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HYT H0 Time is Precious – Representing the Inexorable Flow of Time

HYT H0 Time is Precious – Representing the Inexorable Flow of Time

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The HYT H0 Time is Precious watch exemplifies an amazing philosophical message. Comparable precisely and basically to other individuals from the H0 family , the “Time is Precious” model is not normal for anything we have seen before at HYT and adventures down a more artistic way to address the essential philosophical insights that propelled the brand to depict time in a fluid design. The dial, produced using shards of intelligent silicon alongside the brand’s trademark liquid portrayal of the hours, is planned to advise us that time is relentless and welcomes us to appreciate the entire day.

Panta Rhei: Everything Flows

The very idea of time is an open greeting to philosophical insights. For those of a logical/mathematical twisted, time is free of the perceiver and advances at a consistent speed for everyone, wherever in the universe. Relativistic time gets into a totally different sticky situation with ideas like time widening for objects commandeered by gravitational fields and even the possibility of time travel. Be that as it may, however you decide to take a gander at it, in whichever heading it very well may be moving, it can’t be stopped.

Unlike numerous standard brands whose watches are contextualized with way of life recommendations – refined, energetic, gutsy, trendy person, and so on –  HYT has moved its energy into finding a representative method to address time. Chief Grégory Dourde conversed with MONOCHROME widely about the brand’s one of a kind way to deal with addressing time in the video beneath , and uncovers how the insights of the Greek savant Heraclitus demonstrated major in building up HYT’s ‘time is liquid’ concept.

Heraclitus of Ephesus (530-470 BC) saw that nature is in a condition of consistent motion and change. His witticism that “no man at any point steps in a similar stream twice” summarizes his vision of the streaming, always showing signs of change and steady nature of time. As per Grégory Dourde, the relationship of time streaming like a waterway inspired an emotional response: “It turned into the base of the HYT project and the test for us was to show the progression of time with fluid. The shaded fluid addresses past time and memory while the straightforward fluid is your future.”

Having established that time is momentary and stops for no man, the H0 Time is Precious watch is the brand’s contemporary urging to carpe diem. “It’s an advanced interpretation of the memento mori, without the skull,” discloses Dourde, “a perpetual suggestion to the proprietor that time is a definitive extravagance since you can purchase pretty much anything, yet you can’t accepting time.”

A Case with Fluid shapes

Packing such lofty contemplations into a watch is a difficult task, so we chose to ask the society at HYT how they dense all these lofty philosophical ideas into a watch. In the devoted MONOCHROME video , architect François Nuñez clarifies how liquid has played “a vital job in the manner in which we display time, yet additionally in the manner in which we plan our watches”. The state of the H0 is liquid, “similar to a smooth stone polished by the water” and the utilization of glass is “connected to water by its transparency”.

In truth, the cambered sapphire gem compensates for 3/4 of the volume of the watch and the high domed shape offers perspectives on the development and dial from a wide range of positions. With its 48.8mm breadth and 18.7mm stature, you would anticipate that this watch should be trying on the wrist. Surprisingly, the shortfall of carries makes it comfortable to wear and the measure of glass gives it a coasting, ethereal presence – in spite of the fact that there is no getting away from the way that it will get looked at!

The treated steel case highlights brushed, miniature impacted and silk finishes and drums home the message Time is Precious, engraved twice in mirror composing around the hardened steel case band. Things get intriguing however on the domed sapphire precious stone ensuring the dial with its engraved dark numerals which can be seen from various positions, frontally and furthermore from the side. The crown at 2:30 is covered with dark DLC, the caseback is likewise produced using sapphire gem and the watch is water-resistant to 30m.

A Cubist Dial

HYT wanders into a more artistic domain and turns its hand to the craft of marquetry to make a theoretical, practically Cubist dial that looks like it has been produced using fragmented glass. Rather than utilizing more customary marquetry materials like wood or nacre, HYT picked silicon to improve the dial, which was laser-cut into 63 more modest pieces. The plan of the shards of silicon is dynamic and the mirror finish on their surface mirrors the environmental factors and plays with the light so that the watch is continually changing, being changed right in front of us – another token of the constant progression of time.

The theoretical plan of the silicon makes a unique example and there are four sharp mathematical gaps on the dial uncovering the roars, a three-sided power save pointer that travels from dark (vacant) to red (full), and a cut-out at 9 o’clock for the running seconds. Styled like a controller clock, the hours on the fringe are shown by the red liquid that movements through the hairlike and which is siphoned back again toward the finish of its journey (18:00) with a cool retrograde activity. To permit the dial place stage, the minutes are situated on a sapphire counter in the top portion of the dial and the minutes hand has a dash of glow to counsel the time in the dark.


Most of you will be acquainted with HYT’s inventive arrangement of howls and vessels to siphon the liquid around the dial, yet in the event that you need a top to bottom clarification on the innovation that HYT needed to create to ensure the fluids inside the cylinders didn’t get blended, and that the time demonstrated by the mechanical development was precisely reflected by the fluid, don’t miss our video .

You can get a decent perspective on the manual-twisting type on the caseback with the roars involving the lower half and the equilibrium wheel, gear train and barrel solidly held set up by the openworked spans, which thusly are slanted and adorned with Geneva stripes. Beating at 28,800vph/4Hz, the development gives a 65-hour power reserve.

Price and availability

The H0 Time is Precious is a restricted version of 50 watches and with regards to its straightforward body, comes on a transparent elastic lash with a titanium collapsing clasp. The retail cost of the watch is required to be around CHF 50,000. For more data, kindly visit .