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Introducing the Cartier Libre Jewellery Collection – Freedom of Shape and Colour

Introducing the Cartier Libre Jewellery Collection – Freedom of Shape and Colour

Perfect Replica

Cartier figures out how to intertwine a one of a kind hint of French refinement with a liberal mentality towards plan. Cartier’s relationship with  captivating molded watches  has went on for a century and you’d be unable to locate a direct round watch chez la Maison. Uncommon shapes, similar to the square Santos, the rectangular Tank , the barrel-molded Tortue, or even the bizarre and wild 1967 Crash watch roused by a Baignoire Allongée model that was purportedly mutilated and dissolved in an auto accident, have been and still are a lot of a character quality of the brand.

Last year flagged the arrival of the Santos , and in 2019 the disposition for sentimentality is still going full bore as we have seen with the pre-SIHH arrival of the Cartier Privé Tonneau watch for men roused by a 1906 model with an extended tonneau case. Ladies are likewise in for a treat with the pre-SIHH 2019 arrival of the Baignoire Allongée, a model that in a real sense takes a plunge in an ocean of valuable stones. Introduced in white or yellow gold models and restricted to 50 watches in each metal, the lengthened variants of the Baignoire adventure into high jewelry terrain.

A high jewelry shower for the Baignoire Allongée

The antecedent to what in particular in the end got known as the Baignoire was planned in 1912 and acquired its abnormal name in the last part of the 1950s on account of its solid similarity to a bath. The second piece of its name – allongée – alludes to Baignoire models with hyper-extended cases.

The Baignoire Allongée Céladon model is housed in a medium white gold case studded with Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds and splendid cut precious stones. Orchestrated unreservedly around the prolonged oval case, the electric blue tourmalines and the extreme green emeralds light up the case with a practically sea-going sparkle. Truth be told, the stones – including jewels – looking into it help me to remember valuable barnacles on the structure of an extravagant boat. The huge stretched Roman numerals that portray the Baignoire have been supplanted by a deck of splendid cut jewels that reverberation the state of the case.

The Baignoire Allongée Black model has a much more extreme range and combines a rich yellow gold case with differentiating dark spinels, yellow sapphires and splendid cut precious stones. The two models highlight a briolette precious stone in the crown and come on croc leather ties; green on account of the Céladon model and dark for its sister. Both restricted release watches are outfitted with an in-house manual-winding development (Caliber 1917 MC) for the hours and minutes with a force save of 38 hours.

Each variant of the Cartier Baignoire Allongée will be restricted to 50 pieces, with costs going from EUR 60,000 for the dark/yellow gold model and EUR 70,000 for the Céladon model.

Tank Chinoise Red

Two other models, the Tank Chinoise Red and Diagonale, are likewise remembered for the pre-SIHH tidbits and have been energized with valuable stones to underline their uncommon shapes. The Tank Chinoise Red is the immediate relative of the notorious 1921 Tank Chinoise with carries intended to summon the engineering of Chinese sanctuaries. In 2019 Cartier drastically returns to the watch with an any longer and more lengthened case in white gold changing it from its unique square shape into a rectangle.

To accentuate the Chinese association and the bizarre state of the case, two lintels of splendid red rubies are set at either of the case and outlined by dark veneer. The brancards of the inky-dark lacquered dial are flanked by 164 splendid cut precious stones and the dial highlights two Roman numerals with a prolonged VI to repeat the rectangular push of the plan. The Tank Chinoise Red Watch is controlled by a quartz development. It comes on a dark crocodile lash and will be a numbered version of 100 pieces. Cost will probably be around EUR 60,000.


Don’t bother chasing for this watch in Cartier’s chronicles since it is another creation. Taking advantage of the smooth Art Deco esthetic that has functioned admirably for the brand, the Diagonale plays with mathematical shapes. Fun dark and red polish lines upgrade its twisted highlights a twist of 70 precious stones adds a fine jewelry contact. Like the Tank Chinoise Red, the watch runs on a quartz development and will be restricted to 50 pieces at a normal cost of EUR 35,000.

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