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Graham Swordfish Chronograph Sails Back into the Collection

Graham Swordfish Chronograph Sails Back into the Collection

Perfect Replica

Graham refloats its Swordfish chronograph, an eye-getting watch recognized by its two unmistakable windows on deck to amplify the passed time counters. The 46mm bodies are produced using bronze and steel however the vibe of these two restricted versions models couldn’t be more unique.

The Swordfish has been exploring in Graham’s assortment since the mid 2000s and caught the zeitgeist of the day with its XXL measurements and protuberant openings on the dial. Larger than average, googly-peered toward watches were especially stylish in those days, recall MB&F’s HM3 ?

Bronze and steel hulls

Unlike the famous Chronofighter  with its unmistakable trigger on the left, the chrono pushers and crown of the Swordfish have been migrated to the correct side of the case and the sub-counters on the dial have been turned around to regard the new arrangement. For a definite investigation of the development of the Chronofighter’s interesting trigger on the left half of the case, you can  read Xavier’s article. Introduced in bronze and steel cases, Graham’s new forms of the Swordfish Chronograph have two particular characters. The bronze model (produced using a tough amalgam utilized by the maritime business) oozes a more vintage-marine soul while the steel model is distinctly more contemporary.

However, being Graham, some essential fundamentals have been regarded including the XXL case size of 46mm and the noticeable mushroom-molded chrono pushers. To guarantee the water-obstruction of 100m, the crown is fixed with two joints, while a mismatching Clous de Paris design on the tops of the chrono pushers encourages grasp. The completions are refined with glossy silk brushed bezels and differentiating cleaned surfaces. The two models have a sapphire precious stone caseback with a Swordfish stepped on the glass and the predetermined number version/33 engraved on the metal. For hypoallergenic reasons, the bronze model is fitted with a titanium caseback.

Swordfish eyes or portholes?

Distinguished by its stretched body, enormous eyes and sword like bill, the swordfish is an impressive hunter equipped for arriving at velocities of 90km/h. A few fun realities related with the swordfish are that the ‘blade’ isn’t really used to spear its casualties, rather slice and harm its prey, and it has a helpful stunt to improve its vision. Swordfish are blessed with an inquisitive instrument permitting them to warm up their eyes (and cerebrum) to upgrade their vision and get quick prey in bug water. As indicated by Nature magazine , “heat-helped eyes work in excess of multiple times quicker,” than cold eyes.

Whether or not the speed of the Swordfish (consequently the chronograph) and its cutting edge eyes (the amplified openings) gave motivation to Graham’s architects stays to be affirmed. Yet, there is no getting away from the most noticeable element of this watch: the ‘eyes’ – or for the more nautically slanted, ‘openings’ – on the dial. Outlined in either bronze of steel, the snailed ‘eye’ at 3 o’clock on the dial is a 30-minute counter and the one at 9 o’clock bends over as a 12-hour counter and running seconds. This co-pivotal blending of hours and running seconds implies that the seconds hand coasts over the more static hours hand. In spite of the fact that they appear to swell, the sapphire gem on the eyes is in reality level and is treated with an enemy of intelligent covering on the underside to dodge any glare.

With its bronze case, the model with the sun-brushed blue dial plays the retro card quite well and shows differentiating white markings on the dial with a Swordfish at 12 o’clock. The cathedral-style hands for the hours and minutes are produced using rhodium and treated with white Super-LumiNova, much the same as the tips of the chrono hands and little seconds.

The steel model with its sun-brushed dark dial is featured with vivid accents and a huge Roman numeral VI. Marginally edgier and more pop-aesthetic than the bronze model, the steel model radiates a strong, contemporary vibe. The chrono hands are yellow with red tips and the little seconds hand is blue. A dark shade of Super-LumiNova is utilized on the cathedral hour and moment hands.

Automatic Chronograph

The Swordfish is fitted with a programmed chronograph type (G1710) in light of a Valjoux 7753. With co-pivotal counters, an Incabloc safeguard, a recurrence of 4Hz, the development has a force hold of 48 hours. The principle plate is embellished with roundabout graining and the scaffolds and rotor with Côtes de Genève and there are even blued screws.


Presented on a coordinating dark or blue elastic tie with a lattice design on a superficial level, the lash is held set up by a steel pin buckle.  Both models are restricted releases of 33 watches. The Swordfish Bronze retails for CHF 8,950 and the Swordfish Steel for CHF 7,450. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, counsel .