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IWC Portugieser Automatic 42 Boutique Edition

IWC Portugieser Automatic 42 Boutique Edition

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It’s a major year for the Portugieser over at IWC , the notable watch that was dispatched in 1939 and has become a lasting top pick among watch sweethearts. Alongside the unprecedented  Portugieser Automatic 40 , there were two new Portugieser Automatic 42 models; one in steel and one Boutique Edition in 5N gold with a blue dial. As of late, we were sufficiently fortunate to have the Boutique Edition IW500713 for our active meeting and this is what we found.

Background Portugieser automatic 42

The Portugieser is perhaps the most established assortment at IWC made at the command of two Portuguese money managers who needed the exactness of a marine chronometer in a wristwatch design. In 1939, the 43mm Portugieser wristwatch (the famous ref. 325) was conceived, its enormous measurements for the day bearing witness to the way that it was outfitted with a hand-wound pocket watch development, type 74. Its perfect, basic, decipherable plan has withstood the trial of time and is the remarkable element of this family today. Following a time of insufficient stock, the IWC Portugieser made a fabulous return in 1995.

The Portugieser Automatic 42mm joined the Portugieser family in 2000 and was known as the Portuguese 2000. Its distinctive highlights, the little seconds at 9 o’clock and the force hold at 3 o’clock and its impressive measurements highlighted the joining of IWC’s milestone type 5000. Intended to check the difference in the thousand years, type 5000 was an imposing 38.2mm development composed of 286 sections and IWC’s first automatic development with a noteworthy 7-day power save. In 2015, type 5000 was supplanted with type 52010, a similar one utilized today in the Portugieser 42mm family.

Pocket watch dimensions

Larger than the Portugieser Chronograph (41mm) yet more modest than the first 1939 model (43mm) and generally a similar size as the new Perpetual Calendar , the Portugieser Automatic has a distance across of 42.3mm and a tallness of 14.1mm. It is an enormous watch, for sure, yet it catches the quintessence of the Portugieser flawlessly. Blunt’s 18cm wrist was utilized for the photos and it looks extraordinary on a bigger wrist. The completions on the 18k 5N gold case incorporate brushed casebands and cleaned top surfaces. Because of the moderately dainty bezel, the dial is the star of the show.

Expansive dial

The extraordinary blue dial is charming and reviews the shade of the most profound pieces of the sea – a sea affiliation IWC likes since it takes advantage of the historical backdrop of the main Portugieser. The sunray design on the dial radiates from the middle and gives the dial a beautiful sheen. All the trademark qualities of the Portugieser have announced for obligation: the rail line track section ring on the fringe and on the little seconds counter; the exquisite applied Arabic numerals; the thin feuille hands; and the perfect, amiable design of the components. To coordinate the rich rose gold case, the numerals are produced using 18k gold and the hands are gold-plated.

The level format of the two sub-dials – little seconds at 9 and force save at 3 o’clock – makes a satisfying equilibrium. There is not all that much or pointless, even the date window at 6 o’clock is slyly incorporated with a foundation coordinating the dial colour.

Calibre 52000 and Co.

When the type 5000 was supplanted with the type 52000 family in 2015, numerous fanatics of the brand thought about what might actually be enhanced the well known 7-day automatic development. Fundamentally, the vigorous force hold on the new age 52000 types was spread across two barrels rather than only one, for a superior conveyance of the force. The Pellaton bidirectional winding framework was improved and the winding pawls and automatic wheel were produced using super tough, essentially grinding free zirconium oxide ceramic. Other changes incorporated an expanded recurrence from 2.5Hz to 4Hz combined with a Breguet spring and a decrease in the size of the equilibrium wheel. On the esthetic front, the rotor was mostly skeletonised, just like the extensions, to improve the view. The general completions were additionally redesigned with inclined edges on the extensions, Geneva stripes, perlage etc.

Powered by type 52010, the converse side of this Portugieser Automatic 42 offers a liberal perspective on the automatic development. Because of the elements of the watch and the development (38.20mm) the view is amazingly fulfilling. The huge rotor includes a 18k gold emblem and albeit the designs are above and beyond, don’t expect Haute Horlogerie thrives here. All things considered, the organizer of IWC – the American F.A. Jones – was a pioneer in consolidating current creation techniques utilized in the American watch industry bringing about a mechanical methodology that empowered higher volume and more expense effective production.


Balanced, rich and enormous are descriptors that go inseparably with the Portugieser assortment so there is no point weeping over the measurements: they are as much a component of the Portugieser as its perfect, intelligible dials. The combination of rose gold and naval force blue is shrewd, somewhat like the uniform of a commissioned maritime officer with the naval force blue coat and gold brocade. It’s the sort of watch that will get seen for all the privilege reasons.

As a Boutique Edition, you may have anticipated an increment in cost. Indeed, the Boutique Edition costs precisely equivalent to the standard gold Automatic 42. All good, it is more costly than the more modest Automatic 40 model, yet you are getting an imposing 168-hour/7-day power hold over the 60 hours of the 40mm model.

Strap and price

The IWC Portugieser Automatic 42 Boutique Edition IW500713 comes with an attractive blue crocodile tie made by Santoni. The cost of this attractive gold and blue dial form of the famous Portugieser is EUR 23,100 (incl. charges and shipping).

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