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Grand Seiko Automatic GMT SBGM239 Limited Edition For HODINKEE

Grand Seiko Automatic GMT SBGM239 Limited Edition For HODINKEE

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Roll up, move up, we’ve got some delectable Grand Seiko news for all admirers of Japanese watchmaking today! Our old buddies at Hodinkee have quite recently declared their most recent limited edition model. It is, starting at 10 am EDT today, accessible in the Hodinkee shop. Given how rapidly these models sell out, you should jump over yonder and snatch one preceding perusing this article as just 500 pieces will be made. In any case, if you’re glad to hold fire for a couple of moments more, permit me to acquaint with you the ​Grand Seiko Automatic GMT SBGM239 Limited Edition For HODINKEE.

Fans of Grand Seiko might be family with the brand’s pontoon of alluring GMT models, accessible in an assortment of designs. A considerable number of GMT models from Grand Seiko have the 24-hour scale either printed around the outside of the dial, on a calculated rehaut encompassing the dial, or on an outer bezel. There was just one reference — reference — that had the scale imprinted within the hour track, shown along these lines by a more limited GMT hand that sits underneath the hour hand on the watch’s focal hub. That was, obviously, until now…

The Grand Seiko SBGM239 follows the design of the SBGM221 precisely, with the lone significant contrasts from the dial side the shade of the dial, and the handset. The SBGM221 is lined up with the Heritage Collection. Of all the GMT models made by Grand Seiko, it is surely the most traditionally styled. Its lovely grayish dial is a genuine incredible sight in normal light. In any case, light-shaded dials are not for everybody. The rich blue of the SBGM239 limited edition adds another measurement to the assortment and is a shrewd option to the .

True blue

That profound matte blue has been given the moniker “Yūgure” (Japanese for nightfall or dusk) by the group behind its creation. It’s likewise the main reference with a SBGM prefix to be conveyed on a wristband. And keeping in mind that the dial style and format unmistakably hold the legacy vibe of its archetype, the wristband adds a sportier and ostensibly more adaptable viewpoint to the design.

The other shading change applies to the GMT hand itself. On the SBGM221, the GMT hand is blue. Here, we have a light dim shaded marker. That vibes well with the hour, moment, and seconds hand pleasantly. Pleasingly, it matches with the inconspicuous highlight tone on the dial, utilized for the 24-hour scale and the automatic text.

It’s about the details…

And here is the place where you may see a unimaginably slight contrast between the dial printing of the 221 and the 239. In spite of the fact that it is practically intangible, the numerals and the bolts used to show the 24-hour track are unique. Minuscule extra serifs have been added. The change to the bolts is adequately simple to recognize when you think about it, yet in the event that you’re battling to differentiate the numbers, center around the story of the “4”. You will see a little upstroke on the finish of it that is missing from the SBGM221.

The cleaned and faceted files express the standard high-finish of Grand Seiko watches and stand-apart unmistakably against the blue foundation. This colorway is in no way, shape or form daring, yet it is unquestionably a savvy move from the two brands. Blue is consistently a famous shading decision, particularly from Grand Seiko. To the extent “brand colors” go, “Grand Seiko Blue” is one of the more well known. It’s additionally truly ideal to perceive how much this blue changes in regular light. The way of life pictures joined to this post show that the blue comes across contrastingly in varying conditions.

The nature of limited editions

This perfect replica accomplishes what I for one accept each limited edition perfect replica ought to endeavor to accomplish. As I would like to think, a fruitful limited plan is one that looks as though it ought to (and, vitally, could) be essential for the standard assortment. I don’t feel the very same about “special” unlimited editions (they can be wild, to the extent I’m concerned). In any case, for limited editions to be wild triumphs they should sell in view of limit as well as in light of the fact that they are essentially fine-looking timepieces.

Additionally, the SBGM239 sits comfortably close by the SBGM221. The two dial colors complement each other astoundingly. The reality the 221 comes on a lash and the 239 comes on a wristband additionally features how enormously embellishments influence the general character of a watch.

The specs

The perfect replica and arm band are produced using tempered steel. Pleasingly, the case is wearable 39.5mm wide and 13.7mm thick. For all you tie changing savages out there, the carry width is 19mm. The water opposition is 30 meters. Surprisingly for a Grand Seiko limited edition outside of Japan, the case back is endorsed with HODINKEE’s wordmark. It’s a pleasant, unpretentious touch, that most likely adds an incentive for authorities. Besides, each model is independently numbered. That is especially better compared to just expressing, “one of”, in my opinion.

The Grand Seiko Automatic GMT SBGM239 Limited Edition For HODINKEE is fueled by the 9S66 type. That in-house motor flaunts a three-day power hold and automatic winding. The date complication at 3 o’clock is outlined by a cleaned window, coordinating the hour pointers. Type 9S66 is tried for more than 17 days and in six situations across three temperatures. The timekeeping boundaries? A strong +5/ – 3 seconds of the day. Furthermore, obviously, the 9S66 has a GMT complication with a bouncing hour hand setting mechanism.

Price, limit, and availability

With an appealing cost of $5,400, I can envision every one of the 500 bits of this HODINKEE uncommon edition discovering homes before the day’s over. In any case, those homes should be situated in the United States. This model will just transport to US-based locations. The greater part of the 500 pieces are accessible right away. The rest of, will transport in February 2021. To save your own, head over to the .