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Guido Terreni of Bvlgari on Cinemagia, The Brand’s Haute Horlogerie & Haute Joaillerie Collections

Guido Terreni of Bvlgari on Cinemagia, The Brand’s Haute Horlogerie & Haute Joaillerie Collections


Guido Terreni, Managing Director of the Bvlgari watch division, presents MONOCHROME the absolute generally striking and selective manifestations of the brand, including Bvlgari’s most costly watch to date or an assortment of Monete Octo watches, highlighting old Rome coins.

Xavier Markl, MONOCHROME – Thanks for having us at this Bvlgari ‘Brand Event’ in Capri. Would you be able to mention to our perusers what Cinemagia is all about?

Guido Terreni – The ‘Brand Event’ is our most significant occasion we do each year. It is an exhibit of the greatest savoir-faire that we accomplish in our high gems assortment. We welcome the main clients of the brand to an exceptionally selective area, similar to this one in Capri. It is a private occasion, elite and specific. We build up a high adornments assortment with a theme. This year, Cinemagia, in Italian the ‘sorcery of film’, is the theme. Bvlgari turned out to be globally celebrated gratitude to the Dolce Vita era. During the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood stars came to Rome, found Italy and its way of life. They went gaga for our gems and its overflowing, overwhelming style. The current year’s manifestations reconsider the theme in the present context.

Besides gems, you are likewise exhibiting a serious amazing assortment of watches. Specifically, a creation that is Bvlgari’s most costly watch to date.

Of course, we additionally bring our most elevated pieces for watchmaking, high gems watches or high complications.

The Serpenti is profoundly established in Rome’s set of experiences. It has embellished the wrists or necks of ladies since the time of Cleopatra. Inside the brand, we have deciphered this image in an approach to improve the magnificence of ladies in each structure. We do it in a manner that is extremely intense, challenging in its inventiveness. It is an incredible image meaning resurrection and sexiness. The gentility of the image is likewise ground-breaking. We generally find better approaches for playing with this wonderful sign. The Serpenti Romani is likely the most shocking piece we have in the introduction today. It is a novel piece with an inflexible wristband, created in the most elevated custom of high jewellery.

What is the imaginative cycle behind a particularly dynamite piece?

When you have something that isn’t customary like this, you are allowed to communicate. The thought was to make another approach to wear the snake without having the snake circumventing your wrist like we often do. This translation of an unbending arm band comes from the Roman Imperial Era, this delightful gems is reminiscent of the extravagance of the time. This is the root that is then converted into a cutting edge creation with jewels and bright stones that are such a lot of a piece of Bvlgari’s personality. You have a 10.8-carat, pad cut sapphire on the top of the mysterious watch. You have 81 carats of loaf cut precious stones and 31 carats of sapphires covering the wristband. It is a piece of craftsmanship and it is interesting. The one who wears it has the right to be the lone lady on the planet to wear it.

Can you inform us concerning the Serpenti Misteriosi Intrecciati?

Intrecciati in Italian methods interlaced, joined. The body of the snakes is produced using a beaded, entwined arm band with emeralds, sapphires or rubies that fold over the wrist. This way the arm band is extremely liquid and simple to change. This is something we never did and it is another approach to wear the snake image. This is a mysterious watch so one of the two heads opens to uncover the time. We play with shading rich stones and various cuts, so you have a ton of imagination. The Intrecciati watches have been a genuine hit with our clients in these three days in Capri. It required one and a half years to make it. You see the outcomes just when the principal piece is done, so it should be planned keenly. Some of the time an attracting isn’t sufficient to comprehend an article truly, so we use stereolithography to comprehend the volume, 3D printing permits you to change the item if fundamental. We are exceptionally satisfied with the result.

Moving to men’s watches, you are reworking another well known Bvlgari theme – ‘Monete’ – in watches? How/when was it incorporated into Octo? What are the specificities and principle highlights of these new ‘Monete’?

‘Monete’ are made with old coins of the Roman time. It is extremely hard to track down coins that are sufficiently large to fill the substance of a men’s watch. We are talking about a 44mm watch so the coin must be around 36/37mm in size. The coins must be customary, level and very much preserved and come from a ruler who applied a positive impact ever. For this situation, we have two pieces from Emperor Constantine’s period (editor’s note: the coins of the two new Monete portray Constans 1, one of Constantine the Great’s three sons). Constantine gave his name to Constantinople, known as Istanbul today.

These coins are extremely uncommon and hard to track down. We can just do three or four pieces per year. These are consolidated into a mysterious watch where you push the crown to open the watch and find the super slender Finissimo skeleton tourbillon. It is the most slender tourbillon on the planet. All things considered, in any event, coupling the watch with the coin, it stays meager thinking about how it is made. We have been working with coins for quite a long time. Nicola Bvlgari is an authority of Roman coins. Since the commencement of Bvlgari, we have been blending coins with pieces of jewelry, sautoirs, arm bands… Only Bvlgari can make something like that.

Quick Facts

Serpenti Misteriosi Romani – high adornments secret watch – 18k white gold set with a pad formed sapphire 10.08 carats – 674 sapphires (32.49 ct.) – loaf and clear set jewels (63.33 ct.) – quartz development – special piece

Serpenti Intrecciati – high adornments secret watch – 18k white gold with interlaced wristband – one adaptation comprising 80 ct. of rubies – one adaptation comprising 35 ct. of emeralds and more than 40 ct. of sapphires – each set with in excess of 10 carats of precious stones – quartz development – special pieces

Octo Roma Monete – two versions, platinum or pink gold – 44mm x 9.75mm case fit with an antiquated silver coin – hand-wound type BLV268 Skeleton Flying Tourbillon (1.95mm) – water-impervious to 30m – gator tie with collapsing buckle