when I previously joined the brand. As far as I might be concerned, it’s the nearest to the first from the brand. It was a jumper’s watch, more than 60mm, and the Submersible is the first we had that I’d call “the cultivated rendition.” And the BMG is remarkable to Panerai and the Bronzo is especially connected with Panerai. Carbotech is likewise overall quite a major watch at 47mm, however it’s actual light. Truly comfortable on the wrist. Be that as it may, eventually, unquestionably the Submersible.