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IWC Unveils New Cutting-Edge “ManufakturZentrum” to Optimize Production

IWC Unveils New Cutting-Edge “ManufakturZentrum” to Optimize Production

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As IWC praises its 150th commemoration, the brand has initiated its all-new creation office, an achievement in its longstanding modern practice. Ideal working conditions, cutting-edge advancements and elevated plan to enhance creation and, eventually, the nature of IWC watches.

This significant advance for the brand gives a cutting edge, adaptable and exceptionally effective setting to work a portion of the creation exercises. The brand’s solid extension required a move and it is additionally an unmistakable sign on how IWC visualizes its improvement plans. Right now, 230 representatives work there however the limit is of 400 staff.

Located on the edges of Schaffhausen, the new “Manufakturzentrum” unites the creation of cases, development parts and developments’ gathering under one cutting edge roof. Complications, packaging up and last testing are as yet acted in the brand’s memorable structure/base camp close to the stream Rhine.

The new offices are something other than utilitarian. Chris Grainger-Herr, CEO of IWC, himself a modeler, was actually associated with their plan and expresses that: “The constructing clearly expected to offer ideal conditions for creation and great working conditions for our representatives. It was likewise vital to us to furnish guests with a novel encounter. However, we didn’t simply need to assemble a useful manufacturing plant – we needed a structure that was esthetically satisfying as well as impeccably embodied the soul of our brand.”

The fantastic Manufakturzentrum is 130m long, 62m wide and it has a gross floor zone of 13,500 square meters. The glass façade is 2,500 square meters and gives normal light to ideal conditions for creation. The primary floor is committed to the creation of development parts (machining, enhancement, electro-plating, jewelling) and movements.

Movements are amassed in a noteworthy 1,200mclean-room territory. The creation of cases is acted in the storm cellar and is obvious of the sharp skill of IWC in the field, with best in class CNC machines and various experts performing cleaning operations.

The development was completed inside 21 months and included 80 companies. More data at .

IWC ManufakturZentrum Facts:

  • Building: 130m x 62m
  • Gross floor area: 13,500 square metres
  • Volume: 69,200 cubic metres
  • Workstations: 238 at present, limit with respect to 400
  • Departments: Incoming Goods, Logistics, Movement-Component Production, Movement Assembly, Case Production, Case Assembly, Quality Control, Equipment Engineering, IT, Security, Infrastructure
  • Solar panels: 2,200 square meters – 275,000 kilowatt-hours per year
  • Design: ATP draftsmen engineers (Zürich), RMA Reichardt – Maas – Assoziierte Architekten Essen