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Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary SBGW263 & SBGW264 with Hand-Engraved Dials

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary SBGW263 & SBGW264 with Hand-Engraved Dials

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Grand Seiko commends its 60th anniversary with the arrival of this 39mm, manual-winding, platinum Elegance model with a hand-engraved dial embellished with images identified with the legend of Shizukuishi. A second model in rose gold, likewise from the Elegance Collection, includes a green machine-engraved dial that inspires the brilliant green white birch trees situated close to the studio where the watch is made. The two models are fitted with manual-winding developments and, as anniversary editions, are limited editions.

The mountain landscape and legend of Shizukuishi

Three lines, Heritage , Elegance and Sport structure the center assortments of Grand Seiko, all fitted with standout developments and got done with customary Japanese tender loving care and time-sharpened high quality artworks. Since 2017, when Grand Seiko acquired independence from Seiko, the brand has situated itself as the very good quality arm of the Japanese watch brand. The Elegance line was presented in 2019 as GS’s dress watch with slimmer cases and softer, more adjusted contours.

The Shizukuishi Watch Studio, situated in the Prefecture of Iwate isn’t just a best in class fabricate but on the other hand is home to 90 master experts and ladies who are liable for the enhancing highlights and cleaning of the watches and are fit for executing fine acclimations to microscopic tolerances.

Shizukuishi is famous for its marvelous mountain view with the snow-covered Mount Iwate out of sight. As per legend, an elderly person living in the locale began to hear odd sounds radiating from under an old cedar tree. Interested, locals followed the sound to its source and were directed to a profound, endless cavern. The sound was created by drops of water “shizuku” dribbling from the roof. The sound of the water hitting the stones is known as “ishi” in Japanese and from that point forward the territory got known as Shizukuishi.

The improvement of the dial and the hands of this Elegance model are enlivened by this inquisitive legend; the dangerously sharp hands include a water drop theme and every hour marker bears the example of water sprinkling against a stone. Expert etcher Kiyoshi Terui and his little group have engraved all the improving highlights by hand, including the Grand Seiko name, the logo and the star over 6 o’clock. The dial is made of 18k white gold and the errand of hand-etching is delivered seriously testing given the marginally bended surfaces the craftsmans need to work with, particularly on the external minutes/seconds track.

The 39mm platinum case has a tallness of 11.8mm and highlights the stupendous mirror-cleaned, mutilation free completion we partner with GS watches. The converse side of the fixed caseback ensuring the manual-winding development has a 18k yellow gold Grand Seiko lion. The platinum Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition SBGW263 is delivered in only 20 pieces and will retail forĀ EUR 101,000.

White Birch Trees

The second Anniversary Elegance model comes in a 18k rose gold case and its tremendous green dial is finished with an unpredictable mathematical theme transmitting from the middle. For this situation, the dial is machine-engraved by hand and the shading takes its motivation from the white birch trees near the studio. Like the trees with their white trunks and energetic green leaves, the dial shines in green and white as the survey point changes.

The case estimates 39mm in breadth and has a tallness of 11.6mm and is wonderfully gotten done with reflect cleaned (Grand Seiko’s unbelievable Zaratzu strategy) and brushed surfaces. The remainder of the dial is commonly GS with jewel molded lists slice at the tip to mirror all the more light and cleaned to a mirror-like completion. The exemplary dauphine hands of Grand Seiko, with their carefully sharp edges and brushed upper surface difference to the splendid clean of the focal seconds hand.

Also outfitted with manual-winding GS type 9S64, the development has a 72-hour/3-day power hold, is impervious to attractive fields of 4,800 A/m and has an exactness pace of +5 to – 3 seconds for every day.

This Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition SBGW264 in rose gold is created in 120 pieces and will retail for EUR 25,000. The two watches will be accessible from July 2020 in Grand Seiko Boutiques and Salons worldwide.

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