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Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary – Recreating the First 1960 GS with the New SBGW257, SBGW258 & SBGW259

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary – Recreating the First 1960 GS with the New SBGW257, SBGW258 & SBGW259

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To commend the brand’s autonomy from the mothership Seiko, extravagance region Grand Seiko presented 3 restricted release watches at Baselworld 2017. Every one of the three restricted release watches honored a popular 1960 piece: the first-since forever Grand Seiko model otherwise called “Diashock”. This year, which denotes the 60th anniversary of Grand Seiko, is another significant year for the brand. Expanding on the achievement of these previous restricted forms, Grand Seiko reintroduces them with minor updates, new tones and now as a feature of the regular assortment. Meet the recreations of the first Grand Seiko SBGW257, SBGW258 & SBGW259.

The first Grand Seiko

Although the worldwide dispatch of Grand Seiko occurred in 2010, the name really traces all the way back to 1960. That year, the Japanese Seiko brand chose to merge the most amazing aspect its creation in a solitary watch, henceforth the name “grand” included front of Seiko. A group in Seiko’s Suwa office in focal Japan had been working on the creation of a watch that would be the embodiment of precision, strength, comfort and beauty.

The result, dispatched on 18 December 1960, is the watch you can see over; an exemplary piece in a  35mm, yellow gold (14k) case with a thin chronometer-evaluated development whose precision satisfied the most elevated worldwide guideline of the time. This watch likewise settled the establishment of the brand’s configuration codes, which incorporates the sharp faceted hands, the twofold hour markers and the renowned cleaning strategy that makes the Grand Seiko cases so attractive.

This watch was commended at Baselworld 2017 with three restricted release reissues, the SBGW251, SBGW252 & SBGW253 – which have been explored in detail here .  Since these watches were sold out and the brand is praising its 60th anniversary in 2020, it was the ideal second to consider this to be and exquisite plan as a lasting individual from the assortment and not restricted in production.

The 2020 Recreations of the first Grand Seiko

Let’s be real, the three new models are, in many perspectives, indistinguishable from the restricted versions presented in 2017. Case, dials, generally speaking plan and even the specialists are the equivalent. Be that as it may, these new SBGW257, SBGW258 & SBGW259 present a few oddities regarding shadings and materials, just as a significant reality: they will have a lasting spot in the Grand Seiko assortment and are there for the long run.

Even however the breadth of the watch has been increased from 35mm to 38mm compared to the first 1960 model, the extents and shapes are unmistakably inspired by this notable vintage watch. It was significant for Grand Seiko to respect the watch that began everything. Therefore, the tenderly bended carries with adjusted features as an afterthought, the thin bezel and the slim profile, with a 10.9mm stature are all in accordance with the first. It positively isn’t the most striking of the Grand Seiko watches, however it is quite possibly the most exquisite models.

This new form additionally reintroduces the domed profile of both the dial and the hands, which follow the dial’s curvature. All the components found on the dial of the 1960 variant have been redimensioned yet remain dedicated to the first model regarding plan. The hands – those brilliantly completed GS hands – are faceted with a cleaned top surface. The twofold hour markers are as yet present as well. An uncommon notice, which will surely converse with vintage lovers, is present at 6 o’clock; “Diashock 24 jewels”.

There will be three recreations of the first Grand Seiko. This first model, reference SBGW257 – and the higher-finish of the three – is a 950 platinum watch. It is worn on a dark crocodile lash. The dial, which has a sunray-brushed silver tone is really made of 18k white gold and features a strongly engraved Grand Seiko logo. The hour markers are gold, as shown by the star on the dial.

The second form, reference SBGW258, is the closes to the first 1960 watch and comes in an exemplary 18k yellow gold case. The dial has a pleasant warm-gleaming tone. The logo is applied on the dial and the hour markers are likewise created from 18k gold. It is worn on an earthy colored crocodile strap.

Last however not least, the third form, reference SBGW259, isn’t treated steel, as many would have expected, yet “Brilliant Hard Titanium”, a combination elite to Grand Seiko. It is pretty much as light as pure titanium yet twice as hard as tempered steel and therefore profoundly resistant to scratches. Its tone is more brilliant than the other types of titanium utilized for Grand Seiko and permits the Zaratsu cleaned surfaces to stand apart significantly more unmistakably. This exceptional case is combined with a dull blue dial with profoundly cleaned steel markers and brushed hands. The SBGW259 is worn a blue crocodile strap.

Powering these recreations of the first Grand Seiko is the in-house, hand-wound development found, for example, in the Elegance SBGW231. The type 9S64 is a relatively compact and slender development, yet with an impressive exhibition. It can store as long as 72 hours of force reserve, has a 4Hz frequency and its exactness is appraised at +5 to – 3 seconds out of every day. On the in spite of the 2017 restricted versions, the development is obvious through a sapphire caseback, permitting a perspective on the pleasantly embellished bridges.

All the models are furnished dial-side with a double bended sapphire gem with against reflective covering, they are water-resistant to 30m and outfitted with three-overlay catches with press button release.

Price and availability

These three recreations of the first Grand Seiko will be accessible in the perpetual assortment as of June 2020, at Grand Seiko stores. The platinum SBGW257 will be estimated at EUR 39,000, the 18k yellow gold SBGW258 at EUR 27,000 and the titanium SBGW259 at EUR 8,300. More subtleties at .