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Grand Seiko Elegance Limited Edition Steel SBGK005G – The Dress Watch, GS Style

Grand Seiko Elegance Limited Edition Steel SBGK005G – The Dress Watch, GS Style


Seiko is taking extraordinary steps to make the currently liberated brand Grand Seiko its very own element, and now there isn’t one Grand Seiko line however three: Heritage, Elegance and Sport. Truth to be told, Heritage and Elegance are fundamentally the same as, however since the Elegance Collection focuses on a more refined fragment the watches are slimmer and, on the wrist, communicate a totally different sensation. Proof of this will be this Grand Seiko Elegance Limited Edition in Steel reference SBGK005G.

We’ve already  introduced the complete assortment here , and keeping in mind that the gold forms with Urushi dials are a fantasy, for us common humans this adaptation in steel is ensured to please in light of the fact that it offers a similar size, refinement and completes yet for undeniably less money.

A Slender Case

Grand Seiko watches have consistently had an exemplary look with sizes that reflect market patterns. All things considered, a little case size would look anachronic today. In the event that, as a brand, you are looking to discover a spot close by the dress watches of European brands, you need to create the perfect size, which is the purpose for this new 39 mm case. The stature is marginally over the dress watch code (11.6 mm) and surprising in a manual winding watch, yet on account of the state of the hauls and their shape the Grand Seiko Elegance SBGK005G sits pleasantly on the wrist and doesn’t meddle with your cuff.

The pride of Grand Seiko, the Zaratsu cleaning procedure, is applied on all frontal surfaces to guarantee there are no contorted reflections. The edges of the hauls are likewise cleaned to underline the quality completions. The casebands, then again, are glossy silk completed – an exemplary contrast.

The sapphire gem follows the bend of the bezel to give the watch a vintage feeling. To follow the forms of the dial, even the tip of the moment hand and the force hold hand are physically curved.

A Dial With A Superb cold Texture

If we talk absolutely about esthetics, the accomplishment of the Grand Seiko SnowFlake was because of its finished dial. To such an extent that it has become one of Grand Seiko’s novel attributes. In the event that any brand concocted a comparable dial today, not one single individual would pass by without saying “it takes after the Grand Seiko SnowFlake”.

It is along these lines just legitimate that Grand Seiko would utilize this embellishing theme all the more regularly. Likewise, Nature is available in Japanese culture due to its incredible – in some cases overpowering – presence. From the Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio, where Grand Seikos are made, you can see the perpetual snows of the Iwate Mountain. This cold view was the motivation behind the dial of the Grand Seiko Elegance Limited Edition. The frozen snow on the mountain is slammed by solid breezes that make breaks on its surface. The breaks in the ice are duplicated here in a scope of blue tones radiating from the focal point of the dial.

The rest of the dial of this SBGK005G is ordinarily GS, with jewel molded records that are sliced at the tip to mirror all the more light on the dial. The lists are cleaned to a mirror-like completion, with a slight upper feature engraved with lines.

The hands are the customary dauphine hands of Grand Seiko with their laser-sharp edges, insane cleaning and sensitive brushed upper surface. A complexity and quality you just don’t discover in watches of this value level. Indeed, you’d need to add a zero to the sticker price to locate this undeniable degree of execution on an European counterpart.

The little seconds is set at 9 o’clock, a bizarre position focused on not being one more dress watch with a little seconds at 6 o’clock. It is offset with the force hold sign at 3 o’clock. Fortunately, GS has not executed a date window at 6 o’clock, which would have ruined the excellence of this dial.

Precision Calibre

All fabricates should have at any rate one hand-twisted development in their portfolio… Simply on the grounds that it is the connect to conventional watchmaking (and furthermore due to the sheer joy of winding a watch). The shortfall of a rotor may be marginally less helpful consistently however then again, it offers an unmistakable perspective on the movement.

Even however Grand Seiko previously had some hand-wound developments, the brand has built up the type 9S63A explicitly for this Grand Seiko Elegance assortment including this steel reference SBGK005G. This development beats at 4 Hz and flaunts a force hold of 3 days.

Because the market for these watches is developing (as it ought to be), Grand Seiko has given exceptional consideration to the change of the development. In addition to the fact that it is changed in accordance with 6 positions and 3 temperatures, however it is likewise ensured to have a precision pace of – 3/+5 seconds for every day.  We conversed with Seiko about these determinations, and their answer was that it is a “most dire outcome imaginable” rate. In the current case, what happens with most Seiko watches will happen once more: you will be agreeably astonished by how well it beats its rate specifications.

If I needed to say something negative about this development, it would be the superfluous blue Grand Seiko print. The lion image ought to be engraved on the development or prudently moved on the gem. It would look more tasteful and would not impede the perspective on the calibre.

On the wrist

As I said previously, this Grand Seiko Elegance SBGK005G is remarkably comfortable. Despite the fact that it is a dress watch, it will not be strange with easygoing clothing, regardless of whether it comes on a sparkling blue crocodile lash. The genuine delight can be found in the reflections and subtleties, with the various shades of blue or the play of light with the textures.

Price and availability

The Grand Seiko Elegance Limited Edition Steel SBGK005G is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces. It is estimated at EUR 7,400 and is currently accessible at Grand Seiko shops and chose retailers. More data at .