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Jaquet Droz Loving Butterfly Automaton, now with a Prehistoric Petrified “Chinchilla Red” Dial

Jaquet Droz Loving Butterfly Automaton, now with a Prehistoric Petrified “Chinchilla Red” Dial

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Jaquet Droz discharges another interpretation of its automaton, “Loving Butterfly,” this time with a dial produced using an uncommon type of ancient petrified wood, a warm pre-winter stage for the entrancing presentation that happens under the sapphire precious stone. Respecting Jaquet Droz ‘s hypnotizing automata of the previous, a system permits the wings of the butterfly to shudder and the wheels of the chariot to turn. Loving Butterfly was delivered in 2017 , a flawless automaton portraying a tubby angel on a chariot drawn through a charmed woods on the wings of a butterfly. Since 2017, the Loving Butterfly has appeared with opal, onyx, dark mother-of-pearl, aventurine and even meteorite dials (JD is prestigious for its utilization of unordinary stones). This most recent emphasis includes a mineral dial made of Chinchilla Red, a wood that was petrified 150 million years prior in the woodlands of Australia.


Jaquet Droz was brought into the world in 1721 on a ranch in La Chaux-de-Fonds. He built up a remarkable ability for clockmaking and automata, those superb small mechanical manifestations that captivated the courts of Europe and China. His first experience with eminence occurred in Spain where he gave King Ferdinand VI his clocks and an especially entrancing repeater clock that would strike without manual intercession. The Spanish court purchased all that he had and he returned to Switzerland in 1759 with enough cash to set up his own workshop and begin delivering the automata that procured him popularity as far abroad as China.

A part of Swatch Group since 2000, Jaquet Droz has a watch assortment completely committed to automata close by refined assortments like the Grande Seconde dependent on a 1785 pocket watch. The Jaquet Droz Ateliers d’Art was opened in 2011, a specific workshop where the notable specialty of smaller than normal artwork, etching, cutting and a wide range of plating are polished by ace craftsmen.

Chinchilla Red

Chinchilla Red was shaped 150 million years prior when fir trees were cleared away by volcanic magma. The trees were in a real sense went to stone and all the material supplanted with minerals. An amazingly uncommon and thick mineral, it requires endless long periods of manual work to smooth the outside of this petrified wood. Chinchilla Red is uncommon to the point that a speedy Google search guides you to the fluffy kind of pet chinchillas with red eyes. Examples of this petrified wood, similar to the ones utilized on the dial of Loving Butterfly, actually safeguard the blueprint of tree rings and uncovers reds, tans and amber.

Poetry in Motion

Like past adaptations, the Loving Butterfly is housed in a 43mm 18k red gold case with a stature of 16.63mm. The case is cleaned and the trigger system for the automaton is discreetly situated in the crown. The glow of red gold is featured with the warm shade of the petrified wood foundation. The brilliant view on the dial is altogether cut in red gold by Jaquet Droz’s lord skilled workers. You can see the angel on his chariot holding the reins of the butterfly as he rides through the gold woods. The motivation of this specific scene was taken from a 1774 sketch performed by The Draftsman , one of Jaquet Droz atelier’s most acclaimed humanoid automata. A metaphor for the works of adoration, the chariot represents triumph and the seraph addresses Cupid.

See beneath the video we made of one of the past variants of the Jaquet Droz Loving Butterfly Automaton:

The rich details of the hand-engraved landscape are shocking; the butterfly’s recieving wire, for instance, are simply 0.2mm thick, and everything is flawlessly hand tailored in gold with various completions. You can perceive how the angel’s chariot and the round markings on the tip of the butterfly’s wings are cleaned while other parts are brushed or engraved with notches to imitate the bark of a tree trunk.

By initiating the pusher, the view unexpectedly comes alive: the butterfly folds its wings, for all intents and purposes brushing the sapphire precious stone and the wheels on the chariot turn. An inquisitive detail is that as the wheel turns, not all the spokes pivot reproducing an optical dream that Pierre Jaquet Droz (child) utilized almost 300 years prior. The restrictive automaton instrument, which required three years to create, permits the butterfly’s wing to vacillate up to multiple times over a time of two minutes and the chariot’s wheel to turn. With all the activity on the dial, it’s not difficult to forget that Loving Butterfly is a watch – even the dark onyx off-centered hours and minutes dial (with hand-engraved 18k red gold appliques and hands) is shrewdly incorporated into the scenery.


Loving Butterly is powered by oneself winding JD2653 AT1 type with a silicon balance spring and pallets and an automaton system which required three years of advancement. This twin-barrel development offers a 68-hour power hold for the time instrument. The automaton is driven by its own force source with the stream controlled by a governor.

The twisting of the time system is performed by turning the crown clockwise, while the twisting of the automaton instrument is performed counterclockwise. The type JD2653 AT1, uncovered under a sapphire precious stone glass, is done with Cotes de Genève emanating from the equilibrium wheel. The swaying rotor is amazing, particularly its spokes formed like the chariot wheel.

The Jaquet Droz Loving Butterfly Automaton “Chinchilla Red” Dial is given a dark croc lash and a 18k red gold collapsing fasten. It is a restricted release of 28 watches and will be evaluated at about CHF 130,000 (to be confirmed).

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