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Is the mid-size Santos de Cartier the best option, or is it a classic poor man’s choice?

Is the mid-size Santos de Cartier the best option, or is it a classic poor man’s choice?


A direct comparison between the large and the medium-sized Santos de Cartier brings up the issue: what is in reality large? Regularly the term ‘mid-size’ is advertising slang for a ‘women’ model’, however that is unquestionably not the situation here. We put the Cartier Santos mid size and large size, side by side. 

With the renewed introduction of the Santos, Cartier truly hit the correct note at the 2018 release of the SIHH. The redid symbol (indeed, we disdain that word as much as anybody, however hello, this watch truly merits that assignment) was a triumph for a few reasons. The central explanation was without a doubt the style of the watch. The new Santos is immediately conspicuous, manly, present day while as yet conveying that unmistakeable Cartier elegance.

The renowned Parisian Maison not just perceived the potential for such an articulation watch, however it additionally put the correct sticker price on it: EUR 6,000-7,000. The whole assortment is based on that solid establishment and ended up being both esthetically and commercially interesting.


One of the coolest subtleties on the new Santos watch is the arm band framework. Each watch comes with one additional tie (one steel, one leather), that is not difficult to change. This is anything but a little accomplishment; increasingly more watch brands these days have interchangeable lashes, yet often the obsession feels somewhat feeble. This unquestionably isn’t the situation with the Santos, where the wristband has been a fundamental plan component since its first release in 1904.

The length of the arm band can likewise be changed by what Cartier calls its SmartLinks. By squeezing a little oval push-piece on the underside of the connections, a bar is delivered without the need of a screwdriver. Push, discharge, eliminate the additional connection, embed it again and it’s fixed. We tried it for a couple of moments and the capacity is straightforward, savvy and first rate.

TWO SIZES, same proportions

But Cartier didn’t stop with the distinctive wristband alternatives. The Parisians went above and beyond with the sizes offering the Santos in a large and mid-size design. That is consistently somewhat precarious; a more modest rendition of any extravagance item is quite often the helpless man’s decision. The little value distinction between the two (just EUR 600) obviously demonstrates that Cartier needed to keep away from the entanglement of making a downsized, less expensive brother.

In my years as a supervisor at Esquire, I’ve composed many articles on vehicle plan. And virtually every vehicle architect I addressed raised a similar word to portray great plan. That word was seldom streamlined features or common sense. It quite often was ‘extent’. Great plan is constantly adjusted, interfacing all the striking visual components in a cognizant style. (Or on the other hand, as Jeremy Clarkson put it: “with a very much planned vehicle, each great line associates with another great line“.) That implies you’ll never see an all around planned vehicle with similarly long front and backsides, for instance. Or on the other hand so far as that is concerned, little wheel edges on a games vehicle. Extents are consistently key. And if configuration extents are acceptable, it will show when you change the size of that part (this is the genuine mystery behind why all Porsches resemble the other the same yet are distinctive in any case they’ve all got the very fundamental extents: that of a 911).

This stunt can likewise be applied to watches. In the event that all the extents in the essential plan are kept up, the two sizes will be similarly acceptable. (This is the thing that turned out badly with the Rolex a few years prior, for instance; the case developed yet the hands didn’t, thereby changing the extents of the watch; something they refreshed a couple of years later.)

The Parisians are demonstrated experts of extent, an ability they displayed with the Drive de Cartier ; that plan functioned admirably in both the typical and the super dainty adaptation. With the Santos they needed to show that specific expertise once more, thereby demonstrating whether the plan fills in also in any size. So we went hands-on with the two adaptations to see which of the two is really the better one.

small is huge at cartier

The first thing that must be noted is that neither of the watches is in reality little. Ordinarily the term ‘mid-size’ is advertising slang for a ‘women’ model’, however that is certainly not the situation here. The medium model actually commands a striking presence on the wrist. And without a doubt, traditionally speaking, this 35.1mm x 41.9mm is really a large watch. The ‘large’ rendition is much greater – and measures an astounding 39.8mm x 47.5mm. The last is remarkably thick also with a stature of simply over 9mm.

Cartier Santos Mid size Cartier Santis Large size

One of the greatest plan accomplishments of the Santos is the style of the bezel. A fat edge with screws has consistently been the sign of this model, yet in making it contemporary – and keeping up a portion of that world-popular Cartier class – I presume the planners needed to pull each deceive not to make the watch look excessively massive. So what the originators did was to present the defense and glass curvier. They additionally added one savvy configuration include: a cleaned layer on top of the brushed steel (or gold) case. This adds profundity and a feeling of extravagance to the bezel. It gets the job done impeccably by making the essence of the watch stand out, without making it too massive or a dull piece of steel.

calibre 1847 MC

The two unique sizes have nothing to do with the size of the development or some other functional explanation. The two forms include the type 1847 MC, an essential (4 Hz, 3-hand, 42-hour power hold, date or no date) in-house created and delivered development. The two unique sizes are therefore solemny intended to say something – an errand they complete quite well. Cartier’s International Marketing and Communications Director Arnaud Carrez, who could likewise be known as the driving force behind the renewed introduction of the Santos, disclosed to me a year ago that these masculine sizes were an extremely cognizant choice. Cartier needed to say something and show a character that would pull in men with a ‘strong and daring disposition’ towards life. A demeanor, Carrez said, that was enlivened by that celebrated first wearer, Mr Santos-Dumont.

variations on a theme

When it comes to genuine strength, the brilliant Cartier Santos will offer all the expressions anybody will at any point require. This is the watch that braced even Gordon Gekko’s unbelievable avarice in Wall Street (Oliver Stone, 1987). This assertion piece is a tad a lot for my own taste, however in the event that your life saying approaches Gekko’s ‘greed is good’, this über-Santos will satisfy every one of your faculties. The arm band is great, the fastens are flawlessly acclimatized the plan and the Roman numerals on the dial come out unequivocally. The watch is likewise normally heavy.

Earlier this year, Cartier additionally presented a significant decent new blue dial to the Santos assortment . This tone isn’t yet accessible in the mid-size form, and it doesn’t know whether that will at any point occur. The blue truly stands out, despite the fact that my inclination would be the somewhat more exquisite and exemplary white dial. On the wrist, the large steel case shows a solid presence. Regardless of its size and weight, it wears comfortably because of the formidable arm band (or lash, obviously) and the bended case. It fits barely under a shirt, yet I wouldn’t say it’s a truly cheerful marriage. This watch is unquestionably more at home in an easygoing (working) environment.

That really is the equivalent with the 35mm rendition. It’s essential to bring up that my wrists aren’t large in any way, so I may be biased, however I think this size fits the Santos far superior. It actually is a lot of an assertion watch. To understand how this watch deals with your appearance, it’s vital to consider what the name and notoriety of Cartier do to anybody wearing a watch this way. Cartier is clearly a solid brand, and the striking plan of the Santos emphasizes that much more. The huge, gleaming bezel makes for an exceptionally solid initial introduction. Then there’s the square dial with the right away conspicuous Roman numerals that are totally loosened up in the corners (that implies without going excessively far into the edges). This is truly one of the other insider facts of this plan: the size of the numerals is done very well.

One detail that hasn’t stood out enough to be noticed from its producers is, as I would see it, the glass. When seen from the side, the glass shows a little bobbly-shaky mutilation that could’ve been forestalled by utilizing all the more carefully cut glass.


But having said that, I truly think the Santos de Cartier is a watch that would find real success at any casual event; at home, easygoing Friday at work and at a mixed drink party. The two sizes sit completely on the wrist, and they truly say something that will educate you have style and information concerning watches. As far as I might be concerned, the mid-size fits obviously superior to the large form, however that needs to do essentially with my wrist size. On Frank’s wrist, in the photographs with leather and blue dot arm band, the large size its better. I truly think the two watches give a similar assertion, striking and rich simultaneously. Since in the end – and Cartier truly merits acclaim for this – the decision for a greater or more modest Santos is by and large what it ought to be: a matter of wrist size, not wallet size.

Santos de Cartier mid size Santos de Cartier large size