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Ikepod is Back And Launches a New Affordable Collection on Kickstarter (Hands-On Pics)

Ikepod is Back And Launches a New Affordable Collection on Kickstarter (Hands-On Pics)

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Ikepod… A puzzling brand, with a plan that the greater part of us can undoubtedly review. Indeed, Ikepod was about that: an incredible plan! Established in 1994 by Oliver Ike and Marc Newson – who planned the watches, and was subsequently engaged with the plan of the Apple Watch – the brand was famous for its circle formed/stone molded watches – watches that would become present day symbols. However, the story had its good and bad times, and Ikepod halted creation in 2012 when Newson left the company. Until now… as this religion configuration is back in 2018, with new financial backers, new individuals and fundamentally another procedure of reasonableness. Meet the new essence of Ikepod, with a collection just dispatched on Kickstarter. 

Ikepod – a religion watch, a complex story

Ikepod, thinking back to the 1990s and 2000s, was absolutely among the coolest watches you could get. They were unique, intentionally over-planned, enormous, and blending advancement in with somewhat obsolete plan components – a purposeful 1950s UFO style. This amazing formula, crafted by planner Marc Newson (one of the two organizers of the brand), made it to the wrist of fashioners, craftsmen, modelers and Silicon Valley business visionaries. It was the item to cause you to feel unique and cool, while simultaneously having a genuine Swiss Made, mechanical watch on the wrist.

The brand was established in 1994 and created different models, from the Megapode, the Seaslug, the Hemipode, the Horizon or the Solaris – more often than not with a comparable equation: a smooth, super clean stone formed case, complex dials with optical fantasies or 3D surfaces, beautiful components and programmed movements.

The company had its ups and downs. Ikepod was proclaimed bankrupt in 2006 however was relaunched in 2008 and afterward put on pause in 2012, when Marc Newson left the company he helped to establish to move to associated watches. Newson was associated with the advancement of the Apple Watch Series 1, which is the reason you locate a similar 1990s Ikepod elastic tie on this tech object. The brand was dormant from 2012 to 2018 – yet another section is going to be written.

Ikepod – The comeback, with Kickstarter

For its third dispatch, Ikepod will have a fresh out of the plastic new methodology, despite the fact that the plan will feel natural to the majority of us – and that is uplifting news. During the 2000s, Ikepod had a very good quality methodology, with gold or platinum watches, complex developments (chronometer-confirmed chronographs, tourbillons) and costs that were in accordance with this procedure. Surely, this didn’t assist the brand with enduring. In 2018, Ikepod gets rid of the Swiss Made name, the complex developments, the extravagant materials, and returns to rudiments and to plan. Whether you like this new system or not, the market has changed.

What is the new essence of Ikepod? After a few gatherings/financial backers showed revenue in relaunching Ikepod, the brand was at long last procured in April 2017 by three new financial backers, including greater part investor and new CEO Christian-Louis Col – with a foundation of extravagance marks in watchmaking, adornments, shoes and beautifying objects.

While these gentlemen might have applied a similar methodology as utilized beforehand, they have chosen to depend on the developing idea of miniature brands and reasonable costs. The debut watches – Duopod and Chronopod – hold the patented round-formed watch plan, the first UFO logo on the dial and the Hemipod (colorful quail) logo on the crown and the feeling of plan so dear to the brand and its collectors.

What has changed, notwithstanding, is the situating of the collections. No more USD 10,000 watches except for all things being equal, an emphasis on reasonableness and plan. The watches are planned in Switzerland however gathered in Hong Kong, with Japanese quartz developments and steel cases as it were. For evident reasons, the top get together (development encased from the dial-side) has been discontinued, because of the requirement for explicit apparatuses to open the case and administration the watch.

Where the new Ikepod stays consistent with the first idea is as far as plan. In reality, the watches have been planned with the assistance of Emmanuel Gueit, one of the watch world’s top architects (the man behind the Royal Oak Offshore and the updated Rolex Cellini).

The new Ikepod watches will be offered from the outset through a Kickstarter crusade, beginning today . The watches are dispatched at sensible costs: beneath CHF 400 for the time-just form and underneath CHF 500 for the chronograph model.

The new Ikepod Duopod and Chronopod, Quartz-Powered (for the moment…)

We had the chance to see the whole collection half a month prior and here are our impressions. To start with, these watches are not totally MONOCHROME material, chiefly because of the quartz movements. However, we should take note of a few empowering points.

In terms of plan, the two watches stay dedicated to the smooth UFO-like case planned by Newson, which adds to the coolness of these watches. Estimating 42mm (time-just) and 44mm (chronograph) in width, they wear a lot more modest than anticipated – something that has consistently been valid with Ikepod. The cases are professional, with exact get together and decent wrapping up. Once lashed to the wrist, the first Ikepod feeling is back, no uncertainty about it.

As for the dials, they go from a clean monochromatic style (silver model) to substantially more unique forms – particularly the finished model, which is, as far as we might be concerned, the coolest choice. Hands and dials are first rate. Concerning the lash, the new Ikepod group has chosen to utilize a somewhat extraordinary model, and not the first elastic tie with circle connections planned by Newson. The fundamental explanation is that this tie is utilized by Apple and, despite the fact that the plan was first made for Ikepod, it is shrewd to keep away from such clashes. Notwithstanding, unique Ikepod ties can be fitted on the new watches.

One valid statement is that, despite the fact that the Duopod and Chronopod are quartz-fueled watches, they don’t include a focal seconds hand – implying that there is no seconds beating hand showing the presence of a battery-driven movement.

As for the fate of the brand, note that a programmed rendition, in all likelihood controlled by a Japanese Miyota development, and estimating 46mm, is right now being worked on. On the off chance that the current mission demonstrates fruitful, it will be dispatched in 2019 with an objective cost of EUR 990.

Ikepod 2018 – Availability and Price

Through the Kickstarter lobby, 5 distinct models of Duopod (42mm time-just) will be offered – silver, dark with 3D surface and orange records, blue, white and dark – just as an uncommon version for the mission – dark with 3D surface and white lists and orange hands. These watches will be offered at a cost of CHF 330 (early bird). Deliveries are normal in May 2019.

Also, 5 distinct models of the Chronopod (44mm chronograph) will be offered – silver, dark, blue, weapon dim, white – just as an exceptional Kickstarter version – dark with 3D surface and white files and orange hands. The cost for the chronograph begins at CHF 410 (prompt riser). Conveyances are additionally expected in May 2019.

You secure one of these watches through the Kickstarter page . More subtleties on .